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Fixing notifications on devices running Android 2.2

October 22, 2010

If you’ve got a phone running Android 2.2/Froyo and notifications aren’t working for you, try the following:

Go into the settings screen and deactivate notifications, go back to the game list and wait a few seconds, then re-enable notifications from the settings screen. This procedure should re-register your phone with Google’s C2DM service, which Wordfeud uses for notifications.

Also check that your phone is set up to allow background data. Go into your phone’s settings (not Wordfeud’s), open “Accounts & sync”, and check that “Background data” is enabled.

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  1. The latest update won’t install on my Desire (2.2). Downloads ok but get an “install unsuccesfull” error every time.

    If i uninstall and re-install will my current games get lost.. also, which version should i install paid or ad supported? I originally used the ad supported version then donated to remove the ads.

  2. Josh permalink

    running htc evo on 2.2 have been using your app for a couple weeks now… notifications were working but not now! please fix and update! i followed the 2.2 notification fix also. does dev have twitter feed?

  3. Shawn Freeman permalink

    Installed wordfeud free on my friends phone, then I got a droid and installed paid for one but used my original login. I then created a new login on friends phone so we could play each other. When ever I play someone (that friend or others) and a notification comes in that its my turn that notification comes in on my phone as well as my friends phone (even though friends phone may not have any on going games)


  4. Darnell Eason permalink

    I tried to fix the notification update as per this site and I am continuing to have this problem of no notifications. Please help!

  5. Matt permalink

    I had no problems with notification on 2.2, but now that I’m running 2.3 I’m not getting any notifications. I’ve tried this fix and it did not work.

  6. Jimi Sowell permalink

    Will Wordfeud ever be available for pc?

  7. Michelle permalink

    Does anyone know how to delete removed games permanently from all data bases?

  8. Car permalink

    I have been playing wordfrud for a while, suddenly it stoped I reinstall it but its only saying incorrect login and password please. Entering password does not help

  9. ashley permalink

    This has nothing to do with any of this..but I sure wanna share something…I hope yall can fix away for ppl to resign whenever whether who’s turn it is…I love to play, I have my limit of games and when no one is playing I cannot make a new game so, plz see what yall can do bout that..thanks very much:)

  10. steve permalink

    Hi there,
    Having trouble. Installed wordfued on my htc desire (android 2.2), works fine. Installed fine on my wifes htc desire s (android 2.3.3) but it won’t let her sign up, keeps saying email and password already in use even though she has yet to even get into the game. It even says the same thing if I type in random email addresses. Have tried reinstalling, clearing cache and data.
    Any ideas?

  11. Rene permalink

    I want to play Wordfeud at my phone but i don’t get it installed. I get message “your phone is not compatible”. I have a HTC Desire and use the latest version of Android. Can somebody help me?

  12. wanda permalink

    I have had few problems 2 even discuss. I just want 2 ask the developers if they have concidered adding a way for other players as well as urself 2 track and see ur statistics as a Wordfeud player.

  13. wanda matthews permalink

    I have had few problems 2 take time discussing. I just want 2 ask the developers if they have concidered a way for other players as well as urself 2 track and see ur statistics as a Wordfeud player.

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