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Wordfeud v1.0.6

September 11, 2010

It’s been too long since the last Wordfeud update. A lot of effort has gone into scaling up the backend infrastructure, but with that mostly in place it’s time for Wordfeud v1.0.6.

Dutch Wordfeuders will be glad to hear that it’s now possible to play with a Dutch dictionary (Swedish, Danish and German will be available soon). Also, after countless requests, the English dictionary has been changed to TWL.

Some visualization improvements have been made as well. The last played word is now highlighted, and tiles placed on bonus squares are drawn semi-transparent. There’s also full support for low-resolution devices.

In the settings screen you can now change your username, email and password. It’s also possible to choose the notification ringtone, and enable/disable vibration and lights on incoming notifications.

I’ll end this with a screenshot of v1.0.6.

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  1. Whilst I hate turning in to the Internet troll, please allow those of us outside of the US to continue playing with SOWPODS.

  2. lukethelibrarian permalink

    just updated, but when i try to enter an existing game, i get a force close. i’m on a motorola backflip running android 1.5.

    • Sorry about that, it was caused by a bug affecting 1.5 devices only. Wordfeud v1.0.7 fixes this, and should be available for download now.

  3. Hey Im loving wordfeud thanks! I keep losing my old games and names of all my fun foes, who I spent so much time hunting to find. Please fix history and put up a leaderboard!

  4. drofnas permalink

    I would love to see a pass and play feature. This way my wife (iphone user) and I can play together. So after hitting play and getting a successful word it would show an ad which the other person can look at, this way I don’t see her letters. Heck even being able to set op basic profiles that include gender will allow for more targeted ads.

  5. Arnado permalink

    Love the highlighted last word and transparent bonus squares. Great work.

  6. Jordan permalink

    How about an option to turn off the transparent tiles? I love that the ability for that is there, but it can be distracting when I’m looking around the board for a place to put a letter.

    Awesome game, though!

  7. Gary permalink

    TWL vs SOWPODS: TWL= American. SOWPODS = everywhere else.
    Suggest you add English and English US as languages and get 1.0.8 out quickly.
    I certainly won’t be playing any more games with a crappy TWL word list. SOWPODS was the main reason for playing this game.

  8. Jared permalink

    My Apple fanboy friends play that similar but vastly inferior game all of the time. I can’t convince them to come over to the dark side and get Android. Are you planning on making an IPhone version that can be played cross-format? I hope so, but either way, this is the best game on the market! Keep up the good work.

  9. sam permalink

    Love wordfeud, but HATE the new dictionary. Please change it back!

  10. danielle rose permalink

    I really love the new updates. I would love the option to end game at anypoint. There’s a few people out there that have less than appropriate pictures and once you add them you have to wait 48 hours before you can clear them out if their turn is first. A win loss tally would be nice and a friends list would be great. Mainly, I just want to be able to end a game even if it’s the other player’s turn.
    Love this game.

  11. James permalink

    Are the the letter frequencies listed anywhere? How’d you decide to not use the standard scrabble distribution? Great game, by the way.

  12. Nebbie permalink

    I really love your game. It is a great escape during the day, where I can expand my vocabulary and connect with a friend. I think it is great! May I make some suggestions if you plan to update and add features? It would be nice if you could shuffle your tiles when it isn’t your turn. Also, I have way too many contacts on my phone. It would be nice if the game had a built in friends memory. Sometimes I have a hard time finding my friends e-mail or remembering their game name in my huge contact list.

    Thank you for a great game!

  13. mcarter permalink

    I am afraid to update because I heard when you update Iphones Words with friends you loose your present games. I have an EVO. Someone let me know. Thanks.

  14. lukas permalink

    please add a LETTER DISTRIBUTION LIST that can be called up during gameplay. and also tracking of average points per game and points per turn.

    awesome game!

  15. Jon Del permalink

    Get this game cross platform – Iphone and Android and it will EXPLODE!!!! its the future of smart phone games guys. make it happen!

  16. vince hernandez permalink

    why isnt this available for iphone i play on my girls galaxy

  17. A. Sprak permalink

    Great! Please start using a better Dutch dictionary (more updated). When will you include Spanish and German?

  18. cat permalink

    I’m loving the challenge of Wordfeud and the ability to play multiple players. But the dictionary sucks, sorry. Words allowed by my opponent: zep, pur, fice, adze, upo. Really? C’mon. That really adzes me and purs the zep in my upo fice
    To add insult to injury, legit words denied me: ennui and atria just to name a couple.
    And waiting sooooo long for peeps who sign up to play and then don’t are very VEXATING! But I’m not bitter. Otherwise, great app!

  19. freddie permalink

    id like to keep all my finished games and the messaging asscciated to each game. id like the abilitity to pick and choose which game to end or end all. same option to delete old games one by one. thank you.

  20. sryanphoto permalink

    I tried to play the word “monofin” but it did not recognize it as a word. Many points lost due to TW opportunity lost. A monofin is a flipper used for swimming in the water, one fin for both feet. otherwise fun game.

  21. There is noticeably a bundle to know about this. I assume you made certain good factors in features also.

  22. Kathie permalink

    I am heartbroken! Just got a new iPhone and found out I can’t play wordfeud with my daughter anymore!!! Please get an app for the iPhone!!!!!!!

  23. Ethan permalink

    Also, a really, really amazing feature would be to provide a link to any word’s definition on or something. That would make the game even more educational.

  24. Patrick permalink

    Please make this cross platform for the Iphone. Droid X here and words with friends just ported over and sucks, Uninstalled and hoping for this to come soon.

  25. I think you’ll want to get a twitter icon to your site. I just bookmarked the url, however I must do this by hand. Just my advice.

  26. Jochem permalink

    Nice work with the Dutch dictionary, but please update it with more words, and delete certain abbreviations.

  27. Marthah permalink

    Thanks for the great app. I love playing with the SOWPOD dictionary.

    However, playing with the Dutch dictionary is very very frustrating. Dutch has a very productive way of creating words using suffixes, not only for plurals but also for diminutives, certain forms of adjectives.
    Most of these are not accepted, while they are very regular words.
    Apart form this, there seem to be many words missing.

    Please, update the Dutch dictionary.

    And to relieve frustration, could it be possible to get a button to state “this is a word, even though the dictionary thinks it is not”, so that you can at least get it on some list?

  28. Magnus permalink

    Only thing lacking from Wordfeud now is a leaderboard so that one can keep track of wins among friends.

  29. Puck permalink

    Would it be possible to make a version that has the possibility to play without any dictionary? Me and my friends would love to play this game with self-invented funny words. Would there be any chance?

  30. Danibanani permalink

    Please update the Dutch dictionary!!

  31. ESTEE WEISZ permalink

    Please tell me why I was using the sign in my word and it was taken by someone else

  32. alex permalink

    yeah i agree with so many people here, the dictionaries on this game are F*CKED! in swedish i wanted to write rökt<smoked, rök<smoke, röd<red, and kött<meat. none of them worked. then when my friend wrote ris<rice, it combined it with another word to make the word kotteris which doesnt exist at all. seriously fix this now, cuz i dont want to play this game if the dictionaries are this messed up

    • Kotteri permalink

      Check out, there you have all the grammatics of Kotteri.

  33. Marcel permalink

    Agree. Dictonaires are not compleet and need to be update asap. In dutch even the words from official scrabble list are not accepted like. Aqua or fin

  34. Caroline permalink

    I want to know how to delete old games. Someone with a disgusting name was ‘found’ for me to play with but no game and his name and disgusting picture are on my old games list. How can get rid? Thanks xxx

  35. Leaderboard….Leaderboard….this is REALLY needed…

  36. Simen permalink

    The norwegian dictionary is really really bad.

  37. In Firefox I normally use right-click > “Open in new tab” when browsing web pages. This can also be done when clicking on a bookmark. . . Is there any way to get Firefox to do this automatically (by default) when left-clicking a bookmark instead of having to do the right click?.

  38. Frank gladney permalink

    I play the game with people who spend hours trying out different letter combinations and pressing play in hopes of making some obscure word. I think the game would test your abilities better if after you pressed play and you didn’t make a word you lost your turn.

  39. toyota_tundra permalink

    WF kicks you out of the game in iOS7 after a game is finished.

  40. Tessa Quentin permalink

    Very bad dutch grammatica! Thuis spoilers my gun plating!!,

  41. Aubree Pierre permalink

    J’ai acheté lz version complète sur ipad et je suis obligé de l’acheter sur mon galaxy s3 je ne trouve pas ca tres normal pouvez vous corriger le tir merci

  42. Hai , This is a nice game .. I want to add an extention to this game .. Add an option to store the words played by me and the opponent with the meaning in english itself ..

  43. Amanda permalink

    I cannot get the username to change?

  44. Same problen as Amanda, been trying to change my username, but the changed are not saved to my account!!!

  45. Jannette lentini permalink

    Hello, I just got an iPhone 6 and I do not have accessibility to change the notification sound. But I’ve read your blogs and it says I can do it through settings on word feud. There isn’t an option for this. I’ve had the same notification sound for years and I would really love to hear a new sound. Thank you for your time. If it is useful to you, my username is jodymarie84 under the said email as above

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