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Wordfeud for iPad is out now!

March 13, 2012

Wordfeud for iOS v2.0 has just been released! New in this version is full iPad support. Of course, it was always possible to play the iPhone version on the iPad. But it didn’t look very good, and it didn’t take full advantage of the larger screen surface and increased resolution of the iPad. This update fixes that, with support for both landscape and portrait mode on the iPad.

If you’ve already installed Wordfeud on your iPad, just do an update from the App Store application to get the latest version.

Bought Wordfeud on your iPhone and installing on your iPad for the first time? You don’t have to repurchase Wordfeud. Just open the settings (tap the cogwheel button), and then tap “Restore Previous Purchase”.




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  1. Jonn Karl Saetre permalink

    Wonderful version!
    But for both versions the play-button should have been isolated/moved to prevent “accidentally” touches when you are trying different combinations.

  2. Elin Katrine permalink

    Skulle gjerne hatt et tobokstavsord som slutter på f, f er den verste bokstaven av alle

  3. Elin Katrine permalink

    Hei, en artig utvidelse hadde vært en side som listet ordene man hadde lagt i aktuelt spill med poengene de ga. Elin Katrine

  4. Claude ter Huurne permalink

    I first downloaded the free version for ipad, then upgraded it to a paid version.
    I cannot see where to select the dictionary language; this does not show in setup or anywhere else.

  5. Vera van looy permalink

    I saw a porno picture as identification name, schould not be allowed!

  6. The latest version makes it very difficult to easily see which language is being played in a game – for those who have multi-language games played at once.

  7. Shanni permalink

    You told me a year ago that u were working on changing the time period to end a game. Do u still not get how frustrating it is to have a player just SIT there for THREE FRICKEN DAYS & not play a single word???? 3 days is just ridiculous. You should be able to resign a game if u want to….whether or not it’s your “turn”. Please fix this!!!

  8. Elin Katrine permalink

    Legger KIKE og får beskjed om at KIT ikke står i ordliste
    Har bilde.

  9. Elin Katrine permalink

    Mære godtas ikke. Jeg mener mærer er innhegningen som oppdrettsfisken svømmer i. Jeg ville saft ei mære mæra flere mærer alle mærene.

  10. Elin Katrine permalink


  11. Elin Katrine permalink

    Dalia blir ikke godtatt, dalia egen blomst.rose godtas jo.

  12. Elin Katrine permalink

    Dalia er en blomst …

  13. Henk niemeijer permalink

    Te veel krom nederlands wordt goedgekeurd.
    Goed nederlandse woorden worden niet herkend.
    Engelse woorden worden vaak wel goegekeurd.

    • Wim Venema permalink

      Wwarom wordt De Grote Van Dale niet als standaard ingevoerd ?

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