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Crashes in Wordfeud for iOS v2.0.2

April 5, 2012

The current version of Wordfeud for iPhone/iPad is unfortunately prone to crashing due to a bug in some third party advertising code. We’ve submitted an update to Apple, and expect it to be available in the App Store around Wednesday/Thursday next week.

We’re sorry about all the bugs in the last couple of Wordfeud versions, and we’re really doing everything we can to fix them. We believe that with this update we’ll have a very stable version Wordfeud.

Note: it is possible to get around the problem by upgrading to the premium version of Wordfeud, as it removes all advertising.

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  1. Nathan permalink

    The dictionary on wordfeud is way to small some everyday english words i use arent even in the so called dictionary

    • MrZoolook permalink

      Such as? My understanding is that you choose the dictionary you want to play with. The only time I came accross words not being accepted was when I forgot to use SOWPODS for validation, and was using TWL instead.

      American dictionaries are a well known source for problems with overseas players of these games. For one thing, they disallow ‘offensive’ words which are perfectly valid. The ISC don’t use them for this reason, only the American branch uses it, and only in games in America.

      Just ensure you are using the international dictionary and give examples for words that are not accepted.

      • Please add the words lexan, emu, and emo.

  2. Diny boer permalink

    Why buy the premium?? I heard a lot of people and the premium does not work also!!
    I use the dutch dictionairy and it is real bad!!
    Not existing words are accepted and words we normally use are not accepted!! Wordfeuddevelopers!!! Buy a good dutch one or leave a adress so WE can help you out by mailing the wrong and the good words so you can delete and add!!

  3. chrkad permalink

    Wordfeud on ios can’t handle “special” characters in password, for example € (euro-sign; decimal 8364 or hex 20ac), so the app is totally useless on ios.

    Of course the Android version hasn’t got this problem.

    • Doc permalink

      I really have a need to use special characters …. NOT!

      • chrkad permalink

        Guess you don’t know the meaning of a safe password. Hint: It’s not “password”.

      • MrZoolook permalink

        Guess you don’t get the meaning of a good operating system… Hint, its not ios.

  4. Ouou permalink

    Nice trick withhaving the ads crash the app. I hope you’ll report back to us how many fell for that and bought the premium.

  5. Mike permalink

    Upgrade to premium? Excellent way to fix bugs in WF!! Just add some buggy code in the ads and tell the users to upgrade to premium…. Dont bitchslap the users of WF….

  6. sberg36 permalink

    I have WF premium om my Ipad 2. Nevertheless it crashes.

  7. Hyuyu permalink

    The only decent thing to do is to disable the ads until the fix is out. We know you can do it.

  8. Jonas permalink

    Wednesday :0?! I’m flipping out here!

  9. Cola boy permalink

    Fix bug by upgrading to paid version – worst sales pitch ever. Not even software giants will suggest something so low. Just give away the paid version until the bug has been fixed.

  10. Peter permalink

    April 9. Suddenly the playbutton diappeared.
    Wordfeud does not accept dutch words which had been accepted 2 hours earlier.
    The word list is very very incomplete. Dutch words that does not exist are accepted, common words are rejected.
    After the clash I had to resign 12 nearly completed games…

    Their advise: buy the game!!!

    ????????? Peter (journalist)

  11. Sander Brouwer permalink

    Is there any way to get the old WordFeud version back? My grandparents don’t like the new version at all:S

  12. Kathy permalink

    I have upgraded and it still crashes. The worst advice ever! So what have I payed my money for then?

  13. Please update the Dutch dictionary.

  14. sberg36 permalink

    Wordfeud 2.0.3 often crashes when you keep it in a folder on Ipad.

  15. Johan permalink

    Still problems with 2.0.3. Bought premium, but still recieves wordfeud ads….

  16. KrKr permalink

    Oh my. Where to begin… Since this is such a big hit all over the world, I suppose the revenues would allow you to hire a decent programmer. And I think it was a bad call to mention the problems with the free version ad thingy.

    Anyway, I think both the English and the Dutch dictionaries could use a serious upgrade. Until that happens I will not click on the ads nor will I buy the paid version of this game.

    I *do* enjoy playing this game, but missed out on a few good words in various games. E.g. qua is a normal Dutch word and cannot be used…

    • KrKr permalink

      I mean a bad call to mention your ‘solution’ to the problems of the third party ad thingy.

  17. Christian permalink

    I ran into another bug in the game, where I have lost a letter…
    There are still 41 tiles left in the game, but I only have 6 letters to play.
    This happend during playing and layed down some letters at the same time someone else layed down his…
    I have a screenshot of this bug if anyone is interested…

    Ps. Try to get the dutch dictionary in order please.

  18. Fred van Zwieten permalink

    I have no issues at all on the new ipad. Works like a charm. Dutch dictionary could use some work.

    I do have a feature request: I would like to see a “test” button, to test your move against the dictionary before actually making the move.

    • Jonas permalink

      No no no, that would be like cheating! The point is that you should know the words!!? A ranking system would be lovely if you ask me!

  19. I cannot get any games to play without people resigning. Is it a bug? Have an Itouch works great on android but 3resignatons regardless who’s turn it is? Weird

    • I Don’t think that is a bug, Sometimes people resign, don’t feel bad about that. Try to find some friends or famaly that want to play with you (for the long run)

      • MrZoolook permalink

        Strange… Just had 4 people resign on me on their first move… Is there some kind of limit on how many games are open synagogue time maybe. I had 11 games on at the time, not including the 4 who gave up.

  20. Wendy permalink

    Does the purchase of premium solve all bugs? I don’t want to buy premium if it does not.

  21. Lisa permalink

    Is anyone else having trouble deleting games? Once I resign, and then hit my app killer, then go back into WF, those games that ended are back at the bottom again. Any help/solutions/people with the same problem?

  22. Everhard permalink

    Is it possible to move the button ‘ resign’ elswhere in the game? Perhaps on top next to the name of the player? I hit several times , while playing , by accident this button .
    I know it sounds stupid…… I heard that other players had the same ‘technique’……

  23. Jose kummel permalink

    The resgn button is too close to the letters. it happened twice that I hit that resign button, to go fot the triple value, and lost the game !
    Why not put that button on top ????

  24. Angry mum permalink

    The user 808Guy has a picture of a penis…

  25. artessa permalink

    Why dont it keep score of ur wins and losses?

  26. Simone permalink

    Why won’t the iPad and iPhone games sync? I Would like to be able to Continue my games on my iPhone when i don’t have my iPad ready, and continue playing on the iPad when i get home again..

  27. Alexander Kilian permalink

    Hi, would be nice with a log out function to allow several players to share a ipad (or am I just not able to find that functionality)? maybe even kerp all logins (without password of course). Look at the Facebook iPad version as an example.


  28. Evylov permalink

    I got an windows phone. Nokia lumia 800. The game tends to ‘hang’ for a while sometimes. And I even experienced to loose a tile while this happened. The game ‘hang’ I could not get any connection with it. The letter as I was placing were hanging above the board. As nothing happened I was forced to exit the game and reload it again. Then I noticed that the ‘v’ tile was gone missing. I only got 6 tiles, none was played in this round, it still was my turn, and there is 80 tiles left in the pit. Where have my tile gone???? I have taken a photo of this mystery if anyone want to see and try to explain…

  29. Samswy permalink

    I hope you can update your English International Dictionary with the latest words.
    The latest dictionary is called CSW12. That is Collins Scrabble Words 2012.
    So words like QIN or DIVO could be played.

    It would also be nice if the Pass, Swap or Resign buttons are pressed, players are given an option to Confirm such decisions to prevent mistakes from happening.

  30. Dosmetros permalink

    In a game, finished prematurely today, the calculation of points achieved by the “winner” was totally wrong. With one letter placed on a triple letter square between two already existing words, the game calculated not just the triple letter but also the already exising words.
    Unfortunately this kind of errors take the fun out of the game!
    Another improvement of the game would be to move the play button away from clear and shuffle to avoid silly mishaps by pressing play by mistake.
    Is it possible to include a “test” button, i.e. to enable a test of a suggested word before actually plaing it?
    Thanks for an otherwise fun game.

  31. Garantsenor permalink

    after the last update I can no longer invite a wordfeut friend

    • CatrienBO2 permalink

      Same with me. If I invite someone ut logs itself off, and if I sign in again the invitation isn’t there!! Can thus be fixed. It happened after I upgraded to premium (I think, as I cannot find anywhere whether that was succesful.

  32. cattmacky permalink

    Apparently had a crash while I was out of town and wifi-less for a few days. How is it fixed how long does it last? Lost all my games and was on a winnig streak! Help!

  33. I. kooning permalink

    We are lost in the Denish system. Cannot go back to the dutch game.

  34. Paid WF. Cannot see or play my complete list of players. First 2 players too far up.

  35. Faye McKinna permalink

    After the last update I cannot ask for a new game it closes the program

    • Andrewsnead permalink

      That’s happing to me too! It’s bullshit I like playing multiple games and not I can only play 3.. This is bullshit how do u fix it?

  36. Jonas permalink

    My gamle hang up. Every dag and it ask arter My card number and cv code.
    Is this gamle false?

  37. dianna ( ddgranty) permalink

    Conection error messages

  38. Faye McKinna permalink

    Still can’t ask for new games it sucks I have paid for the game

  39. Ole permalink

    I must say you have ruined the game with the latest Update – where you can see the points When you place your tiles on the board!!!! It takes the fun, sport and exitement out of the game – please undo it
    I Think I speak for the most of us dedicatet players

    • Andrew permalink

      I think you are wrong. I personally love the fact it tells you the point it saves u all the adding in ur head. It’s not like it tells you where the better word is or even if It’s spelled correctly.. In my opion it’s great for beginners and people like myself who have been playing a year or more

    • Feya1 permalink

      You are wrong, i like it.

  40. john permalink

    Where are the updates for wp7.8.
    its a shame!!!!;

  41. Rohnny permalink

    The update are very slow on the latest upgrade.
    Iphone 5 and ipad 3 along with android version also hang, i would prefer the previous version it actually did work like a charm .

  42. starr permalink

    Need to update the game for the new windows phone. When I play it does not tell me what word is not in the dictionary.

  43. Patricia permalink

    You should do rated game.

  44. Wilma Miranda permalink

    I have the game wordfued and it has been frozen for about 3 days now. It just says loading and its been saying that. Please help.

  45. I cannot send new invites to my friends if THE game is over how can i fix that?

  46. Alan permalink

    Why when i resign a game my stats drop,even when no letters on the board,i dont wanna look at some guys cock

  47. Kesla permalink

    Wordfeud crashes a lot in ios7 on the ipad

  48. Meg permalink

    Always crashes either the Hyundai ad

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