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Wordfeud v1.2.1

January 17, 2011

Wordfeud v1.2.1 is now available in the Android Market. This is purely a bug fix release. Changelog:

  • Fixed a few minor graphical glitches.
  • Fixed a bug where old profile pictures were being cached for too long.
  • If a game you’ve chosen to hide receives a chat message, it will now reappear so that you can read and respond to the message.
  • Fixed several “force close” issues.

In other news, I’ve just created a Facebook page for Wordfeud.

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  1. I have not read any Rules for Word Feud that state that you cannot use whatever means necessary to find a word…so Word Feud.. please correct me if I am wrong; It is impossible to “cheat” at the game Word Feud if it is not in the Rules.

    • @Chris: well it’s more of an unwritten rule. Certainly, it would be bad form to use a helper app without first asking your opponent if he or she is fine with it.

  2. Jay permalink

    Actually I wanted to make a new account on word feud on iPad!!!
    May I please know how to do dis???
    I can’t log out of the other account and log into a new account!!la let me know how to do dis!!!

  3. tolleman permalink

    Hi guys,
    great game, but how can I turn off the messaging off, that signals new moves by other players. I am using an iPhone 4

  4. Dana permalink

    I forgot my password for wordfeud! Please help ASAP! I have 14 games going!!!! Thanks

    • Cindy permalink

      just hit forgot password and one gets emailed to you.

      • Milli permalink

        Where is this forgot password button? I cant log in and every time i write my password its wrong and i cant get in!

      • Majilli permalink

        Theres just the box logging in rolling everytime i open wordfued! How can i get it? Everytime a rewrite the password the same boz turns up, logging in bla bla. How can i get an email with the right email if thats the case?!

      • Riggerwj permalink

        had the same prob, removed the app, downloaded it again. logged in without needing a password, voila

  5. jenay69 permalink

    How can I get finished games back that were automatically deleted?

  6. Junior permalink

    How can I search a player and find out last time they played?

  7. Cindy permalink

    can i turn the chat off? im here to play not get hit on.

  8. Gus permalink

    Hi and thanks for a great game!
    I have a problem that is quite annoying.. Ive been playing wf on my ipad for a while until i lost my wifi connection. So then i borrowed my girlfriends android cellphone and downloaded the app to be able to play. But now that she started to play aswell she gets both mine and hers notifications on the phone even though only her account is logged in.. I tried to remove the app ad install it again but it doesnt work..

  9. a.penny permalink

    I forgot my password and entered my original email address incorrectly so I cannot get the info to reset my password. How do I log in?

  10. Stefan permalink

    Password, how do I reset my password?????

    • martin permalink

      standard password seems to be 000000
      but if you deinstall the app and then reinstall it you can first login using your emailaddress and then change your passwd

  11. martin permalink

    getting the password prompt but i never gave a password.
    can’t get around this to hit any lost password link if there is any..


  12. SethsGirl permalink

    I am locked out of my account. I clicked the I can’t remember password and it tells me an email will be sent to me shortly but I have not received any email..

  13. Paulien permalink

    Can I install multiple wordfeud accounts on my iPad?

    Great game!

  14. filmund permalink

    Why do so many people resign without playing a single word?

  15. Dramos permalink

    how do I retrieve my password i forgot? ive tried setting a new password up several times but it keeps telling me “make sure you enter your password correctly” after I already set a new password. HELP PLEASE!? Thanks!

  16. Danyoooo permalink

    how do I retrieve my password i forgot? ive tried setting a new password up several times but it keeps telling me “make sure you enter your password correctly” after I already set a new password. HELP PLEASE!? Thanks!

  17. mandolyn permalink

    There is a sick bastard with a pic of his penis! My daughter plays this game and it is disgusting and sick! How do I report him?

    • Sandra permalink

      Yes I was also looking for the same answer I have blocked this man. But he is back again. Very sick person. I also want to report it!!

  18. nanna9471 permalink

    How can I use multiple accounts on my ipad? My son wants to use his own on it. More people have asked this question but no anseet so far…

  19. Gabboni permalink

    I feature request: I would be cool to see a graph of the game with points on the y-axis and turns on the x-axis. Dots for every turn with the word for that turn by the dot. Could be interesting to see the development of the match.

  20. Javier permalink

    How can I block someone from chatting with me? I have a problem with someone harassing me on there and I can’t figure out how to stop them from chatting with me! Help!

  21. anvier permalink

    First of all, love the game!!
    But, and this is fairly annoying, sometimes it takes hrs for it to sort of update the next move. I think that’s what it is?
    For instance, I can be playing against someone, but we are both waiting for the opponent to make a move.
    Is it the server? Is my phone? Im quite sure it’s got nothing to do with the 3G since I surf alright.
    Any ideas? Any good fix?

    ps yet again, brilliant game!! ds

  22. Karin permalink

    I upgraded my iphone today, and want to play Wordfeud again. But I forget my password.. Now I tried different possible passwords, but I cant get in. So I ask to reset my password, but I don’t get any email. Can you please help? I want to play Wordfeud with my friends again!
    Thank you in advance,

  23. Heijtink permalink

    Wordfeud over 3G really is a feud that is very slow. Fix it please.

  24. CopFighter permalink

    i have a problem with this game not scoring my words right. i have played words worth 70 or 80 points and the max i get is 50. Is that the max you can get or something?

  25. Entirely permalink

    How can I remove my account entirely?

  26. i'll try again permalink

    How can i log out of the game, you seem to ignore all questions about it?!

    • Currently it’s not possible to log out of an account. If you want to login to another account you’ll have to reinstall Wordfeud.

      • Mads permalink

        Haha, wow…

      • Thenewdeltaman permalink

        You have got to be kidding me!
        Not possible to log out?
        Please adjust your programming asap and update!

      • just press clear data in application manager if you have android. takes 2 seconds

  27. dagtrav permalink

    My wife loves Word Fued and plays it on my Droid all the time. Her company doesnt allow it on their phones. Is there a tablet, Kindle, or other device that I can get her that I dont have to pay for phone service that she can download this app?

  28. Simon permalink

    I was playing someone who I never played before and he called me (in the chat box) by my real name. He had found who I was, although I do not use my real name in Wordfued, and wouldn’t say how he got it apart from saying that the internet is a wonderful thing! Does anyone know how he could get my name so easily?

    • kilroy1975 permalink

      Did you use your username from another forum where you have put the details? Ie Facebook? Did you write on your Facebook page what your wordfeud username is? Try and google your own wordfeud username. That will most likely show you how it was found.

    • aofkfokaefo permalink

      You probably got wordfeud connected to facebook

  29. Mallory permalink

    Had to do a hard reset on my phone and I can’t get back into my wordfeud. I pressed the email button and I still haven’t received anything. Would love to get my games back!

  30. patrik permalink

    Why can’t one log out of the app? We have a galaxy tab at home and wanna play against eachother on it….please, should be an easy fix and can’t see the harm?

  31. Eslo permalink

    I miss the Dutch Words

    as : Europa – Zeeuw – and more words – where can I send it to email address ??

    greating Eslo – I Love the game !

  32. Figgy permalink

    I’m in the middle of some tournaments right now but the game has suddenly stopped letting me invite opponents. I can find them by their Wordfeud names but when I click on ‘invite’ I’m told I can’t send an invite because I’ve already invited them – which I haven’t! This is happening every time. I’m playing on an iPhone 4, by the way. Tried shutting phone down but that doesn’t help. What can I do?

  33. Does anyone know of current Wordfeud tournaments being held & how (where) to sign up to participate in them? Thanks Feudies!

  34. Are you saying that the bank agreed to make the short sale to the current owner?

  35. Ana permalink

    This sounds like a never-ending Christmas letter! 😉
    I’ll add my wish for a way to find out if someone is cheating.
    On another note, about the pervs, I find that bwlittling them makes them go away, but I wish we could report players for obsene pictures and unwarranted stalking/advances. We just want to play the game!

  36. kilroy1975 permalink

    I would like a function to report words that does not exist, but is scored and words that exist but is called invalid. The Danish wordfeud dictionary is full of weird words and weird grammatical errors.
    Also a report button would be great. Even though I would probably have been reported in a chat where the autocorrection gave me some explaining to do.

  37. My spouse and i don’t fully grasp this ending section of ones write-up, can you you should reveal that more?

  38. You can Find Wordfeud Tournaments at Wordfeudia. Easily join a Wordfeud Tournament in your own language.

  39. Please check out wordfeud picture of mike’s bone not pleasant

  40. Jimi Sowell permalink

    I have a user name (misterbourne) on wordfeud but do not know the password or the email associated with the username. Is there another way to reset my password?

  41. Mjm52 permalink

    Help! Word feud won’t open just a black screen. Anything to do with the last updates? I’ve already written this but pressed the wrong button and lost it I think. New to this phone so don’t know how to uninstall and reinstall app if that will help? This is iPhone 4. Having great fun with it but panic when things go wrong!!!

  42. Mjm52 permalink

    This morning word feud stopped working as I click on it the screen is black! Anything to do with updates? I’m new to this phone so I don’t know how to uninstall it and reinstall it if that helps.

  43. Aikwan permalink

    I am trying to change my profile pic. I set a new pic, and it keeps reverting to the old one! Must have tried 10 times already. Help!

    • Janice Rosgaard permalink

      My pics will not come up on my profile. Did I do something wrong

      • Janice permalink

        My pics are not coming up on my profile, what did I do wrong

  44. Aikwan permalink

    I am trying to change my profile pic. I set a new pic, and it keeps reverting to the old one! Must have tried 10 times already. PLEASE help!

  45. stephen permalink

    Why cant I see an old friends overall statistics? Did she block me or uninstall the app?

  46. I have a paid version of wordfeud and with the email associated with the paid version, I have been having issues with someone one wordfeud. How can I change my email to a different one and still have my paid version of wordfeud?

  47. Stephen Horgan permalink

    Im looking to find a friend but cant remember their username.any tips how to recover please

  48. I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. This sort of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my own blogroll.

  49. Paula permalink

    Hi is there any way of getting access to the chats from previous games?

  50. Mary permalink

    How can you tell if someone as blocked you

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