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Wordfeud for iOS sneak peek

February 9, 2011

Wordfeud for iOS is coming soon!

Update: Wordfeud for iOS is out now: iTunes link

Wordfeud on iOS and Android - side by side

Wordfeud for iOS

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  1. Kari permalink

    So when approximately, do you think WordFeud for iOS will be available? Have you an approximate ETA?

    I’m an android user and I love this game. Have friends on iPHone I can’t play with though and really want to. They too want to play.

    • Wordfued isn’t working right what’s Wrong with the site it says no Internet connection

  2. Awesome! The more users/platforms, the merrier.

  3. sweet! ditto kari. any chance of getting a PC/browser version too? 😉

    • Boy oh boy, U said it! I so want 2 be able to play this on my iPad as well as my phone. I currently play 3 Xword- type games on ph. & 2 on my iPad. I play 2 of them the most often; WWF & my favorite (tada)…Wordfeud. Of the 5 games, I play Scrabble the least even tho initially I wanted that game above all others, but find it a drag to always have to play against a computer if U haven’t friends who play this. I don’t get why this one (app) doesn’t ever put you in contact w/ other random player(s) even tho there’s a search. I’ve been Xtremely disappointed w/ that feature. I’d bet Wfeud would be #1 or maybe #2 if it was available on other devices like iPad. I’d like to rate Wfeud a 10&1/2.

  4. Anna permalink

    You know…I like this game so much and I play it with so many of my friends everyday that I’m going to be without it if I switch to the iPhone I just got.

    Considering all the CONs I’m accepting to go to the iPhone…..versus the HTC Thunderbolt…I put my foot down with this one. I’m waiting.

    If WordFeud is not available on the iPhone4 by Monday (2/14/2011) I’m seriously returning the iPhone and waiting for the HTC Thunderbolt. Not Kidding. Please do this girl a favor, save me the $35 restocking fee. Get the iOS version out ASAP by Monday? Please?

    • slippy permalink

      The iphone 4 can’t even compare to the thunderbolt. Its a year behind technology wise. Return the iphone and get the Thunderbolt. Buying an iphone 4 right now is like buying a 2009 car for the same price as a 2011 model. When the iphone can’t handle newer apps and such six months from now, you’ll still have to wait a year for a new one. It’s amazing how blinding a little picture of a half eaten apple can be.

  5. Dave permalink

    This is great news, Words with Friends just came out and is terrible compared to WordFeud. The sooner it comes out the sooner I get my IPhone buddies to switch to a much friendlier user interface and smoother board. I hope it is soon.

    Also I am not even sure if it is possible but a 4 player board would be awesome.

    Anyhow keep up the great work!

  6. Port permalink

    Will this be cross platform, so I can play friends on iOS? I refuse to install Words With Friends (such a horrible, hipster name) but cross platform play would be a nice bonus if you can pull it off.

    Regardless, love the Feud. Perfectly well done.

  7. Anna permalink

    Ok. Returned the iPhone. Waiting til Feb 24th and hopefullly the HTC Thunderbolt will be released that day! iPhone was eh but without being able to play w/ my friends…it sucked.

    And as the previous poster commented….words with friends sucks.

    • Anna oh Anna
      You’re such a fan. Uh,
      won’t bother to fight;
      we all know you’re right!

  8. bob permalink

    Dave is right words with friends is terrible, please release this soon.

  9. jlc permalink

    Great game!

    Random question: how do you zoom /unzoom the board?


    • Anna permalink


      To zoom in/out just double tap on the middle of the screen.

  10. awesome! i definitely agree with the other commenters about words with friends. i tried it on android today, and i prefer wordfeud too. mostly for the random boards – they make each game feel fresher and more interesting – but also for the ability to disable notifications and sounds, and the overall ligher and cleaner feel. good luck finishing the ios port!

  11. Seriously, “Words With Friends” (WWF) on Android is horrible – I don’t know how it is on iOS, but I loathe the UI, it is WAY too busy for my liking, the colors are just killer on my eyes. I can stare at the WordFeud game board for hours at a time with no strain, I doubt I can say the same for WWF.

    Not sure if you are looking for it, but I have a friend or two using iOS that would be willing to test this out in a limited beta, if you are providing such – I realize they probably have to have jailbroken iPhones, but they do.

    Anyhoo, hope it all comes together soon, love this app for Android (paid for full version). Keep up the good work!

  12. chris permalink

    I’ve also got a few friends interested in beta testing if you’d like. So excited to convert people from WWF. Seriously, yellow and blue? Gross. Not to mention the sounds.

    • @chris

      That’s great. If you could send me their email addresses, I’ll let them know as soon as Wordfeud for iOS is ready for beta testing. Same goes for anyone else interested in beta testing the iOS version. Just send an email to with “Wordfeud for iOS beta” in the subject. No further beta testers is needed. Wordfeud has been submitted to the App Store for review.

  13. Ethan permalink

    Sweet. I just saw Words with Friends is out on Android and since a lot of my friends played that on iPhone I thought I would just switch…bad idea. The shuffle button and general quickness of the interface in WordFeud is way better.

    On another note, is it better for you financially if I keep playing the ad supported version or if I just bought it? I assume buying it but maybe one more user viewing the ads is worth more…

  14. Drew permalink

    I agree with everyone here and with the words with friends reviews in the android market. At least for this release and the new update from yesterday (feb. 17), wwf is atrocious. I got it to play my family who are all iphone users, and its just buggy as crap. I had one game just randomly end saying I lost, when I was up 100 pts and there was 20+ tiles left. But the user on iphone didn’t show that, they just showed that it was my turn. And yesterday an opponent went, and its my turn, and now their word is gone. It says its my turn, but I can’t go because their word disappeared. Its a mess. Please come out soon for the iOSers, so I can play them and uninstall the wwf garbage.

  15. Zoe permalink

    Is there update to this… I want wordfeud on iPhone!

  16. Eric permalink

    Words with friends sucks. I only play it for the cross platform play. If word fued gets cross platform play, I’ll drop words with friends
    in a second.

  17. john permalink

    Love the app. Would be great if there was a way to recommend friends. Maybe it creates a new game with invites sent to 2 friends for them to play each other.

  18. Nick permalink

    Any updates on when this is going to be released for the iphone?

  19. would love to see wordfued on webOS. Any plans for that???? webOS users are dying for a great game like this…!

  20. debi permalink

    really want to play wordfeud with iphone friends. words w friends just is not same. wordfeud is much better. when will it be available for iphone user to play with driod users??

    • Yes, when Wordfeud for iPhone is out it’ll be possible for iPhone users to play with Droid users (or users of any other Android phone).

  21. Fireball permalink

    Can’t wait until comes out. It would be nice to play with friends.

  22. Did this happen yet? Is there a release date? Help I have to show my Iphone friends the error of their ways.

  23. Why does your page keep crashing

    • @Elizabeth, I haven’t noticed any issues. What error messages, if any, are you seeing?

  24. bluepixel permalink

    When is this coming to webOS?????? 🙂

  25. Vprice permalink

    Would like the ability to add a picture to the name after game begins

  26. Mekkel Richards permalink

    PLEASE port WordFeud over to WebOS!

  27. SallyL permalink

    I have WF on my iPhone but can’t hear any sounds. Can u help?

  28. Figgy permalink

    Isn’t it possible to delete individual do
    Is he’s games rather than the whole list?

  29. Figgy permalink

    So much for auto-complete! What I meant was: is it possible to delete individual finished games rather than the whole list?

  30. Anders permalink

    What are the plans for a HD version for the iPad. Currently it looks quite bad with the iPhone size window on an iPad. I will be happy to beta test a native iPad version for you.


  31. Peter permalink

    I would also like to have a ipad version.

  32. Jared permalink

    I’d also like to see this on the iPad 🙂

  33. Melany permalink

    What does it mean when there are 2 dots above a vowel? I am trying to play “took” and one “o ” had 2 dots above it and 4 points and I cannot play the letter (invalid word)

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  36. Annette Denby permalink

    I dont have access to my wordfeud games anymore. I forgot my password and no longer can get into the email I have associated with it. What can I do to gain access to it? Please help?? I love this game and cant get into it.

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