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Wordfeud for iOS is here

April 5, 2011

After about four months of development, Wordfeud for iOS is finally out. A big thanks to everyone who helped with final beta testing.

It spent almost exactly one week waiting to be reviewed by the Apple people (which seems to be the norm these days). Thankfully, it was approved on the first attempt.

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  1. Julio permalink

    Congrats man! I love this game compared to Words with friends (it sucks soo much on Android)
    Now I’m going to get everyone to switch over!

    • Louise permalink

      Hi. How do I get notifications when the person I play with has made his draw? When it’s my turn?
      I probably said no when I started using it…
      I do have an iPhone 4.

    • Conny W permalink

      I’ve been playing the game for quite some time now and it would be great to have some statistics, won/lost, highscore, best word etc and perhaps à ranking system like in golf. 🙂 That would be cool!!

  2. Letsplaydebrahouse

  3. Chrid permalink

    I’m on Android an playing with my wife, who is on iPhone 4. This is great!

    However, it seems the iOS app doesn’t notify when it is her turn to play.

  4. Bar Ute E permalink


    Good job on geting this app on the iPhone! Awesome work! Will I be able to challenge friends that use the Android version?


  5. Espekayen permalink

    I love this game! It is better than Words With Friends on almost every respect. The biggest draw for me is the fact that I can choose to use the SOWPODS word list; this is something that WWF and Scrabble is lacking, so well done to the developers of Wordfeud for giving us the choice. However, Wordfeud crashes a lot (v1.2.2) so I hope this will be fixed soon.

  6. iBanks permalink

    Better than words with friends, but needs sound effects, shake to shuffle, and selectable color themes. All the mixed colors together on a darker one makes it harder to view what your working with as far as tiles already placed. Needs a FB connect feature as well.

    • Dave W permalink

      Do not do any of the above. Adding things like this will dumb it down and add flash when flash is not needed.

      Feud is amazing. Hands down gets the most use out of any app on my phone aside from email. Considering I am such an Android whore, this says a lot!

      • chuck permalink

        I totally agree with Dave. The things Ibanks wants to change are some of the things that make feud better than wwf. I like the background color and the shuffle button. I HATE shake to shuffle! Great job!

      • Chris permalink

        I also agree with Dave. If I wanted any of that crap, I would use WWF. The UI and functionality are prefect the way that it is. I think he’s commenting just for the sake of criticizing (or maybe visa versa).

  7. LifeInAnalog permalink

    First! Seriously, congratulations. Now those i*hone users can see what a REAL Scrabble game looks like… NOT that crap Words With Friends

  8. jawbrkr permalink

    Great game on the iPod touch but the notifications are random. I am not always notified when someone has played if I have the screen closed/minimized. No ingame sounds either. Besides that it’s a great game.

  9. Awesome! But why iOS 4.0? I know it’s ridiculously outdated, but I still have an iPod Touch 1st gen.

    Could it ever be possible to see a iOS 3.0 version?

  10. zombie002 permalink

    Thanks, been looking forward to this.

  11. UberScrub13 permalink

    Bravo, and thank you for getting this on the iOS.

  12. Jon permalink

    Any chance on a version for WebOS??

  13. Wendy permalink

    Why won’t the notifications show up on the iPhone?

    • @Wendy: Make sure you’ve enabled notifications. Go into the iPhone settings panel, and tap “Notifications”. Make sure it’s switched on. On the same screen, scroll down and tap “Wordfeud” and adjust the notification settings to your liking. I recommend enabling at least “Badges” and “Alerts”.

  14. The complete family is playing this game. We love to play it, in Dutch. My husband and I bought also the pro-version without advertising.

    Sometimes there are words we want to play, but the program dus not approve them, such as rose (is a pink color / or a alcoholic drank).

    Whenever you need Dutch beta-testers, let us know!

    We have some more wishes :-).

    • Perhaps it is an idea when a player wants to add a word in in dictionary, others have to vote first. When there are enough people who vote “Yes” then it will be automatically be add.

      The same with words who arent correct. A user can mark that word, as not existing and the others have to vote also.

      Just an idea.

  15. Blimundus permalink

    I agree that the Dutch dictionary seems to be rather limited. I hope that there are plans to use a larger list. Even the word ‘frans’ (which is Dutch for ‘French’) was not accepted! Or the word ‘quid’. Or a very important number of verb forms.

    I do not always understand the scoring either. Wordfeud gives me higher scores than my own calculations. It seems that DL, DW, TL, TW multipliers have effects even if they have been used before? And even then it does not seem to add up.

    • Blimundus permalink

      Oops, you can ignore the second paragraph of my previous comment; apparently the higher score was because I also got points for the remaining letters of my opponent.

  16. Lakesidepeople permalink

    I have the game for the iPhone, but do not see any button to “swap” tiles. I notice that is also the case in your pic here. My friend who plays with me says he has such a button next to the shuffle button. Am I missing a button that has been included someplace else?

  17. Doyle permalink

    Any update for the Android version soon?

  18. Heather permalink

    I have asked on Wordfeuds FB page as well as emailed regarding abuse that I have had with other “gamers” with NO availe… The admin for this game is horrible. At least when I have issues with WWF I actually get a response… to have someone call u a cunt when u tell them it was a good game (they won by 100 pt) is rude and uncalled for…..

  19. ray permalink


    I love this game. But I’m encountering heavy battery drain. Each time it’s my turn, I go back to the app, and enter my word. After my turn, I always lose 1% of my battery life…

    • Foppa permalink

      Same for me. Insane how much battery that drains from this game! Had to uninstall it. Let us know when an update fix this.

  20. Mike permalink

    Nice app. Unfortunately i can not find a lot of people to Play with. Would be Nice to get a computer opponent.

  21. Erik permalink

    Any chance of an HD ipad version?

    • @Erik, Yes better support for the iPad is planned.

      • Jeffrey permalink

        When is this going to iPad I love the game also purchased the full!

  22. John permalink

    Was wondering if you guys will make a way to slide across a opponents name to delete them? I added someone that I thought I knew and the game is just left being unsettled. I would rather just delete them but there is no option for that. Also it is their turn and they have not quit the game.

    • Liz permalink

      Yes there is. Go to your friend list and tap and hold. A menu pops up with the option to delete friend. 🙂

      • Moniek permalink

        You are the best! Thanks 🙂

  23. ray permalink

    I think you seriously need to rebuild the Dutch dictionary. I’m encountering words at the game that are english words and not dutch words. Even some uknown unexisting dutch words are accepted in the game… a word like ‘yes’ or ‘loser’ is just plain english…

  24. I am willing to assist with a localized Dutch version and a better Dutch dicionaire.

  25. Jeff permalink

    Great game. Super addicting. Maybe add local area for finding random opponents. Maybe by using zipcodes? That would be fun to play with people locally

  26. Comanche permalink

    Is there any plan for a Blackberry version? I can only play android vs bb with WordRival, and it’s not nearly as crisp as Word Feud. I’d happily pay for a pro-version for this functionality.

  27. Jeff permalink

    Can you possibly make so that you can find people locally to play against when selecting a random opponent? Maybe use zipcodes?

  28. Jay permalink

    We really need a version for the iPad. Doesn’t look as good with an iPod version in 2x size as it could

  29. Keith permalink

    Hi. I had paid for the game… great stuff. My only gripe is that on some games, when they’re done they do not show up on the Finished Games list. Is this bug known or am I doing something wrong? Instead of going there, they just.. disappear. ?

  30. Mia permalink

    I just downloaded this yesterday on my iPhone and keep getting the message saying, “Could not connect to the WordFeud server. Make sure you have an active internet connection.” I have no problems playing words with friends and obviously have an active Internet connection because I was able to send this. What is going on? I like that I can play my friends who have an Android phone, but I am getting really frustrated with this issue. I have been trying to play for the past couple of hours with no success. Help!


  31. Tsoukaleika permalink

    I have the same message popping up like Mia is writing. But I’m able to play though. It’s just very annoying because it pops up so often.
    Also hoping the update for the Dutch dictionary will be coming soon because it’s lacking too many words.
    And ingame sounds would be a big improvement.
    But..loving this game!!

  32. Michael permalink

    Love the iOS version – worth every cent. Just a suggestion… Can you also put the game scores on the “top menu current games page” so the user can see what the scores are for each game being currently played please?

  33. what is the highest anyone scored in ONE WORD in wordfeud? I am curious to find out, since my friend got 1200 points in one word


  34. James permalink

    Never played it before

  35. James permalink

    Want to play

  36. Rosemary permalink

    I love Wordfeud and play on my DroidX and iPad whenever/wherever possible. Have my family doing the same! One question… there a way to play on iPad in landscape orientation?

    • Nannygrif permalink

      I truly love the game but also would prefer to play in landscape on my iPad. Surely hope that will be the next fix.

  37. Jazzyjenny22 permalink

    I am also constantly getting the message that it cannot connect to the Word Feud server and to check to be sure I have an active Internet connection. It happens all the time and is really taking the fun put the game. I do not have this message with any other games that I play and my Internet connection is fine. Not sure how to fix. I just switched from a droid phone to the iPhone. I did not ever have this problem when I used Word Feud on the droid.

  38. :) Bev permalink


  39. Villy permalink

    The Danish dictionary is not good, words Like “flyd” “tømt”, and “platform” is missing.I can help if needed.
    are there any difference between the free and the paid version except the banner ads?

  40. Axel Roest permalink

    Indeed, the Dutch dictionary has a very limited word list. Especially with the more difficult ‘Q’ and ‘X’ words.

    Also, one feature that I really like about Words with Friends, is that it tells you WHICH word it things is incorrect from the four words you laid out.

    A score button to precalculate scores would be a nice extra, but not exceptable to Scrabble purists, probably…

  41. “RESIGN” command is absolute and undo-able. An “are you sure” message would be more user-friendly.

  42. Gail permalink

    Have an iPad….love this game but no swap button available…pushed Menu button as suggested in earlier post but no swap choice available…please fix?
    Also how about making the board change from turn to turn so more choices for scoring available as in “Abble Dabble”… the board either rotates or randomly changes DW,TW,DL, and TL! Makes it more challenging!

  43. Ariel permalink

    Cool game, not so cool to leave out the swap button for Iphoners. The androiders have a huge game advantage. Buuuu. 😦 Please fix this ASAP.

  44. Reisverket permalink

    Hey, great app! Sometimes, often when I get a really high score after a word, all the letters on the board turns yellow. Usually only the last word is highlighted in yellow. Is this a bug, og is it perhaps because I´ve wrote the word that had the highest possible score at the time?

  45. Marge permalink

    I love this game and play it on my iPad. I bought the pro version however it drains my battery so much that I have had to uninstall it 😦 Where my battery would normally last a few days at least, the other day I had to charge more than once, while I hardly did anything on the iPad.
    An optimised iPad version would be great, looking at battery usage, and perhaps also where you could set how often it checks whether it is your, or an option to manually check. Maybe that way the battery usage can be a bit more normal.
    It’s a real shame, so I hope it gets sorted 🙂

    PS agree with previous comments about Dutch dictionary totally!

  46. M4CK4N permalink

    First of all, I love your app!
    But it seems like the swap button/function is missing in the iOS version.

  47. Martin Grund permalink

    Hey, great app, but you HAVE to fix the swap button! I get my ass kicked by those Androiders out there. 😦

    Thanks in advance!

  48. Gellafrens permalink

    It doesn’t get any better than this ! I play on my ipad2. Great ! Thanks very much.

  49. Riffet permalink

    I get a lots of popups saying “connection lost”. Please fix this issue. But over all, I love it!

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