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Wordfeud for iPad sneak peek

March 12, 2012

Wordfeud for iPad will be out in a few days! We’re releasing it as a universal app (iPhone and iPad support in the same app), so you won’t have to pay again if you’ve already bought Wordfeud on your iPhone.

Here are a few pictures:

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  1. ClausBom permalink

    Great stuff 🙂

    One question – it might be being stupid, but is there an option to log off the app (any platform). Since we are two users of the same ipad, it would be nice with a fast way to leave the game.


    • Annette Fahnøe permalink

      Vi have the same problem at home – two players and only one iPad. It would be nice to be able to create two accounts with different user names.

      • Erik permalink

        I haven’t tested this, but isn’t it as simple as go to Settings – Profile and fill in another username and password when you eant to switch user?

      • Erik permalink


        (Damn touch… :-p )

      • Annette Fahnøe permalink

        🙂 Thanks, but If you do so you only change the username. The games wil be the same. We’d prefer two completely different accounts.

      • deb permalink

        We have tried, you have to uninstall n reinstall signing in under other user so a logoff would perfect the game

      • Annette Fahnøe permalink

        Thanks 🙂

      • schukky permalink

        Logoff is the best option!!! We play with 2 accounts too, one on iphone and one on ipad, sometimes we want to swap and now thats not possible! so i hope there’s a logoff option soon!!!

    • Base permalink

      Here’s a quick solution: buy another Ipad for his/here birthday!

  2. Marcel permalink

    And the Android Tablet version will follow shortly??

    • Monk permalink

      Yes please! I wanna play in landscape mode too 😦

  3. danf permalink

    You have to clear the data in the application settings, then when you open wordfeud again, you have to input your login details or create a new account.


  4. Andrew permalink

    I know windows is stupid, but it would be pretty awesome if you made an app for their new phones. My friend Karla and I play wordsbypost all the time, and I want to kick her ass in wordfeud.

  5. kiki permalink

    Any chance at all of getting a track record of your plays with your friends? this would significantly up the apps usability and your ongoing battles with every1….

    This is a must in this ind of app!

    • Agree. A tracker of Wins / Losses (incl Resigned), and Percentage win performance

    • Jan Willem permalink

      I fully agree. I just sent a message to WordFeud:

      Dear WordFeud team

      My friends (some cc-d here) and I enjoy playing WordFeud very much!
      Thanks for your hard work in providing many people with an innovative
      way to relax (or, in some instances, waste time); one day, perhaps, a
      study will point out that people playing WordFeud for at least 30
      minutes a day have an at least 29% smaller chance of developing
      Alzheimer’s Disease…

      There is one thing I would like to suggest to improve the WordFeud
      experience. Would it be possible to keep track of games won/lost of
      each player, and average scores? Also against individual WordFeud
      friends & to keep track of average scores against them, so we can
      observe if they are taking us more/less seriously as opponents? It
      would be good to see somebody’s average win-rate and/or whether scores
      against a particular person are getting better or worse over time. It
      also would make ‘pairing’ with a random opponent more precise;
      somebody’s average rating could be more or less matched with that of
      the random opponent, making the games more exciting.

      I am not sure, but it doesn’t sound like a complicated thing to add to
      the WordFeud platform!

      Anyway, keep up the good work,
      best wishes from Thailand

      Jan W de Lind van Wijngaarden

  6. Fiona permalink

    This is ace news, I literally have just had the iPad 2 and was very disappointed on downloading wordfeud app x

  7. Kapten Hemlig permalink

    Great news! Now I’ll consider buying the ad-free version 🙂

    Oh, and there are some nice suggestions above, some sort of stat-function would have been nice! Wins/losses, most points in a game, most points for a word, longest word etc etc 🙂

  8. mmark27 permalink

    Please make an Android tablet version. Silly that you haven’t considering your Android roots. Looks terrible on an Android Tablet currently.

  9. jensen permalink

    And please make it possible to resign/cancel the game before 72 hour limit it is pretty annoying when you have 10+ players who do not play more than few words and don’t resign and all you have to do is wait for the 72 hour to pass ;(

    • Kerrie permalink

      You can choose resign at any time! Just go to Menu: Resign!

      • Mathilde permalink

        Only if it is your turn?

  10. Mathilde permalink

    Add possibility to shorten reply time from 72 hours please, some times you want a faster game… And a chance to penalize ppl who abandon game without even trying to play, as they only want to flirt and chat with nice pictures or whatever.

  11. Jack permalink

    Is it possible to play Wordfeud on my Ipad and Iphone with te same account? I want to upgrade Wordfeud.

  12. Coen permalink

    @Jack: yeah, you can use Wordfeud on any number of devices using the same account.

    On topic: can’t wait to install this version on my new iPad-to-be! Will it be retina-ready?

  13. Rotjeknorrrr permalink

    i love wordfeud, i am hooked and i agree with most posts above ( especially the possibility to shorten the 72hrs reply time) on the other hand i now like the fact there is no rating ( score or how many wins/losses) i think it makes the game even more interresting and different to all other virtual scrabble like word games 🙂

  14. Jack permalink

    @Coen: thank you very much.


  15. Can I just say thanks for making it work on landscape orientation!!! All of the Zynga apps only work in portrait, even if it is an iPad app. It’s so annoying.

  16. Mskjolde permalink

    How about this;
    I really miss the possibility to play with someone else being in the same room over a Bluetooth connection. Espesially when ever I’m without wifi or no/low gsm signal. I faced this issue when I was on a Norwegian Cabine in the countryside, this weekend. It would have been an even more fun weekend with some crazy wordfeuding. In stead we had to do skiing the whole time :))

  17. Okko permalink

    First many thanks for the excellent application! Wordfeud combines all the elegance of a connectivity based app and the old Scrabble home game, really excellent!
    Perhaps one sugestion: could the Swap and Resign buttons be moved “far away” from the play/clear button. When playing with several trying to be quick, it is quite easy to make the mistake…! With bets regards!

    • Okko permalink

      In fact I should have said Pass and Resign….

      • Patrick permalink

        I fully agree. My mother is half blind and she resigns half her games now by accident…

    • Ernst Mulder permalink

      I have stopped using the iPad version now. There is no confirmation on “resign” and the button is so awefully close to the letterboard that it is almost hard to not accidentally press it.

  18. Why cant i use this upgrade? What do i do wrong when i use it tells my screenshot is to big( !) what do i do wrong?

  19. Senorp permalink

    The WF helper cannot be used with your new version of WF for iPad 2 bevise the picture is enlarged All the time. Dó you have Andy suggestions?

  20. Marion1964 permalink

    Super beeld

  21. Mjay permalink

    Since most recent update, app time out whenever I touch trash icon to clear finished games…iPad2

    Would also like to see app change orientation when device is shifted from portrait to landscape.

  22. Aatje permalink

    Trasg icon can not be used anymore can you fix this please

  23. Rikke permalink

    Kan ikke slette færdige spil. Og kan ikke Sign in på iPhone kun på ipad

  24. Mikkel Clausen permalink


    You guys should enable account-syncing across platform, so it’ll be possible to have a game of Wordfeud going on my iPad and then continue that game on my iPhone, or an Android-based phone.

    But, that cannot be done, because i’m not allowed to login to the same account on more than one device at a time.

  25. Rudolf Zeegers permalink

    In the Dutch version, the word “deens” is not accepted, while it is quite a normal word.In English, danish.

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