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Wordfeud v1.0.10

October 13, 2010

Wordfeud v1.0.10 was just released to the Market. The notification delivery problem seen on Motorola Droid X / Droid 2 should now be fixed. The chat screen has also been tweaked a bit. It now shows the sender’s profile picture next to the message. I’ve also added a time stamp.

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  1. Michelle permalink

    Hi – thanks for the update! I’m on Droid 2, though, and it’s still not working for me even after upgrading. Is there some setting on the phone that needs to be changed for the updates to work?

    When I go to settings it’s showing the version # as v1.0.10-3.

    Thanks again! Feel free to email me if you want help testing.


  2. Michelle M permalink

    Great news! After rebooting my phone several times after installing the latest version, notifications started working. I don’t know whether this was because I rebooted, or something you did – but either way THANK YOU!! I love WordFeud. 🙂

  3. TheArchduke permalink

    I’m rather frequently receiving a message that I cannot connect to the server right before my opponent’s moves are registered. I can’t recall what the button on this message says but if I press it, I just return to the game and everything goes well.

    I’m on android 2.1 on a Samsung Captivate through AT&T in the U.S., for what that’s worth.

  4. michael permalink

    i have intermittent issues with notifications not working 100% of the time

  5. susan permalink

    can you make this change in the next version: color the blank tiles (maybe red letters) so that it’s easier to see if they’ve been used on the board instead of looking to see if it’s missing the point number.

  6. sarah permalink

    Is there a way to remove games with players who never respond?

  7. Rico permalink

    Just downloaded the latest version of your paid app and can’t access it
    It keeps giving a connection error message when I have a good signal, had the free app before and never had any problems besides the ads…what gives ???

  8. Ruud permalink

    I use Wordfeud on an IPad. I play the Dutch version. I wonder what kind of words are allieer? Do you use a certain list?
    I have no idea what words are allowed and it is not possible to try out a new word before playing it.
    Futhermore I wonder if it would be possible to request new words to be placed on the list of allowed words.
    Please give your reaction in English or Dutch.

    • @Ruud: we’re using the Opentaal dictionary. Currently we prefer to use unmodified dictionaries, but we may consider adding words on user request in the future.

  9. Ruud permalink

    Will there be an answer? Or is the input of users not desired?

  10. Martin permalink

    Hello! Will WordFeud come to WP7.5?


  11. Gamle permalink

    Will u implement a game timrbased like à chessclock

  12. Richard Kvist permalink

    Hi !

    Are you going to release a version for Windows phone. Need beta tester ?

    Best regards


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