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Wordfeud v1.0.11

October 20, 2010

Wordfeud v1.0.11 has just been pushed out to the market. Changelog:

  • Fixed notification delivery on some 2.2 devices running custom ROMs
  • More efficient communication with the Wordfeud server
  • Caching of profile pictures
  • Show selected dictionary and board type in received invitations

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  1. Great job on this game. I play it so much it became a tab on my widget locker homescreen. Really excellent job.

  2. bagel permalink

    This game is absolutely great! I think minimalist profiles with basic stats and personal info would be nice, but honestly this is the best app I have ever downloaded. Perfect on my problematic G1!

  3. Squeeky permalink

    You are continuing to make great improvements and updates! Thank you. One request – go back to the “inactive” time limit to only 48 hours. 72 is rather long.

    Thank you!!

  4. oh4real permalink

    Since I updated, the profile images in my games list are not all loaded and show the “image loading” spinning icons. Even when i scroll up and down without leaving app, several images seem to want to reload.

    Android 2.1update1.

  5. ViciousCircle permalink

    Interestingly, I now don’t get notifications with the latest update, but I was getting them before. I’m on a DroidX, rooted 2.2 with paid version of the app.

    • @ViciousCircle Check my latest blog entry for a possible solution.

      • Carolientje permalink

        I forgot my password. Is there anything i can do about it?

  6. kelly permalink

    You should be able to block users or leave games at any time. I’m now stuck staring at a pic of a penis for LETS_CHAT_ and will be stuck with that game on my screen for 72 hours. Enough to make me want to remove the game entirely.

    • @kelly

      Blocking and reporting features will be added in a future update.

      In the meantime I’ve removed the profile picture you mentioned.

      • Cyn permalink

        Can someone please tell me if I can remove or block someone from contacting me… This jerk keeps requesting a game with different names and when I do accept he changes his pic to his penis (ggggrrrrrrrrrr) please I do not want to keep getting messages from him nor do I want to look at his. His screen name changes but here is the one he’s using now “rickstar4200” HEEEEEELP!

      • Marijn permalink

        Hi. I have been invited several times by monikos. He/she is chatting to me in à bad way. Can you block this user for me?

        Kind regards.
        Marijn (wf Mariomozzarella)

  7. Bea permalink

    Are we able to block people yet? Pls let me know. Some people are jus creepy..

  8. MsPatryce permalink

    What is the problem with the server, it is such a great game and maybe because of the volume of users I have so many problems I am getting frustrated and begining to regret the purchase of the game. I have an Iphone

  9. frank permalink

    How do I get my Facebook picture linked to me on your excellent app. I linked into Facebook, but my generic icon in wordfeud did not change. Thx

  10. Amanda permalink

    After playing this game for months and enjoying it i just had to uninstall from my phone. I had this one guy none stop harrassing me. They really need to add a way to block people or erase your account. Not happy about this at all!

  11. Amanda permalink

    After playing this game for months and enjoying it i just had to uninstall from my phone. I had this one guy none stop harrassing me. They really need to add a way to block people or erase your account. Not happy about this!!!

  12. cutey28 permalink

    when will the block feature be added? i also think i should be able to leave a game at any time, whether its my turn or not!

  13. Mike permalink

    I am in favor of an update that will include the ability to block unwanted users.

  14. Amanda permalink

    When are you going to be able to block people?
    I love playing this game but this guy keeps requesting me everytime I decline there is just another invite and on top of that he keeps changing his name.This has been going on for almost a week now.His screen name is septemb_27th

  15. kay permalink

    How many times are the developers going to have to be asked to add a block feature?!?!?!

  16. Isa permalink

    Please add block tool!!! I keep getting harrassed

  17. Roeland permalink

    Ik keep getting invited by the same person over and over again! Why can’t I block this person

  18. Sammy T permalink

    Please hurry up and add a block feature! There are 1 or 2 people that keep harassing me!

  19. Bas Boek permalink

    Please do something about a persistant issue… my 12 yo daughter selected a random player today. She (and I) were extremely upset about the player she received. His screen name is : ‘hard on guy’, and his photo is a picture of his penis in is hand! Please block this user.

    Please investigate a solution that would prevent this happening to anyone…regardless of age. There must be a way to filter uploaded pictures.

  20. Stefanie permalink

    This guy keeps inviting me to play and his picture is an erect penis. I told him that kids play on here too and he replied with, “Well, I want you and that it wasn’t illegal. You know you want it”. If this isn’t illegal can you come up with a block option. Thanks.

  21. Tyke20 permalink

    When will you release an update on Windows Phone ?

  22. Edith permalink

    You need to sort out the block feature or I will leave this app. It is used by so many vile men to sexually harass anyone with a female username. You are then stuck with them unless you want to loose your rating by exiting the game early. If someone is showing porn/harassing you, you should be able to both block them and leave a game without loosing points. That’s about basic safeguarding if you are going to have under 18s on the app.

    But then I wonder – does Wordfeud not want to introduce this feature because allowing for harassment is good for business? These pervs can’t do it on Facebook anymore whereas Wordfeud is a safe haven for treating women (and underaged girls) like shit.

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