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Bugs in latest Wordfeud version

March 27, 2012

The current Wordfeud version has some annoying bugs that affect users playing on the iPad. Tiles can be hard to pick up from the rack, and the game list may appear when a tile is picked up when the iPad is held in the portrait orientation. This is caused by some changes Apple made in iOS 5.1. It also causes Wordfeud to crash if attempting to remove finished games.

There’s also a memory leak that affects users playing on the iPhone. The game board may turn black after playing a while, in which case it’s necessary to restart Wordfeud.

We’ve submitted an update to Apple that fixes these problems, and expect it to be out either late this week or early next week.

The update also includes new high resolution graphics for the new iPad.

Update: Apple really came through on this one and did a very speedy review, so the update is now available in the App Store.

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  1. Henrik Larsen permalink

    Agree! And the Danish dictionary is still not good enough. Some foreign words are allowed. Some abbreviations are allowed – but not other common Danish. Compounded words, which are normal in the Danish language, are not allowed limiting the use of daily based Danish.

    • The Danish dictionary used is Retskrivningsordbogen. Surely, not every Danish word or abbreviation is in it, but it’s the best and most official wordlist around.

      An update of the dictionary is planned for later this year, so if there’s something you want updated in the dictionary, you should go to Dansk Sprognævn, who’s responsible for the dictionary.

  2. J.W. Koppenberg permalink

    Ipad-app crashes continuously when trying to remove finished games . No problem on the IPhone-app.

  3. Mariette Breuls permalink

    Finished games are piling up!! Is there a solution to this problem?

    • Marc permalink

      Not true, try the latest update, problem is solved.

  4. Marc permalink

    Thanks for the update, it’s perfect again. Portrait mode issue is solved, stones can be moved without a disturbing sidebar. Good work!

  5. Thanks for the update!

    ps. Who wanna join my Wordfeud Tournament at

  6. Pelle permalink

    But when will you fix all the annoying problems with the Windows phone version??!? (Random crashes, slow performance compared to all other versions…) These problems have been around for almost two months now. How about focusing on them now????

    • Might be tour Phone. Nokia Lumia 800 works like a charm

  7. Rene de Vreng permalink

    It really would be a great step ahead when it gets possible to resign when it is not your turn to play. Some trolls love to annoy serious players by never making a single move. I have to wait 72 long hours for such games to end automatically and you can only play 30 opponents at a time. More then half of those games are inactive!

  8. Maurits ivangh permalink

    Still not working on THE ipad2

  9. Jacque permalink

    Helemaal weer happy.
    Met andere up date…..
    Oude spellen kunnen in de prullenbak……
    Geen last van linker scherm dat maar tevoorschijn kwam als ik een letter aanraakte.
    Bedankt voor de snelle oplossing

    WELL DONE!!!!!!

    Gr. P

  10. Hilda Fernhout permalink

    After the last update I am not very happy with the screen and the way the game list and the chats are superimposed over the game you are playing!
    And it is also very annoying that it is not possible any longer to play the game in 2 different sizes or pinch to enlarge!
    I have not updated the game yet on my android phone and I would like to know if it is a similar change!

  11. Jens permalink

    I am abbandoning the game….

    In the danish version there is a fundemental lack of common names and there very strange words likr cg etc.

    Wordfeud should be updated with a far better wordbook before i come back.

  12. Max permalink

    Can you please add a thorough german dictionary

  13. Bert permalink

    The resign button is on àn unhandy place.

  14. David permalink

    I like the app but I think one improvement would be to stop the constant reminders when the phone is offline. I often like looking at my turns and choosing which words to play when I am on the underground train heading home from work. I know the phone is offline and don’t need to be reminded of this every 20 seconds or so. One reminder is fair enough, but can you please stop it repeating the reminders? Thanks Dave.

  15. Apocs permalink

    Wordfued crashes constantly on my HTC Mozart WP7. Reinstall etc. do not correct it.
    Bug fixes in the pipeline ??

  16. Cinderella permalink

    There should be a resign option even if it’s not your turn. Some people take FOREVER to make a move.

  17. kva permalink

    I don’t like the new iPad version at all. The iPhone version on the iPad did work much much better! Bigger characters, better and more transparant gameboard, better layout of tap options, better and faster performance and zo on.

  18. Hi

    Could not find a place to give a comment. Please rank players through their track record. Please punish the quiters.

  19. B.madsen permalink

    It could be great, if it was possible to choose user in the IPad version. Just like it is in facebook

  20. Dave in DC permalink

    The buttons below the tile rack are too close to the rack which makes it easy to hit them by mistake. I suggest that you add an option ti move the buttons or the rack to another location, i.e. the side or the top of the screen.

    • Woordlegger 99 permalink

      … Or move the popup to the centre of the board.

  21. Cinderella permalink

    There should be a “block/report player” option. One player “swalome” has a VERY OFFENSIVE picture. (a picture of a penis to be exact. Like an actual penis)

    *im sorry for the language

  22. Johan permalink

    Wordfeud shuts down after about 1 min. Is it My iPad svettning or is it in the wordfeud software. It started arter latest update.

    • Stefan permalink

      Same here version 2.02 is unusable on My new iPad (3). Keeps shutting down, I just reinstalled it and now I can’t even login before it crashes

      • Lelle permalink

        I too have suddenly got these constant crashes. They just came with the latest version.

    • Marie permalink

      I have the same problem with constant shutdown, it’s sooooo enoying… Ipad2

  23. Steff permalink

    Keeps on crashing every thirty second or more all the time with the new iPad. Hope there is an update soon for a resolution to this issue. Very annoying.

  24. Solon permalink

    The new version keeps crashing. Every 30 seconds it crashes.

  25. Skalby permalink

    The new version keeps crashing every 10-60 seconds, which renders it virtually unusable. I see here that I’m not the only one with this fatal error, so please correct asap!!

  26. Ingvar Helander permalink

    Crashing, crashing, crashing!!!

  27. Danny permalink

    I use the Dutch version of WordFeud, I noticed a serious point calculation error. (18 points in stead of 7, mistake in TL letter?) Are there other known calculation mistakes?

  28. Tornet permalink

    The new version is just crashing on my ipad2 after less tan a minute.

  29. Constant crashes on iPad 1 as well.
    Constant=every 30 Sec.

  30. Tord Karlsson permalink

    Wordfeud swedish version didn’t approve the Word “tänkte”. The Word is correct according to the swedish dictionary SAOL.

    • Red permalink

      Tänka är grundformen. Tänkte godkänns således ej enligt SAOL om du spelar strict.

  31. Johan permalink

    For me and my wife it does not crash all the time. Instead, every time a word has been played, and points have been distributed, but before the badge has been updated it crashes. Every time. No problem immediately opening again and looking at the playing boards – and after exiting the badge is updated properly.

    iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

    • Johan permalink

      Actually, now it has started to crash more or less all the time…

  32. Game disppears after fel sekonds!

  33. The new version keeps crashing. Every 30 seconds it crashes.

  34. Javiera permalink

    Yea it’s crashing every 30 seconds…. Sux

  35. Mike permalink


  36. Kaisa permalink

    I play on an iPad, and it still crashes… I have no uppdates availible.

  37. Mr Sock permalink

    After the latest update (2.0.2) it crashes within 30 seconds on my iPad2. It doesn’t matter if I have the iPad in potrait or landscape mode.

    • compass permalink

      Not a single word from the developer on latest, massive crashes – is Wordfeud abandoned?

  38. Diny boer permalink

    I have an ipod touch and it crashes almost every time. They want us to buy the wordfeud fashion when you are bored with the advertisements. Why buy when it is not working properly!! And the dutch dictionairy sucks!!

  39. Leyan permalink

    Great game, but really annoying last update for iOs users. Crashes almost every time it refreshes.

    Plz fix soon!

  40. Fenna permalink

    I have downloaded the update wordfeud premium and now it crashes I wish I hadn’t. Anybody an idea ?

  41. Joe Vitale permalink

    This new version is very depressing for visually handicapped people I am legally blind and was able to play the old version now I can’t any longer. The players list is tiny and in a small margin on the left the chat window is small and brings up a keyboard I can’t read a.nd the actions on the bottom are small

    Apple accessability options don’t work this is very discrimiNatory please help me go back to older version as soon s possible I hate this version oh plus you can’t pinch the screen what’s wrong with you people you are insensitive to visually handicapped individuals

  42. Jens permalink

    Hi, you should move the menu to another position on the screen, or maybe let the user decide where to put it. I have more than once when in a hurry by mistake touched the resign button in a game i was winning 😦
    Regards Jens

  43. JAC permalink

    I want to know hoe to create a blog signature

  44. Ronni Lindkvist permalink

    I would love to see a rating system like chess and a statestik for how much I win / lose and also comparison to my friends and titles that is given and taken back so the title match the rating for the person playing 🙂

  45. Hiltje permalink

    There are 2 tiles on my rack I can’t play at all. The other tiles are laying on top of them. When I have been able to play all tiles, the game isn’t finished because those 2 are still there. What can I do to reset this?

  46. Nina permalink

    A tile with the letter G is permanently stuck to the board.

  47. kixemi permalink

    In Windows Phone 8, lumia 920… when moving tiles and leaving them “between” or a bit aside from targetsquare, it becomes to be hanging/floating above the grid… and when U move it away from there, the app craches when dropping the tile!

  48. Beate permalink

    Ik kan sinds de nieuwste update geen nieuw spel meer starten, zodra ik dat probeer gaat het hele spel weg en moet ik opnieuw opstarten help

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