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Wordfeud v1.0.8

September 22, 2010

This is just a short update to inform that Wordfeud v1.0.8 has been published to the Android Market.

Since Wordfeud was launched I’ve been getting lots and lots of emails asking if there was a way to get rid of the in game ads. As of today you can make a small donation by PayPal to support further development of Wordfeud. In return the ads will be removed from your game. To make a donation, go to this page and enter your Wordfeud username or email address.

Another frequent request is increasing the turn time limit. It’s now been set to 72 hours (up from 48). I know that not everyone will be happy with this change, as I’ve also gotten quite a few requests to lower the time limit. Often this is because people get stuck with players who abandon the game, and if this happens a lot then the 20 game slots may get filled up with mostly inactive games. To combat this, you can now have up to 30 games going at once. I’m considering making the turn time limit configurable in a future update, or at least introduce a “blitz” mode with a shorter limit.

In addition to the above, v1.0.8 adds email invites (to friends from your contact list who haven’t played Wordfeud before), gets rid of the per game chat message limit, and adds a few minor bug fixes here and there.

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  1. Hi, brilliant game! I’ve made a donation and want to upgrade, but just to make sure, will the games I’m busy with still be OK?



  2. alexis d. permalink

    i can’t see what the other player writes when they reply to my chat messages. please fix.

  3. Gary permalink

    Still no SOWPODS. 😦

  4. James permalink

    FYI, the buy link took me to Paypal defaulted to Norwegian. Might want to change that to not force it (I suspect Paypal will detect it and display the right language for a user based on their browser settings).

    • @James, that’s strange, I actually don’t do anything to force a particular language on the PayPal page.

  5. Bet permalink

    I just want to play this game with a friend. I havan iphone

  6. Great game. Here are some forums if you want to discuss the game, dictionary or meet to opponents.

  7. william permalink

    love the game, but since v 1.07 (still in v 1.08) after your turn when the ad loads the game locks up and there’s no way to go back to the game or main menu – clicking the ad, clicking around the ad, hitting back, hitting menu: nothing works – the only way to get back to the app is to kill it with a task killer or force close in settings > applications > manage applications, reboot, or have notifications enabled and wait for someone you’re playing to take a turn, then click the notification to go to that game – if you need any further info or if there’s a workaround let me know (samsung moment – android 2.1) – thanks

    • @william: Have you tried connecting with wifi? I don’t really expect it to matter, but it’s something worth trying. I’ve gotten several reports about these problems on the Samsung Moment, so I’ve actually gone on eBay and ordered one. It should be much easier to debug the problem once I’m able to reproduce it myself.

      • william permalink

        @wordfeud: I gave wifi a shot but as you expected it didn’t have any effect – however, I spent some time looking over logs and thought a simple workaround/fix you could easily drop in as a failsafe mechanism for moment users and anyone else who’s affected until you get your moment off ebay to properly debug – I’ll send you an email with the details

  8. This game is great! Thanks for taking the time to write and maintain it.

  9. Mustachio permalink

    Do you plan on recording game wins/losses, so we can track ourselves over time and compare our records to others? Hope so!

  10. Please change the time limit to move back to 48 hours. Waiting for someone to move for 70 hours is way too long. If you have not taken your turn within 24 hours, you don’t want to play….Or put a cancel button for those players waiting on someone who really don’t want to play. I would like to be able to cancel a game that’s idling on my phone.

  11. lisa adams permalink

    I too am having the problem that an ad completely locks up the game. The only way I have gotten back to the game is to turn the phone off and back on which is a major pain. I have an LG Ally.

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  13. Chanatalle permalink

    I’ve logged in on both my emailaccounts because THE app was doing weird. Now I want to delete one of the accounts so I can use this username with the right emailadress. How do I do that?

  14. bunnyhero permalink

    i actually think 72 hours is still too short, especially people with busy lives… I guess I’m used to the longer timeouts of words with friends

    • Richard permalink

      I want a blitz mode for people who want to play a game in one sitting. Right now I have 6 games playing and not one has finished in 24 hours!

  15. Bram permalink

    À perfect Dutch word like ‘Griekse’ is not included in THE Dictionary….why is that??

  16. Anouk permalink

    Love the game!
    I play it on the iPad but the new version for the IPad is not handy. The seven letters are small and the buttons are small. Please resize them!


  17. Sonja permalink

    Is there a way to quit/resign a game? I just got a ”random” opponent calling himself ”thickness181” with a penis for a profile picture & I would prefer him GONE! Help please?

  18. Hi my iPad and iPhone 5 has crashed wordfued game, so please can you help me

  19. Depuis 2 jours je ne peux plus jouer à Wordfeud la fonction( jouer) est remplacée par (passer ) j’ai fait plusieurs fois la désinstallation sans succès.Merci de bien vouloir corriger cette anomalie.

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