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Wordfeud v1.2.1

January 17, 2011

Wordfeud v1.2.1 is now available in the Android Market. This is purely a bug fix release. Changelog:

  • Fixed a few minor graphical glitches.
  • Fixed a bug where old profile pictures were being cached for too long.
  • If a game you’ve chosen to hide receives a chat message, it will now reappear so that you can read and respond to the message.
  • Fixed several “force close” issues.

In other news, I’ve just created a Facebook page for Wordfeud.

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  1. Michele permalink

    Went online & figured out how to fix the notification sound problem as of recent but now I can’t clear my list of FINISHED GAMES. I reinstalled the app a few times and that didn’t help either??!!?? Suggestions? Other than this ….Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for an awesome game!!

    • @Michele: Make sure there aren’t any unread chat messages in the finished games. Games with unread chat messages cannot be removed.

    • liane permalink

      10-11-11 – same thing happens to me since i uploaded the latest fix. and i read all the messages, and once i get out of WF, and go back in, the messages reappear like they are new messages. i think i will delete and reinstall word feud.

      • Jaakobj permalink

        I have the same problem, and ive bought premium so dont wanna remove wf and maybe have to pay for premium when i reinstall 😦 what to do?

    • marc permalink

      How do u delete friends

  2. Jessica permalink

    Will there ever be a plan to implement some kind of ranking and a search to find players of the same rank? I absolutely love your application but I keep playing people who think good strategy is exchanging 7 tiles 4 turns in a row. I’d love to be able to play against someone my level!

    This is easily my favorite app btw. I’m such a Wordfeud addict!

    • @Jessica

      Yes, I do hope to implement something akin to what you’re suggesting in a future version of Wordfeud.

    • Jessica & others who would like some type of ranking system, as do I, is there a place/site to best write/ vote/ vent/ postrate oneself (smile) other than here…or as well as here? P.S. I’ve played a fair amount of wfeud games & it would be nice if there was a way to be able to request a game w/ some of the folks here, on this site(blog), who’d like a system & think they’d enjoy playing more Able, Masterly,Brilliant &/or …other ingenious Phenoms…( tic…smile).
      But really, couldn’t we consider having at least a simple system of ranking, like Us. We could have a simple1) Easy( New) 2)Average/ some experience want a fair challenge,etc. 3) Experienced/want to be challenged. Ways to help players to assess via how manyof last # of games were won by them out of x games they played. I’m sure theres a lot. I’ve got to sign off 4 now; would like to read some savvy and creative possible solutions from U all. Bye

    • Lars permalink

      Absolutely – a ranking system is the only thing I really miss with this amazing game. The ranking system should be based on several positive and negative factors, and a habit of quitting games in the middle should be one of them.

      • Umegard permalink

        Yes a rating system would be sweet, the ELO system (used in chess) would be suitable.

  3. MTSdauber permalink

    Search in Market. You need to update your search in the market. It doesn’t show up under Scrabble or Words with Friends etc. Your key words need updating I think.

  4. Kyle permalink

    When did no screen timeout become disabled? Please turn this back on or provide an option for it. I love Wordfeud!

  5. LifeInAnalog permalink

    Damn you and this accursed app! I use to have friends. I use to have family. Now all I do is try to maneuver myself into a DW/TW combo, or dare I say, the elusive TW/TW combo. It’s not normal!
    Oh…good job btw.


  6. Jeff permalink

    I don’t know what you guys did but the last 4-5 games I’ve played since the update the letter randomness is botched. Consistently getting four identical vowels and when one is played, the new letter is the same vowel I just put on the board. Got tired of it and uninstalled. You’re close but not quite there yet.

  7. Philip permalink

    Any Chance of having this rotate to landscape ? – I have a Samsung dock for my Galaxy S and the dock lays the machine on it’s side ? Thanks

  8. Janet permalink

    Love this game, but would like to see these improvements before I would purchase:

    1. Scoring history for players in your friends list – I play consistently with people in my family and we would love to know who’s won the most games.

    2. It would be awesome to be able to touch any word on the board that has already been played and have the definition displayed. I am constantly looking up unknown words separately on

  9. Cass permalink

    Is there a way to transfer your account from one phone to another? My mom just got a new phone and wants to keep going from our last game.

    Thanks, love the game.

    • @Cass

      On the old phone, go into the Wordfeud settings (click the menu button on your phone) and change the password (you can skip this if you’ve changed it before). Also note the email address associated with the Wordfeud account.

      Then, on the new phone, make sure you login using the same email address and password.

      • Jessie permalink

        I tried this, but when I went to reinstall Wordfeud, it never gave me the option to sign in as an existing user. It only allowed me to re-sign up. I am about to have to change phones again and I don’t want to lose my games. Any help? Thanks.

        Love the game….though my partner doesn’t love how much I love it….

    • Cindy permalink

      just log in to the new phone it will update with the games you have going on.

  10. Michael permalink

    Looking for beta testers for iphone app? Have a friend or two that would love to play/test

  11. Kleist permalink

    Is there an option to withdraw search for random opponents?

    I’ve added a some searches for random opponents (Danish), but haven’t found any, and now I’m told I have too many outstanding requests. It would be nice to be able to cancel old requests (and see what requests are outstanding).

    • kirstine permalink

      I have run into the same problem – did you ever find out how to solve it?

  12. Kleist permalink

    And another feature request:

    It would be nice to be able to see what language each game is in. I play in two languages, so it can be somewhat confusing not knowing what language you’re currently playing.

    I forgot last time. Nice game you’ve made!

  13. Kevin permalink

    I love the game and play all the time. Had an idea today. It would be pretty cool if you could swipe between boards once your in the game screen. So after i made a play I could swipe to the next board and make my play. I usually play 5-10 games at a time, and when i make my moves i generally do them all at once.

    Great job and thanks

  14. ashs permalink

    You should be able to resign at anytime!!!

  15. TANYA permalink

    I NEED HELP. My G2 will no longer open Wordfeud. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and rebooting. It will not open whatsoever. (continually force closes) Even from the minute I turn my phone one. At first I thought it was an android issue, but it works on my husband’s Vibrant. Please help!

  16. woodberrian permalink

    Love this game but wish it recorded some stats like:

    1. Overall win/loss.
    2. Record of wins and losses against specific players in your friends list.
    3. Number of games played
    4. Average word score
    5. Average word length
    6. Average game score

    I’d also love to see chat history carried over from game to game.

    It’d also be nice to know if someone is using that cheater app or block players who use it.

    Another would be, like someone mentioned above, navigating from game to game after you complete your move. That would improve usability and navigation.

    Can’t wait for the next update!


  17. Doyle permalink

    Just wanted to bring this to your attention:

    Hopefully this doesn’t take away from your android user base as I know slot of android users who would love to stick it to iPhone users; hope we see an updated version of WordFeud soon as well as an iPhone version; keep up the great work.

  18. sbjake permalink

    I know people are multitasking, but why do some start a game and then not play? Resigning power for the idle player is probably not the best way, but maybe upon the game’s initial play, if the active player reaches 10 minutes, the opponent should be able to resign. It’s maddening starting games and then waiting 2+ days for a move.

    Additionally, would like more game parameter options — ability matchups, etc., and most desired: time limits! Not unlike competitive scrabble, timers can allow agreed-upon limits for start-to-finish gameplay (25 minutes per person, for example).

  19. MTSdauber permalink

    I don’t get the obsession with force resigning slow people or wanting games to end quicker. You can play with up to 30 people. I would rather have a good slow challenging player than someone who resigns after a couple moves.
    Some games I finish and then am invited to rematch, but don’t have time. Do I not accept because I might get force resigned for eating dinner with my family? If I have a long weekend, am I kicked off my game because someone has no life other than their phone?
    Just start another game people. Relax. Enjoy.

  20. Forts permalink

    Great game! Very addicting. However, the most addicting games are those that users can have generate a sense of accomplishment. Things like:

    (all stats would be separate for each game type Random/Normal)
    Score pts for each game won
    Win/Loss records (Total)
    Win/Loss records vs Opponent
    Avg game score
    Avg margin of victory
    Avg word score
    # of resigns
    RANK! (Based on above stats)
    Ability to search for matches vs people of same rank
    Leader Booooooards!

    As it stands, if i’m crushing someone by 100 or more with less than 20 tiles i’ll resign on my turn since i dont want to finish that game out..there’s no incentive. The game is starting to get repetetive and the novelty of the Random board has lost it’s luster. Time to take this game to the next level!

    Otherwise, the functionality is fantastic. A few other suggestions:

    – Ability to resign as idle player
    – Timed Games – I wouldnt do minutes or even hours, but the ability to select from three options (check out for examples on their syste, it’s pretty great)
    – Multiple Plays Per Day
    – Few Moves per Day
    – Move every 24 Hours

    Maybed timed games are not approrpriate and if stats are involved there may be more incentive to finish games and be active. However, the point of the above is to know the INTENTIONS of your opponents and be able to match up vs people with similar interest. So, my profile would say i like to make several moves per day, so dont match me up with someone who only makes a move every 1-3 days. This could be automatically determined by the # of actual moves/games the user makes but i’m sure that’s no easy coding task. May just be easier to give the user the ability to select for themselves..

    Just a thought..i’m done now…got a tw/tw potential here.

  21. Mark permalink

    Suggestion: remove or relocate the four DW squares that line up with the eight TW squares. Otherwise the game is really unbalanced by the risk of a “hexa-word” score.

  22. Janelle permalink

    I can’t reset my password. I switched to a new phone and now I can’t log in

  23. Train permalink

    Suggestion: I think a pass and play option would be very nice to add to this game in a future update 🙂 I also like the idea of tracking stats. Great game btw and thanks..looking forward to updates in the future!

  24. skyggebo permalink


  25. alex permalink

    Love the game. So adicting. I had to reset my phone the other day and now I can’t access the account that I had and it made me make a new one. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal accept for the fact that I lost all of my old friends and family that I played with and I can’t remember any of the usernames. Any advice on what I can do?

  26. alex permalink

    Still trying to access my account and I can’t. Keeps wanting me to make a new one. Advice? Been messing with this for a couple days now.

  27. I think the stat keeping/power ranking feature would be a HUGE hit. I am also a .NET developer looking into getting in the Android dev scene. Any tips or sample projects you can throw my way? I’m using Eclipse as my IDE.

  28. jay permalink

    I have that i started playing with and he keeps messaging me things. How do I delete him or how do i get rid of my account. I need him gone.

  29. Jenine permalink

    Jay – i also have started playing this game with a few unsavoury characters! They are sending quite disgusting messages to me and some very offensive pictures that they frequently change. THough i resign from the game, i feel that sometimes this is the disadvantage of requesting a random player.

    I also come across people that are resigning as soon the game starts (no moves even made!)

    Am unsure why…………..

    • filmund permalink

      Yeah, there are a lot of people who resign instantly. What were they expecting I wonder? Is Wordfeud being used as something other than a kind of mobile Scrabble?

  30. Linda permalink

    My game board periodically changes from large squares to very small squares. How do I get the larger squares back?

  31. Fran permalink

    How do you make the board bigger – I am having a hard time getting the letters where I want to place them.

    Thank you

  32. Natalie permalink

    The version 1.2.1 update said “If a game you’ve chosen to hide receives a chat message, it will now reappear so that you can read and respond to the message.”
    I didn’t even know you could hide games! Does anyone know how to do this? Is it available on both the free & the paid version? I currently have v1.2.5.
    Thanks for the help!

  33. Natalie permalink

    The version 1.2.1 update said “If a game you’ve chosen to hide receives a chat message, it will now reappear so that you can read and respond to the message.”
    I didn’t even know you could hide games! Does anyone know how to do this? Is it available on both the free & the paid version? I currently have v1.2.5.
    Thanks for the help!

  34. Nicole permalink

    Is there anyway to report someone with a disgusting photo of his private?? s/n is WEASELWURKS I would like to report that & if there is anyway to remove him from recent players list?? There should be a report button or another way to exit the game when something like that happens.

  35. joyce permalink

    I accidentally deleted my finished games. is there a way I can get them back?

  36. Christian permalink

    how do you log out of your word feud account and log into another? I just really need to know how to log out please

    • i have android, so what i did was go to setting->application->wordfeud then i clear cache for wordfeud

  37. Sara permalink

    Is there anyway to report a pervert??? I had a problem last night with someone.

  38. Alex permalink

    HI-Is there a way to undo? I’ve accidently hit play before I was finished a couple of times and posted incomplete words that have no meaning.

    I have also had opponents play words that aren’t words at all. They shouldn’t be able to score with illegal words.

  39. Vicki permalink

    What is up with those people who only make one stinking move every 40 something hours? This is rediculous. Can the time limit be changed from 72 hours to something more reasonable please, say 24 hours?

  40. Stoicism permalink

    How do you logout? Im playing on my aunt’s Galaxy tab but t I need to logout eventually. How do I sign out?

  41. Dennis permalink

    What do the little orange squares to the right of my opponents name signify? They have a number followed by a single letter; like “17m” or “35h”

    • That’s how long ago the last move was made, 17 minutes, 35 hours.

  42. Dennis permalink

    What do I do if an opponent never makes the first move and days go by?

    • filmund permalink

      This happens to me a lot too. Sometimes I wonder what’s going on at the other end.

  43. Woj permalink

    Love me some Wordfeud. Best Scrabble app out there by far. I’d really like to see a Win/Loss history and a screen rotate feature in future versions. Keep up the good work!

  44. Frances Kimbrough permalink

    How do I change my photo on Werdfeud? Thanks.

  45. savoeun permalink

    How can you tell if your opponent is cheating?

    • Technically I have not come across any rules that say you cannot use an application to find a word…so Word Feud.. please correct me if I am wrong…but it seems to me there is no such thing as cheating on Word Feud.

  46. Matt permalink

    How do I reset a password? My wife forgot her password and she would like to use that account’s email address, instead of settings up a new one…

  47. Matt permalink

    Also, the “Forgot Password” link, from the login screen does not work…

  48. Ryan permalink

    Can I retreive past opponents? I accidently denied playing someone I love playing and sadly they just got another new account and I dont remember their username…they probably think I denied them on purpose.

  49. Vin permalink

    I was wondering is there delays when a player plays like at night but that gets updated in the morning after a long delay is it an issue with the Queue. I am a developer too like if the Queue is turned off..??My gf had played a word and i received it late in the morning.. I can tell you the date of that game it was on 5th August apparently told by my opponent and i received it on 6th August. I can give you my user details in a private email and if I could get a log for that date for our game please.

  50. Nikki permalink

    Is there a way to report players that are using pornographic images as their pictures?

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