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Server issues tonight

September 27, 2011

We were experiencing some server issues today that may have affected the ability to login to Wordfeud for some of our users. If you’re being asked to enter your password when opening Wordfeud, there are a few things you can do to fix the problem:

1) If you’ve never changed your password from the Wordfeud settings, the easiest fix is to simply reinstall Wordfeud. Your current games and friend list will remain intact as long as you login with the same email address or username after reinstalling. If you’ve purchased Wordfeud earlier, make sure to go into the Wordfeud settings and tap “Restore Previous Purchase” (if using an iPhone), or download the paid version from the Android Market (if using an Android phone).

2) If the above doesn’t help, go to the password reset page and follow the instructions to reset your password.

3) Finally, if all else fails, please send an email to with “Wordfeud password help” in the subject line. Make sure to include your username in the email.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will do what we can to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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  1. Another simple solution (for Android) is to go to settings > apps. Click on Wordfeud and select ‘erase data’. Then startup Wordfeud and enter your username.

    • MarjoleineO permalink

      Hi Wordfeud technicians, This is probably not the right place to wonder about the following: some of the words i try to play and who are definitively in a common dutch dictionary, wordfeud does not allow: the whole word ‘bespringen’ and the word ‘fix’ , i lost my game because of it. Is there some group within wordfeud who follow up on these matters? Thanks for answering. Marjoleine

      • Ze gebruiken een open source woordenboek waar inderdaad van alles mist. Daar is niks axn te doen tenzij je die woorden zelf toevoegt aan dat woordenboek. Evenvergeten welke het is helaas.

      • Minefranky permalink

        De woorden die niet herkend worden zijn thema’s tangens. maar ook afkortingen als ns wordt niet gekend, als ook iq wordt niet gekend.

  2. Esther permalink

    I’ve followed your advice and installed Worfeud again because of the login failure messages. But now I’m getting ads again. I’ve payed to get rid of those ads, but after installing again the ads are back. How can I solve this?

    • @Esther: go into the Wordfeud settings (tap the cogwheel button), and then tap “Restore Previous Purchase”.

      • Esther permalink

        Thank you!!!! It works 🙂

      • Ellen permalink

        I can’t use the cogwheel button. The screen keeps trying to log in. Asking for password. Doesn’t react. I have the paid version. What to do?

  3. Peter permalink

    How do I do to “to simply reinstall Wordfeud”?

    • Peter permalink

      I have an iPhone

    • @Peter: press and hold your finger on the Wordfeud icon until it starts shaking. Then tap the X to uninstall. Afterwards, open the App Store and search for Wordfeud to reinstall.

      • Peter permalink

        But I can’t use my previous e-mail-address or username? How to do?

  4. skatimusic permalink

    My contact SKATIMUSIC would not open. I have deconected my inscription. I have open one more but i would have taken an another name SKATIMUSIC 1 Or i would like take my first name of my first inscription SKATIMUSIC because i played with news friends of your play.

  5. Pepsixxxx permalink

    Ive tried everything to get wordfeud working on my phone ie un installed and installed agsin, changed password, all what I’ve been told to do but stol getting password message which it won’t accept anime any other ideas

  6. what happen to the wall page? Can get to it..keeps taking me to my facebook page…miss ther chat room…

  7. Dana permalink

    How about a new update. We’ve all been waiting patiently, and now it seems that’s just the ticket for you (wordfeud) to get all this connection error nonsense straightened out.

    Thanks guys.

  8. Hal permalink

    Saw xe sjuk BHS tjat. Jur. Gud. Hjul hg

  9. I cannot make standard words. I have tried unistalling, then reinstalling. I have purchased the game installed that, and I can still not make standard words that I have used hundreds of times.

  10. sal galindo permalink

    Why is my time length not keeping track of time between me and other players moves?

  11. Conny W permalink

    I play on both iPhone and iPad and it’s very annoying the game doesn’t keep track of my chats when I change device. So when I switch to iPad after playing on my iPhone all day then I get all these “red bubbles” though I’ve already have read then. Otherwise love the game!! //C

  12. Cobalt permalink

    Okay…so let me get this right. I play a random game…I get matched with an opponent with a penis for their avatar, it’s their turn, so I can’t resign/remove the game? I have to let it sit at the top of my game queue?

  13. Jan permalink

    Are there still known issues?

    Since last night I have sporadicly connection issues, and since an hour (14:30 cest) I cannot connect at all 😦

  14. Michiel permalink

    Hello Jan,

    I’ve the same issue here..

    • Jonas permalink

      I also have the same problem. It seems like its something with the network if you also have this problem.

      • Peter permalink

        Me too, I tried reinstalling, but it doesn’t work. Let’s hope it’ll get fixed soon!

      • suzannehe permalink

        Me too,
        i’m in the middle of 6 games and can get no connection at all. No mather what i do…
        Please fix this!

  15. Victor permalink

    Is there a Windows Phone version in the works?

  16. on my android phone i can’t see the “seetings” icon.
    and than i can’t change my username..

  17. WORDFEUD LOVER permalink

    why does wordfeud owners allow nude picturres posted by users.
    “VEGAS RULES” is posting his manhood on the game. He brags that women like seeing his manhood. I would like for the devlopers to report this pervert before I get the police involved.
    Many kids play this game and I only have seen one perverted player.

    • Sally permalink

      Wordfeud lover, I too am sick of the perverts on random player. one out of every three players is a picture of their genitals.

    • Lucrecia919 permalink

      They are two other who ghastly expose themselfs to my niece I’ve been writing about them on fb blog and nothing’s being done or removing the their name are bigandbaddick liveurlife1 child molester is what they are and using this game to get victim I called the center of exploited children we as parents have to stop these perverts

    • Lucrecia919 permalink

      I will notify the news stations next because wordfued will not protect the children

  18. WORDFEUD LOVER permalink

    The game app system is IPOD.

  19. Maismeel permalink

    I can’t find the restore previous purchase in my settings menu…
    Running iphone app on an ipad…

    • Maismeel permalink

      Forgot: and therefor i can’t get rid of the ads…

  20. AuntyT permalink

    Is there a way to eliminate a “friend” that was accidentally added? Meant to hit the chat button.

  21. whatthe.... permalink

    I just caught a game with someone who has a weiner for his avatar. kay, srsly.. should not b proud of that, it was ugly and small!

  22. Ade permalink

    Hi, I have problem with my Wordfeud free. It always show “connection error” that everytime i went to my wordfeud wall, nothing was displayed despite i have notification that my opponent had made his move. I have uninstalled it for a few times, but problem is just the same. My gadget is Samsung Galaxy tab. Please help.

  23. i like wordfued dec is some mart fun

  24. i like wordfued it is so much fun

  25. Is there a widespread ‘ connection’ problem or just my Wi-fi that’s not working??

    • dmarieca permalink

      i keep getting the same “connection” problem and cannot log back in for hours….

  26. detroit77 permalink

    im getting a connection error over wifi as well. Been that way for over 2 hours now.

  27. Jan permalink

    Often have connection error displayed, why is that?

  28. StaceyBelle permalink

    I have received connection and server errors saying not connected to WiFi or 3g network …but I am not having any other connectivity issues. Been this way for at least 3 hours. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared the cache, as well as trying to utilize the password recovery email. Still cannot connect…am I alone? I cannot live without Wordfeud!! Lol. Thanks!

  29. Jeremy permalink

    WTF?!? Shizz isn’t working. Some “protocol error”. Dude, fix this please. By the way, can we get some sort of percentile or statistics next to our name. I’m the greatest player ever and love doubling people’s score.

  30. Rena permalink

    I have been trying to play but it keep saying connection error like how long this last. I really want to play like ASAP: -(

  31. MsTrenny permalink

    Both my husband & I have been having “no connection, no Wifi, or 3g error” messages since last night!! He has been able to logon this morning, however I’m still unable to. I have cleared everything, uninstalled & installed several times all to no avail…..HELP!!!!

  32. noor permalink

    Ik got a login faillure for 2 days now. I don’t no what to do.
    Can somebody help me??

  33. I am having problems signing in on wordfued free

  34. melenor cunanan permalink

    I purchased wf but it went back to free when I changed my phone and reinstalled it..but that time I had different user name..changed it while I’m playing paid..but still same email which is linked to my Facebook account…I can’t find restore on wf settings..

  35. It’s fu****ing difficult to log in, and to play…i get a textbox with error 202 or something…its been all day..get it fixed !!!!

  36. I’ll just wait! Sick of resetting passwords!

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