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Wordfeud for Windows Phone sneak peek

January 22, 2012

The Wordfeud family will soon have a new member, as Wordfeud for Windows Phone is nearing completion. We plan to release it on Februrary 1. This coincides with the Nokia Lumia 800 launch in Norway and Sweden. As you can see from the photos, the Nokia has been Team Wordfeud’s main WP7 dev phone.

Wordfeud for Windows Phone

Wordfeud for Windows Phone


Wordfeud for Android, iOS and WP7

Wordfeud for Android, iOS and WP7

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  1. Ajdan permalink

    But when for Symbian?

  2. sam permalink

    Not likely to hapen since Symbian is like a dead fish in the water, why do you think Nokia has switched to windows…

  3. Great work guys!

    The app looks very tight. Can’t wait to play it on my HTC HD7!

  4. Björn permalink

    How about WF for PC and MAC 😀 ?

  5. Keep up the great work guys!

    Any news on the blackberry?


  6. Bente permalink

    How is it for Nokia C7?

  7. FooBar permalink

    How much code is shared between the platforms?

    • @FooBar: Android runs Java, Windows Phone runs Silverlight and iOS C++. So, I’d guess that not so much code is shared 😉

      • Well… WP also runs C#. 🙂

      • TheRealBamse permalink

        WP runs C# on a modified Windows CE version 7 kernal…
        And iOS not C++ but Objective-C – and trust me! That makes a HUGE difference… [MyObject[]]

  8. Crim permalink

    Is there a beta to test?

  9. Woody permalink

    Thanks for making this game for Windows Phone. The Words With Friends People always ignore my request for their game which I hardly see people playing anymore. I always see them playing this game but I never knew the name of it. I can’t wait for it. Thanks again!

  10. Aize permalink

    Beta testers needed? Where can I sign up?

  11. jessica permalink

    Finally… Can’t wait to plat on my phone..:D

  12. Jonas permalink

    Awesome! Can’t wait to start playing it on WP7 instead of Android!

  13. Finally Windows Phone users are on par in this social experiance! 🙂

  14. Kezoomer permalink


  15. Koen Meier permalink

    Will Wordfeud for Windows Phone be in Norsk and Svensk only (as you release it in those countries) or in dutch too ?

    • @Koen Meier
      Wordfeud for Windows Phone will have the same languages as the iOS and Android version, not just Norwegian and Swedish.

  16. Esther permalink

    At last! Looking forward to start playing on my WP7!

  17. kan ik wordfeun ook op mijn nokia n8 krijgen

  18. Mr. T permalink

    Why did you choose WP-devices over QT-based devices?
    The QT-based market is much bigger. It’s better to spread wordfeid to as many as possible before thos app dies. Believe me, this app will die as every other app.

    • What a load of cr*p dude. Windows Phone is getting bigger and bigger as we speak. It will make a huge difference in the mobile OS market in 2012. So it’s pretty logical that the Wordfeud team developed a version for Windows Phone. By the end of 2014, there will only be 3 important players in the Smartphone market: iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Mark my words 😉

      • Mr. T permalink

        By the end of 2014, people are not playing wordfeud anymore.
        All applications has a “best before” date, so with an app you want to reach as many as possible in a very short time.
        So, what’s the point in making an app to a platform that is not going to reach the masses before it is too late?

        WP has a market share of about 2-3%, while there are over 100 million QT-powered mobile devices in use already!

        It would have been really nice if other platforms should adapt QT into their devices, but with companies as Micro$oft, that is something that is not going to happen. As long as Micro$oft is thinking “not invented here” and “openess in dangerous”, this company is not going to survive the world we are living in today. Micro$oft is currently living on earnings from the past, and eventually they will not have any money left.

        So Rob, it would be really nice if you could come back here 2015 and explain how you where thinking.

      • TheRealBamse permalink

        Dude… You are obviously wrong…
        Only a hardcore Microsoft-hater would seriously believe that…

        Microsoft has a huge R&D deparment from which tonnes of crap shoot out every year… But they hit a homerun once in a while… And with the numbers Microsoft earn, they aren’t in any trouble…

        Remember, if they want more WP-phones out there… They’ll pay manufactures to lower the price…

  19. Juan Perez permalink

    Could you please use square letters instead with rounded corners for WP7? I think it’d look way better, Metro.

  20. TerjeF permalink

    Great news! But dont forget to buy a better norwegian word-dictionary! 🙂

  21. Lars-Erik Aabech permalink

    +1 in for multiplatform support.

  22. Great picture comparing the platforms and how you both can keep the “feel” of an app while changing the look of it for the specific platform. . Can I use it in one of our internal design documents if I cite the source? 🙂

  23. great cant wait to play on my htc mozart

  24. Niels Nielsen permalink

    It’s out now on Windows Phone!

  25. Fleon permalink

    Great work- just downloaded it and it’s running perfectly!

  26. polaroid32 permalink

    WP7 Yeah!!

    just downloaded it and it’s running perfectly .

    ¡Thanks for the job!

  27. Chris Jones permalink

    It’s filled with errors.

    1) App Closes down on many occasions
    2) Swapped letters often do not appear until next time it’s your turn
    3) And more errors I cannot remember

    Perhaps it should have been tested a little bit longer!

    • kiswum permalink

      Testing it today and it works perfect on a Samsung Omnia W.

      Thank you for making it work on WP.

  28. Paula Berlin permalink

    There is no message when a game is finished.

  29. Need to give the ability to:

    * Track scores
    * Delete people who haven’t played for 48 hours

  30. frank permalink

    When will there be sound in the future when you make a move???

  31. Rikke permalink

    What about the nokia n9 ?

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