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French and Spanish dictionaries added (v1.2.5)!

June 1, 2011

Wordfeud v1.2.5 for Android and iOS is out now. New in this release is the addition of Spanish and French dictionaries, as well as a few minor bug fixes.

Spanish dictionary

French dictionary


  • Added: Spanish and French dictionaries.
  • Fixed: Bug causing duplicate chat messages.
  • Fixed (Android): Crash when device was rotated while displaying a dialog.

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  1. John permalink

    Here’s my unofficial statistics:

    95% quit if picture is a guy
    100% quit if he has his shirt off

  2. Dana permalink

    John .. good luck!.. I would give you my profile to play a real game, my husband too (he sounds like you, but is ready to give up) but there’s just too many weirdos out there, I’d expect them to be here in the blog too…

  3. Dana permalink

    P.S. one way I found to get around most of the assholes was to play with the so I could at least have a match up with someone who I know wants to play. For real. I’ve found several of my favorite opponents thru their methods of hooking players up. Just a thought.

  4. John permalink

    This gives me the idea for another feature request. Recommendations! I have about 10 regulars that I play against and we suggest opponents for each other.

    Here’s how it would work:
    Long press someone in your friend list
    -select Introduce from menu
    -another menu appears showing the other friends in your list
    -select the friend for them to play
    -both players receive a game invite to play each other with a message “John thinks you should play ABC”

  5. IOU permalink

    Being able to play a 3 or more people in the same game would be awesome update.

  6. justbcz permalink

    I purchased the full version. Its so nice to play without ads. I woud love to be able to edit my friendlist, block creepy people, and shorten the 72 hour window.

  7. oggi permalink

    How do I now which dictionary is in use? I’ve started some games with two different ones, now I don’t know which game is which dictionary and I’m the first to act.

  8. What are the dictionary sources? permalink

    What are the dictionary sources? When playing with non-English boards, it can make a huge difference which dictionary is the source, since some include slang, some don’t etc. What’s the source of the Swedish dictionary, for example?

  9. MrT permalink

    Hi, fun game but please fix the bug that makes it possible to add S at the end of every Swedish word.


  10. Push notifications permalink


    How van you disable the Push messages in V1.2.5 IOS?

  11. Shane permalink

    I love this game!!! Will there be any leader boards in upcoming versions???

  12. Peter permalink

    Love this game, just now I am playing the swedish version, will there be a German version to come?

  13. Albin permalink

    Any plans on a Windows Phone 7 version?

  14. Suheyla permalink

    I hate this game!!!!! In the swedish version there are at least 50 real words that is invalid on this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please update the swedish version!!!!!!

  15. Anne permalink

    Is there a way to create a list of usernames of people you play with? I too have terrible luck with random opponents but sometimes lose track of the usernames of people I like to play with.

    • Tsoukaleika permalink

      Add them as a friend.. When you choose “menu” in a game there’s the option to add them.

  16. Todd permalink

    Just ask the dopes who profile with genital shots if the pic is life-size?
    Seriously though, great game Dev. I’ve been with Wordfeud for a long time now and am amazed at the continued quality. Even with all the bitching and complaining that goes on, I think most of us will admit this is still the top Scrabble game out there.
    Invite LifeInAnalog for a true mediocre gameplaying experience! 😉

  17. Todd permalink

    …oh, btw, get your ass in gear and get those win/loss records out! I need to see how bad I’m really doing.

  18. BIGGIM permalink

    I am playing on a chineese device called Haïpad -it s not a joke !- wich run on androïd.
    When i start the game for the first time, i have to enter name and email, ok, but where could i go to register a picture on my profile ?
    Thanks for your next tips !

    • Tsoukaleika permalink

      Left top (the wheel) takes you to profile settings. There you can change your picture.

  19. Ricky permalink

    How do I log out/ create a new account?

  20. Tsoukaleika permalink

    The connection errors remain to appear way too often. I noticed it also happens at the same time to my opponents. We’re located in different countries so it seems then it’s a “WordFeud-thing” rather than network issue. Is a fix being worked on? (love the game, I’m truly addicted to it 😉 )

    • Tsoukaleika: The connection errors should be mostly fixed now. We were experiencing some capacity problems, and have recently added more server to deal with it.

      • Tsoukaleika permalink

        Thank you much for responding. The connection errors do seem to be a bit less.

  21. max permalink

    i love it and i’ll buy it just when italian dictionary come out 🙂
    wishlist: resign anytime, rankings, more infos on profiles, accepted words list

    • JayoneS2 permalink

      How about a self-rating option re what level I want to play on: Competition.. Serious…Intermediate…Beginner. And an option “using some word-finder” or “NOT using wf”

  22. Ellert permalink

    Great game. Totally addictive. 2 things: PLEASE update the swedish dictionary. And get rid of the annoying error message that say that there is no internet connection, in spite of the fact that there is one. Then I will gladly pay to get rid of the ads! 🙂

  23. lima1974 permalink

    Sería estupendo que no se reiniciara el chat cada vez que empiezas una nueva partida con un amigo o tras querer seguir jugando con una misma persona. Gracias por la app, es genial!!

  24. Dumarse permalink

    I get connection error pop ups ALL THE TIME when I play. It’s way annoying. I’m running an iPhone 3GS. My coworker, who I play, has a brand new android and she gets the same ‘CONNECTION ERROR’ message all the time too. I’ve also downloaded all the latest updates. Love the game but because I get this error message so much. I’ll be playing Words With Friends more until the problem is fixed 😦

  25. Dumarse permalink

    I get connection error pop ups ALL THE TIME when I play. It’s way annoying. I’m running an iPhone 3GS. My coworker, who I play, has a brand new android and she gets the same ‘CONNECTION ERROR’ message all the time too. I’ve also downloaded all the latest updates. Love the game but because I get this error message so much. I’ll be playing Words With Friends more until the problem is fixed

  26. Pasuma2002 permalink

    GENIAL!!!! El mejor juego del mundo.

  27. oskar permalink

    Do you have any plans for iOS3 support? There’s roughly 6 million 2G devices out there.
    I’m a developer myself and I could help with the port.

  28. hayseedme2 permalink

    Great game but it does not except words that are words in the dictionary. ;(

  29. How about a correct dictionary for the Dutch language?
    Some words are being recognized as wrong, while others aren’t allowed in Dutch Scrabble.

    Maybe they can use

  30. eddie_teacher permalink

    Please do not make an online stats page. Only the cheaters will be ranked at the top and it will tarnish an otherwise great game. However may I recommend a stats section that the handset compiles from our friends list? A system that monitors our stats and those of our friends would be great. Also, I noticed there’s no way to remove a friend from the list. Could you add that please?

    • Tsoukaleika permalink

      There’s an edit-button at the right bottom of the friends-page.

  31. sgtmaj9999 permalink

    Need a way to report/remove flashers and those who do not play after accepting a game.

  32. Filip permalink

    It’s been asked 100’s of times but NEVER been answered…. how can you LOGOUT to one i-device (iphone/ipad/ipod) and login to another with your account information???? If you login with your existing account it keeps saying “login has been taking”!!!!

  33. Rich permalink

    Love the game! Just a quick question-why is ‘Victorian’ not an allowed word? ‘Victoria’IS allowed. Please advise.

  34. Lulla permalink

    Are you working on a app to Symbian mobiles too?

  35. Vincent permalink

    Can you please update the dutch dictionary? There is an offcial dutch scrable dictionary. Please use that one.

    • Marie permalink

      totally agree with Vincent, the dutch dictionary Wordfeud uses is weird and frustrating

  36. Just wondering why I can’t go to Facebook on my phone through the game anymore. Was there an update that changed this. I play all day everyday and didn’t notice the update .

  37. pay version 1.2.5 no friend list ? update it ,

  38. Morten61 permalink

    Is it in any way possible to contribute with new existing words to the Danish dictionary?

  39. Tsoukaleika permalink

    Is the whole WF server down now?! All day many connection errors (wifi) and now I can’t get logged in at all anymore. Ah, my friend who’s located in another country just reported she also has connection errors. Too many users trying to enjoy the game?!

    • Tsoukaleika permalink

      It’s ok. I received the tweet about the server problems.

  40. RATMdrumer permalink

    I would like to see a Spanglish dictionary that combines English and Spanish dictionaries.

  41. bob permalink

    when you erased your prevent games can anyone look at your finishd games and se your chat that session you have with the other person???

    thanx for a great game

  42. Gazoid permalink

    1.2.8 and still in 1.2.9 TWO problems. I resigned from a game and when I bin the game it keeps coming back next time I return to a game and that game says I have 18 messages instead of the MINUS figure that you “fixed” when I have NO messages!!

  43. maraa permalink

    I’m playing on the original Droid. Since the last update I am having an issue where when I need to drag a letter back to my ‘tray’ it instead goes to the bottom of the board. This only happens if I drag it to a blank spot. If I drag it over another letter in the tray it works fine. Really annoying! I’ve been using your app for about a year (bought it BC I love it) but its only this last update causing problems. Thanks.

  44. I received 1 st business loans when I was not very old and that helped my family a lot. But, I need the financial loan as well.

  45. suus permalink

    Just wondering about something that came up while playing a french game. Much to my surprise CIELS was accepted. If I’m not mistaken the plural of ciel is CIEUX. Why is ciels accepted? Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this.

  46. prettytony permalink

    SUPPORT…if you want to see a penis go to username: werd_feudin
    Would be great to have a link on game for reporting ppl who do this…
    Maybe you could ban ppl that have these kind of pics posted…or if we are able to start blocking ppl then if a person receives a certain number of blocks then their access to this game be evaluated.
    Thx from a concerned parent and paying customer.

  47. Ante0 permalink

    Now, I’m not at all good at spanish, but what are the words “Jase” and “Roi”?
    My wife is from chile so she’s native to spanish…

  48. Ignacio Bilbao permalink

    But the app is not in spanish, translate it too, please.

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