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Wordfeud for iPad is out now!

March 13, 2012

Wordfeud for iOS v2.0 has just been released! New in this version is full iPad support. Of course, it was always possible to play the iPhone version on the iPad. But it didn’t look very good, and it didn’t take full advantage of the larger screen surface and increased resolution of the iPad. This update fixes that, with support for both landscape and portrait mode on the iPad.

If you’ve already installed Wordfeud on your iPad, just do an update from the App Store application to get the latest version.

Bought Wordfeud on your iPhone and installing on your iPad for the first time? You don’t have to repurchase Wordfeud. Just open the settings (tap the cogwheel button), and then tap “Restore Previous Purchase”.




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  1. Tsoukaleika permalink

    Also in portrait the board is making me dizzy and I agree that rhe rack is way too small. Other changes are very nice.
    But..after this update and new iOS I still have the same problems playing over mobile Internet. Can’t see what you’ve played immediately, double chat messages, errors all the time. Needs logging out and in to update al the games. Getting really tired of this. Playing over wifi no problems at all..

  2. Cris permalink

    Please make a logout button. It can’t be that hard. Ipad device is know for it’s family use. Uninstalling and installing again is the worst workaround ever… Thx in advance

    • agree, it’s really annoying that many players do start and don’t move, so blocking furthrr invitations.

  3. joop2822 permalink

    nodig mij uit en ik kan helpen (:-) met woedfeud

    invate me with wordfeud i can help

  4. Bloemhaai permalink

    If I hit by accident the risignbutton, the game is immedatly over. Is’t it possible to let the program ask If you mean to quit?

  5. Erik permalink

    This new version freezes and screen goes black in my iPhone. Please fix or let me install the old version again.

  6. WallyBee permalink

    How about multi profiles, me and my wife use the same iPad. This is something I miss in more games. Can you put this on the wishlist ?

  7. Mjay permalink

    Disregard my comments…orientation does work, and that is how trash icon then works for me…thanks!

  8. Jayne permalink

    Hubby wanted to play on ipad, but no way to log me out…how do i log out

  9. Metteor permalink

    The new upgrade is a downgrade. It’s not intuitive. Its anoying to use. The tiles on Your hand are to small. And it is to easy to tap on pass and resign by accident. Please don’t ruin a good and wellfunctioning app and game and remember that it is the game that is the primary driver!

  10. Tommy permalink

    Its a failure because the buttons and letters is too small. I hate it but I love game.

  11. Tim permalink

    Bigger letters plz n shuffle button too!

  12. Jayne permalink

    Old games cannot be removed

    • I have the same problem after the update , Can not erase old finished games !

  13. John C permalink

    You may think you have improved the iPad app, in fact you have made it worse! Letters are far too small, and the game overview keeps appearing when I try to move the left most letter on the rack. Very annoying. PLEASE remove this feature again, at least in upright mode. And enlarge the rack, it was much better in the iPhone app zoomed to twice the size (2x).

    • Lady permalink

      Yes I agree this is awful, I like old very better

  14. I cannot delete my finished games. The game closes when I hit the trash can. Please help

  15. bucksbiddle permalink

    Play button badly positioned next to tiles – it is very easy to play a short word unintentionally. If play button cannot be moved, need a message box to confirm the word being played.

    Also, why no display of the score for a word until AFTER you have played it?

    Would also like at least some indication of a random opponent’s ability before game starts, and some record of my own games.

    • bucksbiddle permalink

      Resign button: no “are you sure?” check!

  16. Erika permalink

    Please give me back the old version! It was in the old version that the size of the ipad was given the full advantage. I can’ t continue to pmay on this one…it gives me a headache!

  17. Marc permalink

    New user interface on the iPad is horrible in the portrait modus. Every finger move like shuffle the letters results in the appearance of the sidebar with the other games. I don’t have to see the other games when I’m busy with the current game!

    Please fix this, it’s very annoying.

  18. J Bezemer permalink

    I can’t delete my finished games

  19. Pauline permalink

    I play ón iPad. Each time i slide over the letters i get the list og people i play with. Can you freeze this A’s it very very irritating

  20. Dan permalink

    I’m curious: did anyone out there find any improvements with the new version????? Please tell me!

  21. Lady permalink

    The updated version is awful, I can’t get my tiles from the left rack a,d I can’t delete my finished games. The board is too small. The old version was way better!!!!!!

  22. Nico permalink

    There should be a game log, so we can review our plays after the game or while playing. It would also be nice to se people records.

  23. Lona permalink

    The update is terrible . Hey developers are you reading al these comments? What are you going to do? I want THE old verstom back. Also what really sucks is that wordfeudhelper does not work anymore as it says that the field is zoomed out so it cannot read thefield anymore. Thanks guys for ruining à game and for THE money i lost” DO SOMETHING PLEASE!

  24. Tina Stenervik permalink

    Generally, I do like the new WF. However, I have identified a few problems:

    When sliding tiles from the bar, the dropdown menu with games occurs and the tile is no movable. Also when mowing tiles around on the boatd, they now have a tendency of returning to the bar in an undesired way.

    It happens sometimes that the bord goes black, this has happened à fel times on the iPhone but so far not on the iPad.

    Kind regards,

    PS Please do nothing about the “problem” that the help-apps no longer works (read about this in the blog). It is truely boring to play with people who use those.

    • Jayne permalink

      Obviosly you didnt read why the cheat is used…so dont comment about the cheat till you know the reason…you can obviously read and spell….1000’s cant so using both apps together is a learning tool and they only play together, no random partners, just between themselves to learn and its working so leave well alone…and btw the cheat is now working perfectly

  25. Rene permalink

    I have 16 players not making a single move. Some peolpe do this on purpose to annoy serious players. We need a resign option even it is the opponents turn!

  26. Ruben permalink

    Wordfeud crashed when I try to delete finished games on my new ipad 3.

  27. Jacque permalink

    Baal er stevig van, krijg gespeelde spelletjes niet weggegooid, druk ik op het prullenmandje word ik er helemaal uit gegooid!!!!!

    Wil ik een woordje leggen op het bord kan ik de eerste letters op mijn plankje niet eens aantikken of ik krijg mijn lijst met spelers te zien!!!!

    Wat was er mis met de versie hier voor.???????

    Uit mijn vaste vrienden lijst zijn er al een aantal die om deze reden stoppen
    Het is niet leuk om te spelen met een spel dat werkt en door updates naar de knoppen wordt geholpen.!!!!!!!!

    Dacht altijd dat up dates verbetering brachten!!!! Niet dus !!!!!!

    Dus graag met SPOED terug naar andere versie!!!!!


  28. Jacque permalink

    Baal er stevig van, krijg gespeelde spelletjes niet weggegooid, druk ik op het prullenmandje word ik er helemaal uit gegooid!!!!!

    Wil ik een woordje leggen op het bord kan ik de eerste letters op mijn plankje niet eens aantikken of ik krijg mijn lijst met spelers te zien!!!!

    Wat was er mis met de versie hier voor.???????

    Uit mijn vaste vrienden lijst zijn er al een aantal die om deze reden stoppen
    Het is niet leuk om te spelen met een spel dat werkt en door updates naar de knoppen wordt geholpen.!!!!!!!!

    Dacht altijd dat up dates verbetering brachten!!!! Niet dus !!!!!!

    Dus graag met SPOED terug naar andere versie!!!!!


    • stekkiehier permalink

      Heb precies hetzelfde als Jacques! Is er al een oplossing!

  29. joop2822 permalink

    nodig mij uit en ik kan helpen (:-) met wordfeud oude versie

    invate me with wordfeud i can help

    • Jacque permalink

      Hoop het Joop.
      Heb je uitgenodigd
      Wil graag mijn oude versie weer terug op mijn iPad

      • Cay permalink

        Vreselijk die nieuwe versie…je kunt wel zeggen dat ik eerder een beetje verslaafd was…..deze versie is geschikt om af te kicken….Gespeelde spellen krijg ik maar heel af en toe in de emmer en de vriendenlijst komt steeds in het grote scherm als je een letter wilt verschuiven….Please, ben toch liever een junkie……

    • John Stapel permalink

      als jij mij kan helpen aan versie 1.2.11 ben ik, en met mij mijn familie, je zeer dankbaar!

    • John Stapel permalink


      Als jij mij kan helpen aan de oude versie Wordfeud, heeeeel graag!

  30. Leyla permalink

    Since the last update of wordfeud for iPad it is impossible to get rid of the old games by using the trashbin. You just get kicked out of wordfeud and the games stay in place. Also when playing a game with someone and you tru to shuffle the lettres manually the popup of all the games is appearing and getting in the way. Hope you fix these problems soon, because its very irritating. Because of it i don’t play wordfeud on my iPad anymore instead i use my iPhone where these problems do not occur.

  31. Linda permalink

    Please put the random board feature in the iPad version. I looked all over for it and I don’t see it. If it is there can you tell me where it is,


  32. Henrik permalink


    We nede a Way to logoff!

    The iPad is for the hole family :o)


  33. Rianne permalink

    Not An improvement at all this new thing, you cannot get rid of the finishes sessies.

  34. I also was annoyed that I could not get rid of finishend games. But thedayan be thrown away: just turn your i-pad 45 degrees, and put finishend games into basket. It works!

  35. In ‘t NL: draai je i-pad ‘n kwartslag, ‘t speelbord is dan weliswaar wat kleiner, maar je kunt dan als vanouds gespeelde spelletjes weggooien.

    • stekkiehier permalink

      YES!!! Dank je!

    • Rianne permalink

      Klopt, dank voor tip.
      Ik begrijp nu waarom bord andrs is ingericht: meer en nog vervelender advertenties, tegen betaling eruit te gooien. Rendementsoverwegingen, tuin er niet in!

    • Jacque permalink




  36. The teacher permalink

    Crashes when I try to delete old games!

  37. The teacher permalink

    It crashes when I try to delete my old games

  38. Walter permalink

    It’s crashend when you want to deleted old game’s
    When you hold the iPad in normal postion

  39. Josæffen permalink

    Why is it that the programme closes down when trying to delete finished games? (Ipad User)

  40. Susanne permalink

    I played the old version on iPad and it worked very well for me as it was very clear. The new iPad version is much more … “cluttered out” and nothing is really clear anymore..

    Sorry to say, a change to the worse. Can I get the old one back?

    • How do we get the old version back? My Mom has trouble with her vision, but could see the old version just fine. Now, she can’t use the new app on her iPÁD. This is very sad for her since it was something she loved to do. Please consider vision-impaired people when you make changes! For example, the texting box cannot be expanded while still allowing her to see the game.

  41. Jayne permalink

    Everything works finenow…rack still too small tho

  42. Enormt permalink

    Re. New version for IPad
    Please make letters in rack much bigger like in the old version. Command buttons should also be bigger. It is far too easy to press à button by mistake in the new version.

  43. kevin king permalink

    How can I get wordfeud on my pc please?

  44. karen permalink

    I got a new phone and ipad, I have been trying to log on but it keeps asking for my password. It won’t accept the one I have, and when I push the reset password email button nothing happens, meaning I have yet to get the email to reset. What is going on with that?

  45. Bodil permalink

    The ner version is HORRIBLE. The letters are to small and I WHO Can not ser well can not play anymore. Can i please have the Old version back!!!! Urgently!!!!!!!

    • Finn Erling permalink

      I can’t tell if it is better or worse, but I really think developers should swap location of buttons and statusmessage. Put statusmessage down above the tiles, and the buttons in top away from the tiles. It happens too often – my thick fingers – by mistake hits the buttons, and on wc. resign.
      – and traditionally statusmessages are in the button of the screen.


    • Inger Le Gué permalink

      I agree! The previous version was far better! Is there a way to go back to that version (= undo the update)?

  46. Øivin Fjeldstad permalink

    You have placed the resign button in a ridiculous place. Move it, or everybody with fingers like mine will quit!

    • Okko permalink

      Fully agree! just had a second occasion now: accidental resign. Striking the resign key and confirming it is with the finger at one and the same location, it has really been incorrectly implemented. Resign, Shuffle and Swap are not game “operational” functions, they should be away and inaccessible from ordinary play functions. Also their confirm action should be distinctly “away” from the function invokation.
      I really hope the team will take this up
      Many thanks!

      • Okko permalink

        Reas Swap in lieu of Shuffle in my comment above…

  47. Jayne permalink

    Is wordfeud going to reply…..

  48. Christina permalink

    Why isn’t possible to log off wordfeud – it should be possible, so that more players can play on the same iPad….

  49. Nitsa Kiliari permalink

    I love this game but it has one important fault

    You have placed the resign and pass buttons in a wrong place near the shuffle button

    I press them by mistake often and lose my game. It is frustrating to try to be so careful with your fingers!


  50. Linda permalink

    You need to separate the rack from the board mrs distinctly. You also need the time before a game forfeits much longer. These are mostly working people that play for fun when they get the chance. It’s not fair that the game forfeits because you are late getting back to it!

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