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Paid version / Wordfeud v1.0.9

October 5, 2010

Wordfeud v1.0.9 has just been released to the market. The most significant change is that Wordfeud now uses Google’s C2DM service for notifications, if you have a device running Android 2.2. What this means for you is that notification delivery is now quicker (usually instant) and much more robust.

There’s also been a few bug fixes, among them a force close issue that sometimes happened when attempting to submit a word.

Also, thanks to Google finally opening for paid apps from Norwegian developers, it’s now possible to buy an ad free version of Wordfeud. I’ve tried to set the price as close to $3 as I could. I had to use my local currency when specifying the price, so it will fluctuate a bit according to the USD-NOK exchange rate.

  1. Jason permalink

    What about people who had previously donated to remove ads? I am user jasonsf. Can I get a free copy of the Pay version?

    • Jason permalink

      OK, just read your last blog post about continuing to use the free version ad-free. I suppose that’s ok, as long as the features remain the same.

    • Gary63 permalink

      Haven’t paid yet. Thinking about it. How about deleting chats without deleting game. Or stopping auto signin so password protection means something. Thks

  2. Uri permalink

    Great game!
    This is the first app I bought for my android (paid apps are finally available in my country)

  3. Rob permalink

    We need a friends list in the game, so if you clear a finished game you can still invite them to a new one.

  4. Boon permalink


    Thanks for putting a paid version on the marketplace for the people who don’t use Paypal and thanks for working so hard on this product!


  5. Brilliant! You’ve just got a purchase from me 🙂

    Any way to play with more than 2 participants? That could be sweet.


  6. Cameron permalink

    Thank you so much for your hard work on an excellent game. I have the donate version and I plan on buying the payed version. I think developers such as yourself should get as much support from the android community as they can. I cannot wait for the next big update!

  7. Elaine permalink

    Hi thanks for a great game I wondered if there was any chance of a feature to remove or resign from unstarted games sooner as I get alot of games that just sit in my list now for 72 hours that have never had a word played I find this so annoying 🙂

  8. Michelle M permalink

    Hi, and thanks so much for the wonderful game!

    I had the free/ad-free version (donated) and notifications weren’t working, so I went ahead and bought your new paid version. Unfortunately notifications still aren’t working.

    I’m on a Droid 2 running Android 2.2. I have uninstalled the free version so only the paid version is on my phone. But notifications don’t work at all.

    Thanks for any help you can provide, thank you!

  9. Fotios permalink

    What dictionary is being used for spell checking? I have noticed quite a few words that should be in the dictionary and some that are accepted that are not real words.

    I think if you used the aspell dictionaries (standard GNU spell checking) it would improve this and also open it up to much more languages:

  10. Jordan permalink

    Hi, I just downloaded the app a few days ago, and it’s really great. The only problem is on my Droid 2, I have it set up to give me notifications and all, but I have never gotten any notifications on my phone for the app. Could anyone help me?


  11. susan permalink

    How do i see my stats?

  12. Markus permalink

    Well I got the paid version (upgraded), and now the status bar notifications won’t work. HTC Desire rooted 2.2, please fix me up so I don’t leave my worthy opponents waiting!

  13. joe permalink

    how can i donate more if i want? i’d love to support further development of features for this awesome game.

  14. Janelle permalink

    How do I reset my password? I switched my phone and now I can’t reset my password!

    • Shirley Powell permalink

      I’m having a similiar problem. I have several wordfeud accounts over the years. It seems that when I have a new device, I have to start a new Wordfeud account. I’d like to merge them all.

  15. vick permalink

    can i get wordfeud in my palm phone?

  16. Mikekantspel permalink

    I am addicted to this game! Have you considered player stats keeping a record of number of wins and losses

  17. T.beatty permalink

    I need help getting notification when my opponent has played. I have the paid version and an iPhone.

  18. Chantal Roberts permalink

    I have paid to remove ads and you still popping up asking me if I want to remove ads??

  19. Do you have a facebook page or link to like this?

  20. Clare permalink

    I live in UK (Northern Ireland) and enjoy this game, but it wont let me buy the ad free version… anyone know why? 🙂

  21. Cindy permalink

    I paid for this game while back and now that I have a new phone I can’t get the paid version could you please let me know what I’m doing wrong thank you

  22. Username Buran permalink

    A week ago I bought the paid version. After the latest update I have the of non-paid persoon back. What can I do ?

  23. Jerry Isaacs permalink

    I paid for wordfeud and now all I get is the free edition with annoying ads. How do I get restitution or my money back?

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