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Wordfeud v1.2.11

November 10, 2011

We’ve just released Wordfeud v1.2.11 for both Android and iOS!

The biggest change is that we’ve added a second Swedish dictionary which only contains the base form of a word. This has been a common request from our Swedish users. You can choose which Swedish dictionary to use when you start a new game.

The iOS update also comes with the following changes:
– Fixed a bug that caused the rack tiles to become partially hidden if Internet Connection Sharing was enabled.
– The entries in the game list now show which dictionary is being used (useful when playing games in multiple languages).
– Changed status bar color to black.

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  1. slack permalink

    No ranking! More people will cheat to get on the top score.

  2. Akito permalink

    Wordfeud on my kindel will not connect. Any idea why?

  3. J-man permalink

    7Every morning it won’t connect

  4. Peter permalink

    Thanks for the update, now we have SAOL!

  5. FDM permalink

    Your servers are not coping with the sometimes high demand.
    Your randomization does not take decent probability into account.
    For instance : 5 E’s at the first draw is impossible in real life.
    No iPad version yet.
    Come on guys, you can do better than this!

    • Grrr permalink

      It’s hardly impossible but very unlikely a probability of about 0.000156 which is about 1 in 6400. Considering the large number of games played it is almost certain that at some point someone will draw 5 E’s.

      • Tsoukaleika permalink

        I once had 7 e’s! Maybe I should play the lottery? Of course in real life drawing all e’s is also possible, just very small chance. (playing Dutch game, it has 18 e’s)

  6. FDM permalink

    The latest comments show up last!

  7. Anders permalink

    My kid has forgotten the password associated with the username (in its turn associated with the email address, I believe).

    How does one unregister and restart? The resetting of the password does obviously not work as no email ever is received from wordfeud.

    All help appreciated.

    • Anders permalink

      Funnily enough I received an email today when I tried the reset password option. Didn’t work the last few days.

      Anyway, all is well now.

  8. EmilGren permalink

    At the start of a recent game, after the two initial two-letter words, my opponent chose to swap tiles, since very few words were possible to play. I passed. My opponent swapped again, and I thought that would render me the victory. A tedious series of swapping and passing ensued, until my opponent got the tiles he had been searching for and was able to continue the game.

    May I suggest that not only several passes in a row, but also several swaps in a row would end the game? For example, three rounds (i.e. 6 turns) in a row with no new tiles added to the board, would end the game.

    • FDM permalink

      Kul wat? Kul algemeen, kul als reactie of kul als woord op t bord?

  9. Latinboop permalink

    Game scores and statistics would be beneficial so you can see opponents stats.

    • Judit permalink

      I agree, stats to monitor your own performance and your opponents would be nice. I also suggest a rating for random players to connect on the same level.

  10. henriette_83 permalink

    Are there any way that i can delete players that dont respond in the game , before the time limit of 72h are up? I have too many players in game mode and can not invite more… i think 72hours is a way too long time for waring

  11. jellieBellyHellie permalink

    I keep getting a connection error even though my 3G connection is at full strength. I have not been able to play uninterrupted for more than 2 moves.

  12. Sarah permalink

    Protocol errors won’t go away for my new iPhone 4S. My games are all shut down until this is fixed because I can’t play them. Plus I don’t mind the 72 hour thing, but I can’t exactly be punished by loosing my games during those 72 hours if I’ve tried to get in but am not allowed because of some protocol error. Grrrr

    • Sandra Cawsey permalink

      The same here , I can not play and lost every thing , come on help us , this can not be true , that you wordfeud do not fix that since it is destroying so many games and loss of friends and games !!
      Please help us and do something!!

      • Jenny permalink

        Same problem. Can’t even get on to w/f. Everything is erased. Major withdrawal symptoms help!!! I tried deleting and downloading again. Protocol error… Urrr

  13. Kevin permalink

    I am getting a protocol error on my word feud. So are other people I play with.

    What is that about? Any ideas? and when can we get that fixed?

    • Kthxbie permalink

      I also have the protocol error. Uninstalled the app and now i can’t even log on to WF. Damn.

    • Ami D permalink

      I have this issue too, both on the iPhone 4S and iPad2. One of my games is going to time out. Bummed.

  14. Thomas Vangbo permalink

    I got the same shit problem

  15. sylv permalink

    Can we hear something about this bug? I’m getting the protocol error w/gibbersih also. I had 3 good games going on (of course several guys that quit on me immediately prob cuz I dont have a picture of me. I changed it when some creep tried to hit on me [even after i lied and said it was my brother on the phone not me]) I tried restarting my iPhone, I tried switching to wi-fi. no luck. I dont want to lose those games.

    • groucho_glasses permalink

      Ditto on the “Protocol Error.”. Just got the game 2 days ago and it’s broken already!

    • Then why do u put ur pic? U think ur some hot piece of ass SKANK? DONT FLATTER urself TWAT!!! Is a fkn stupid game that precious DOPE!!!???

    • Then why do u put ur pic? U think ur some hot piece of as@ S@ANK? DONT FLATTER urself T@AT!!! Is a fkn stupid game that precious DOPE!!!???

  16. Same problem….I have 3 games going and can’t play one of them…protocol error

  17. Redstomp permalink

    Also experiencing the horrid protocol error thing. I hope a fix will be made available soon.

  18. Jason permalink

    Protocol error for me and my wife both on iphone 4s as of tonight. Uninstalled and reinstalled, problem persists.

  19. Kenneth permalink

    I do also have this protocol problem, dunno what to do, please help!:(

  20. Nico permalink

    I got the same error, protocol error. I got 8 games going on and now I cant login… Plz help….

  21. Unixen permalink

    Protocol Error on iPhone 4S… 😦
    Uninstall/install doesn’t help.

  22. petternaess permalink

    Evidently nobody from wordfeud is monitoring this suggestions re the protocol problem???

  23. Same here. Have two games going….was big time winning one. Wordfeud, please fix this asap?

  24. Bugs again permalink

    All my games are gone. Errors keep popping up. I payed for this App so why doesn’t it work?

  25. Kommagumman permalink

    I have the same problem and I had three games going. Now I can´t login,
    very frustrating.

  26. Also getting protocol error. Seems to be the theme of the day all round..

  27. Per permalink

    Protocol error, thats not what I payed for!!!!

  28. Krystle permalink

    There should be rules and ways to regulate picture. User love them has a picture of a penis for his picture and its not appropriate for a game kids can get on. Or those of us who dont want to see penis’ whole we are playing a game

  29. FDM permalink

    Your servers were unable to cope with the high demand again this afternoon. Piss poor performance!
    You’re making millions out of this game. Do something about it!

  30. FDM permalink

    Compare this crappy game with Angry Birds. With that game you get what you pay for. HD, beautiful graphics on an iPad and regular updates.
    Wordfeud graphics on an iPad are terrible.
    These guys are like hot shot bankers: they take but hardly ever give…

  31. rfr78 permalink

    Would upgrade to paid version, if they included stats and weeded out the perverts. Also, need to do something about the people who just resign immediately.. why are you using wordfeud as a dating site? get a life 🙂

  32. cocololloface permalink

    how do you delete a player from wordfued that has his penis for his photo/icon

  33. FDM permalink

    As I suspected, developing for the Windows Phone is a priority for these guys. More customers, more money.
    How about extending your server capacity, what about decent upgrades?
    Apple should never have allowed this game to be published on the App store!
    A waste of money and time!

  34. Leo permalink

    How do you turn of the chat, this game has turned into a matchmaking-site. I just want to turn letters into words.

  35. C. Taurasi permalink

    Installed Wordfeud on my Iphone 4S. Worked for a few days. Now all I get is a protocol error and some symbols. Help.

  36. FDM permalink

    Fellow Wordfeuders, do not bother mentioning the errors, do not feedback at all. The developers of this game do not give a rats ass about their customers. They really do not not give a s…

    • Johan E. Bengtsson permalink

      Unfortunately I think you are right. There has been no upgrade to the Android version for more than 3 months, despite being aware that it generally does not work over non-WiFi networks when using Android 4.0. Not being bothered to correct such a fundamental (and presumably easy to fix) problem does not bode well for the future.

  37. Harriet Bograd permalink

    I just uninstalled Scrabble Free on my Android and switched to WordFeud instead.

    The major problem I have with WordFeud is I want to be able to see a list of which of my contacts or which of my Facebook friends are active players on WordFeud, so I can invite them to play. I don’t want to go through my entire contact list and ask random people to play – I want to contact people who already enjoy playing, as I do. I could do that both with Scrabble Free and with Words with Friends. But Scrabble Free was so buggy that I decided not to spend any more time troubleshooting – and from my first few games with random players on WordFeud, I think I like it even better.

    So, is there any way to see which of my contacts or Facebook friends are playing Wordfeud?



  38. Martin permalink

    Wordfeud is Norwegian!!!!!!!

  39. carl bad permalink

    There’s a bug in the chat feature. If you enter a message in one conversation, then hit send, then quickly switch to another conversation before the message goes through, the message from the previous conversation appears in the current ocnversation. Nasty!

  40. David permalink

    Would like a faster game option.
    I don’t mind the 72 hours as one hasn’t always time to play, but if it was possible to combine that with a “have to play within 10/15 minutes after looking at the last played word”-option it would be great.

  41. Ruud permalink

    I have a similar issue, is there still no fix?? Very annoying as I payed 2.39 euro’s for this game because I thought it was caused by the ads!

    Tsoukaleika permalink
    When playing over mobile Internet I get protocol errors..double chat messages I send, no confirmation of what I played until the opponent plays the next move.. This happens since the last update. No problems at all when using wifi. On which door to knock now? Wordfeud’s or my provider’s?

  42. Ruud permalink

    I have a similar issue, is there still no fix?? Very annoying as I payed 2.39 euro’s for this game because I thought it was caused by the ads!

    I think it happened after the 1.2.12 update

    Tsoukaleika permalink
    When playing over mobile Internet I get protocol errors..double chat messages I send, no confirmation of what I played until the opponent plays the next move.. This happens since the last update. No problems at all when using wifi. On which door to knock now? Wordfeud’s or my provider’s?

  43. Birger permalink

    When can Wordfeud played on a Nokia N9 (mee-go)???

  44. Len Arrigo permalink

    I keep getting the following protocol error; what can I do about it? I have deleted and re-installed the application several times.

    Protocol Error
    Unexpected token, wanted ‘{‘,’}’,’[‘,’]’,’,’,’:’, ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘null’, ‘”string’’, ‘number’.

  45. Iben permalink

    Hi , I think the letters are to small in the new version – the letters we work with in the bottom – couldnt you make them bigger?

  46. Trevor permalink

    Where are the temp files stored, such as player pics?

    • Trevor permalink

      That would be the Android version I’m asking about – forgot to mention that. 🙂

  47. Joost permalink

    Hi, wordfeut crashes on my iPad 1 whenever I try to delete my finishes games. What can I do?

  48. Jules permalink

    Can anyone help my friends chat sends the same message twice in chat on wordfeud . She has tried deleting and reinstalling the app but it still does it.

    • Dédale permalink

      Same issue :/

      (iPhone 4 with last OS version. A friend has the same configuration but not the problem)

  49. sheila mallya permalink

    Please let me back in to play.

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