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Wordfeud v1.1.0

October 27, 2010

It’s time for another Wordfeud update. This time I’ve added Swedish and Danish dictionaries. In addition the English SOWPODS dictionary is once again available.

There’s also a few bug fixes, including a fix for an annoying force close issue affecting some users when receiving invitations (essentially locking them out of the game).

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  1. Todd R permalink

    First off, what a wonderful game! Thanks for all the hard work and I hope that the funds coming in make it all worthwhile. I have the donate/ad free version and other than the odd connection error, I have no complaints.
    If wishes could come true, I’d wish for the addition of win/loss stats, and being able to see your opponents stats as well.

    • Jonirs permalink

      I think several players will pay for the stats option. (premium wordfeud with stats included)

    • Ricochet63 permalink

      I have the paid version of wordfeud (dutch laguage) and what i really miss are the statistics. A won or lost game will disappear from the screen after some time / some more games played. Developers : plz think about this option.

      • @Ricochet63: Stats are planned

      • Mayra Garcia permalink

        How do I report someone whomposted sorry for some t reason I can’t correct errors…. How do I report someone who posted a pornogtraphic picture of his pruvates sorry, privates as his profile picture? I acceepted a gane invitation from a random player with the name “asdf:)”. He used the chat to send suggestive remarks and then posted the obsene picture asking what I thought of his —–. I would like to report him and somehow block him from being able to use this for his perversion!

      • Lajlev permalink

        Will stats for my previous games be available?

  2. Thank you for one of the best games, in the Android Market!

    And also a big thanks for intergrating the Danish dictionary, in this new wonderful version of WordFeud!

    As Todd R wrote, a profile feature, with some more information about the people you are playing with/against, some statistics for their games, and a Friend List will also be great!

    I know this things can take a while to develop, but I hope you will confront, and code the game even better than it already is!

    So thank you, for a wonderful word game, with many hours, days, weeks, months, years to enjoy! 🙂

  3. susan permalink

    When going to the game after someone has responded to a chat, can you get rid of that pop up notification that says “click menu to view chat” or something. it hangs there for a VERY long time and it’s really annoying! I can’t read the chat until that window is gone, and it should disappear once i hit “menu”. it makes me not want to read my chat.

  4. I’m hopelessly addicted to this game!

    Theres just 1 problem though;

    Notifications don’t appear when you are in wordfeud, they only appear when you exit it… So that means every single time I finish making my moves, I have to push “home” button or “back” twice before putting my phone away/turning screen off.

    I think there should be a option to enable notifications while in game.

    And I agree with that stats and friends list suggestion… It would also be nice if those stats were taken into account when searching for opponents. That way the matches would be more balanced, and its much more fun/challenging playing against people around your skill level.

  5. SHelley permalink

    Ug. Why when I start a game with a friend I can’t see it? and I ave 2 games a friend started but she has the first move… I have a feeling she’s got the same issue.
    I can only play with strangers because of this.
    What am i doing wrong???

    • SHelley permalink

      nevermind, looks like we figured it out… (I think)

      • smotrs permalink

        I’ve noticed the same thing. To resolve it I had to hit backspace twice to return to the phones home screen. Then when I re-enter the game it shows up.

  6. Teneysia permalink

    Thanks for the great game. As with everyone else, statistics/profiles would be GREAT! I don’t seem to have any problems or bugs with the latest version on my samsung epic. Minor things like slow notifications or connections seem to come from my carrier’s network. Are there plans to accommodate the stats request? If so, I’m ready to become a paying member.

  7. Bar Ute E permalink

    I love it and I haven’t stopped playing it since I installed it three days ago! I’ve two suggestions for the next version of the game:

    1: Stats on each player, eg games won/lost/average points etc
    2: Drag your own rack tiles around on the rack – even when it’s not your turn.

    Awesome game – godt gjort!

  8. smotrs permalink

    back when you first mentioned a paid version coming, I mentioned about possibly adding a 2-4 player option in the paid version and leaving the free version as 2 player only.

    I had another idea that could be of benefit and done at the start of the game much like selecting dictionary. How about a challenge mode which allows the user to place any letters they want and the opponent can challenge it with the same type of rules that apply in the board game when a challenge is won or lost. This would add another level to the game for users who are much more skillful then other users.


  9. Thomas Hartley permalink

    An away message feature… or gif on profile picture to denote away from phone… so everyone knows when you are leaving but will be back later. Just an idea.

  10. vytor permalink

    First awesome!! Game!!!
    A few things I would love to see.
    1. Being able to save a pic of the board at anytime but especially when you are done. To as long as the user would want it saved to there device.
    2. Maybe a replay option like in chess apps where you can click and see the first word then click and see the second word go down etc.
    2a. Maybe a logical list of words that were played would be fine. 1. Paw 2. Wonder etc.. but both would be epic!!
    3. The connections and notifications. Blah you know and are working on! Many thanks!
    4. The multi-player of pay would be awesome! If you need a beta tester with a vibrant hit me up!!

    Most important
    5. Keep up the great work!! You have a real winner in this app!

    Thanks for the enjoyment.

  11. D Cascario permalink

    On my basic g1 my notifications stopped working…any help?

  12. ttek permalink

    Running the paid version on my HTC EVO and love it! I always have 12 – 20 games going at once. No problems at all other than my addiction to the game. I am so glad you’re adding stats – can’t wait! Thanks for a great game.

  13. Dkaplan76 permalink

    Any chance of gegting it to work in landscape mode? I’m using it on a GalaxyTab running 2.2 and that would be a huge boost!

  14. jerseybo permalink

    Great game! One question for some reason my friends can’t see my profile pic. It just shows a revolving circle as if its loading. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

  15. Amarie permalink

    I love love love this game!! my one wish is to be able to play my friends who have an iphone!!

  16. Awesome game and I will be donating but major problem. I am on droid x and for some reason updates to the game are taking hours to be shown. I am only in my third game ever and I had to reboot phone to show that opponent had taken a turn (10 hours later). Not sure of problem. Verizon service with no bad connections that I know of.

    I even enabled periodic updates for all apps in droid ( the little refresher wheel thing) and still last move took 5 hours to reach me.

  17. Kirk permalink

    Change it so you can’t reuse words. I played an opponent who reused 4 words that I already used

  18. jon permalink

    You should think about setting up a forum or website where we can do wordfeud tourneys.

    If anyone is interested we are doing weekly tourneys here

  19. johnny9k permalink

    Love the game. Here’s my list of feature requests:
    1) Stats (W/L, current streak, avg points per move, avg score, etc)
    2) Add people to a friends list for later rematches
    3) Show game score on the game list page
    4) Ability to arrange tiles when its not your turn
    5) Adjustable turn window (72 hour wait is too long)

  20. Love the game, but the notifications aren’t working for me. I tried the fix you posted previously, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m using a Droid X with Froyo.

    I get notifications some times, but they’re usually for an action that happened several turns ago.

    I want to upgrade to the paid version, but I’m hesitant if the notifications aren’t working…

    • There were some server issues a few days ago that caused notifications to be delayed. It should not be happening now.

  21. Hi,

    What is the format of your dictionnaries ? Is there any way for me to help you incorporate a french dictionnary ? A text file ?


  22. how about a way to actually log in.. such as if you get a new device or if you flash your phone and have to download the app again.

    currently the option to pick a username is all that is available.

    • When asked for your email address, just enter the same one you used when you initially created your Wordfeud account. Wordfeud will recognize that an account with that email address already exists and log you in.

      • Sean permalink

        I tried this on a new device and it asked me for a user name, and said the one i had linked to this address was already used.

      • Sean permalink

        im a moron, used different email address.

  23. Chris permalink

    Awesome app but it needs landscape mode! Works great on my tablet except for that one missing feature.

  24. Michael permalink

    Is there a reason I end up with something like three Is and two Us every game? I’m sick of having all vowels. Even if I swap letters I end up with the same ones again!

  25. Hi again,

    I just saw news about “word with friends” coming to android. Their UI looks like crap compared to wordfeud, but they do have the advantage of a wider audience and cross-platform games.

    I haven’t tried it on the iphone before but from the reviews, functionally it looks exactly the same as wordfeud (and lacks the things that people have been commenting about in this post).

    So… are there any plans for making a cross-platform iphone version? :p

    I’ll still stick with wordfeud for the much much cleaner UI anyway, but it would be nice to play vs my friends who have an iphone!

  26. Todd R permalink

    Hey, if anyone is interested hit me up for a game…LifeInAnalog

  27. Great game! Dangerously addictive 😀

    One question: Is it possible to Exit Wordfeud when i’m not playing to prevent it from draining my battery/data connection?

    • @Zi You’d have to use a “task killer” type application to exit Wordfeud completely, but you’re not really supposed to do that on Android. Also, Wordfeud shouldn’t use any processing power or bandwidth if it’s not currently being displayed on your screen. The only exception is if you’re on a device running Android 2.1 or earlier and have enabled notifications. In that case Wordfeud will contact the Wordfeud server from time to time to check on your games.

  28. 000babydoll000 permalink

    Why won’t WordFeud work on my Samsung Vibrant???

  29. green caz permalink

    this needs to be available on ipod touch/iphone/ipad

  30. Taz permalink

    There is someone who calls himself 7inchcock and posts a picture of his penis on word feud. I.found it offensive and He should be removed

  31. cla7012 permalink

    How do i report someone who uses the chat part of this game as a personal talk down to others? I was playing against vato69 and i told him to either to go or to resign and told him to do that twice over two days. I thought that he had stopped playing and then all of a sudden he says Duh and then to SHHH. Well I am not about to play against someone who does that someone they do not even know. So when he finially played, I resigned. I then receive a message from him calling me a fag. I want him removed from the game because that is really hurtful to and others.

  32. Thanks so much for this great page;this is the stuff that keeps me going through these day. I have been looking around for this site after I heard about them from a buddy and was pleased when I was able to find it after searching for some time. Being a avid blogger, I’m dazzled to see others taking initivative and contributing to the community. I would like to comment to show my approval for your post as it’s very interesting, and many bloggers do not get authorization they deserve. I am sure I’ll visit again and will send some of my friends.

  33. Renee permalink

    I am using Android smartphone and also Motorola Xoom. Why won’t screen rotate to play game in landscape? This is annoying.

  34. Johan permalink


    Thanks for a great game – I’ve been playing A LOT!

    I know that statistics is not yet a feature in the app – but is it possible to see own statistics elsewhere? Do you store it? :):)


  35. Jesper permalink

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the game. Finally a game I can play remotely on the move with my friends!

    What Swedish dictionary did you use?


  36. Peter permalink

    The Swedish dictionary is hopelessly outdated. Use SAOL12.
    There are many words Wordfeud won’t accept.

  37. kurt permalink

    A user on android has the username “i love pussy” and his picture is of a penis. He should be removed.

    • Stacy permalink

      Suckmetender has a pic of penis and needs removed….an underage player could easily view this pervert

      • Mayra Garcia permalink

        There’s also a player with the user name asdf:-) wirth his penis as his profile and should be removed! Don’t accept a game invitation from asdf:)! He starts out with a plain blue profile page and then begins to attemt to chat anf makes sexual innuendos then posts his obscene picture! I would hate for an underaged child to be subjected to his perversion! Something needs to be done so that people like that don’t ruin the game for others. By the way, I love the game and find it highly addictive:-) I just won’t play with random players any more.

  38. Pranky permalink

    Wonder if there is a chance to be able to erase chathistory while playing?
    Looking forward to stats btw.

  39. I think that you know how to make people listen to what you have to say, especially with an issue thats so important

  40. tru ch permalink

    Hi, when I invite someone to play and they don’t except the invite and the invite is still active. How long does it take for the invite to disappear on its own ??? Or will it keep staying active until its accepted or cancelled ??? Love the game awesome!!! Please email me back on my email thank you…

  41. kings permalink

    how can i transfer my wordfeud account from my old phone to my new phone??

    thanks for any help

  42. Sly permalink

    How can I report someone displaying a pornographic picture on wordfeud?

    craig.. had a pic of his erection, and I do not want my daughter to have to see this while playing a family friendly game like wordfeud.

  43. Would you be considering changing backlinks?

  44. terminator999 permalink

    please remove the naked, and offensive pic of ” cali shaft ” as my 11y/o daughter did not need to be sexually harassed today. thanks

  45. tired permalink

    ny_guy has his penis in the picture for all the world to see. Remove him and make a report player link. I’m not paying until this is done

  46. Muse permalink

    Hi, LOVE the game! I’m playing the free version on my Samsung Galaxy S III and all was fine but now the icon is missing from my screen. I have to go into apps and get to the game that way. I’ve tried putting it back on the screen but it won’t go. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  47. Dan permalink

    _BDubb has a penis as his profile pic. I said he was a sick person and explained that my little sisters play this. He literally laughed. My sisters are 9 and 11. I want him removed . Otherwise I’m uninstalling this app and leaving a very negative review on every app market that supports it.

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