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New Wordfeud updates for Android and iOS

November 26, 2012

We’ve just released updates for both the Android and iOS version of Wordfeud.

The biggest change is that Wordfeud now integrates with Facebook. You can invite your Facebook friends to play a round of Wordfeud, and you can share your victories on your wall. This is entirely optional of course, and Wordfeud will never post behind your back like some other apps do.

The Android version of Wordfeud has some other nice improvements:

  • We added beautiful animations when shuffling or clearing tiles, and when scrolling or zooming the board.
  • You can now pinch to zoom.
  • We added high resolution graphics, so Wordfeud now looks much nicer on high resolution displays.
  • We redesigned the “New game” screen.

The iOS version adds support for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

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  1. Brian Keith permalink

    Nice app

  2. Brian Keith permalink

    Good game!

  3. I would like to be able to manage my contactlist…. Will that be possible in the future?

  4. Nayo permalink

    Since the new update I am unable to see the Facebook icon. It id blocked by advertisement at the bottom of the screen. How can I fix this?

  5. *MIEKE* permalink

    Ik word geruime tijd gestalkd door roanpepper2. Kan deze persoon geblogt worden?

  6. da#1poet permalink

    I made 246 off of a one word play will there be a way to keep up with the highest one word play and highest points in a game

  7. heather cockayne permalink

    I can only play 8 people at one time since the change over.

  8. Quentin Lenz permalink

    please please bring back the smiley faces in newer updates in the chat function

  9. Inge permalink

    I once bought the app, but after a number of problems and reinstalling the app, i have now a lot of ads. What is left over of the slogan ” if u pay, you’ll have no ads”?

    • Jesper permalink

      Did you install the right app?

      There is a buyware and an adware version. Did you specifically install the buyware version. I bet that you didn’t… 🙂

  10. permalink

    Please make it possible to play Wordfeud on Facebook.

  11. sarah permalink

    What does “pinch to zoom” mean? Think i’ve done it by mistake andnow can’t see the whole game on one screen! Anyone know how to change it back??

    • Jesper permalink

      Take two fingers and place them onto the screen of your device. Move them together and you zoom out. Move them apart and you zoom in.

      The function works on websites too.

  12. sarah permalink

    No joy! Don’t know what i’ve done but it only affects Wordfeud!
    Thanks for trying though, i’m on a tablet, in case that makes a difference. S

    • Howard permalink


  13. sarah permalink

    And Android

  14. Burt permalink

    With this update you are forcing the users to purchase te app.
    Limitations on inviting people and simultaneous games is not the manner.
    Eventually users will be annoyed and discouraged to play the game.

  15. Kimotep permalink

    IS there any news on when there will be a history of played games, so it is possible to keep tabs on word feuds with specific friends? this is IMHO the most needed feature in the game at the moment!

    Otherwise, great game.

  16. Nice for iPhone 5 users. Certainly a nice update!

  17. Paul permalink

    “If a player uses all seven tiles he is awarded an additional 40 points.”
    Does not work in Dutch game

    • Hilda Fernhout permalink

      It does work for me in Dutch Game… Right from the beginning…

  18. How to unlink with Facebook once you have linked Wordfeud?

  19. manon permalink

    I have a Samsung galaxy s2 and when i use wordfeud by 3gi always get login failed help please

  20. Thomas permalink

    Jeg bruker Wordfeud på Windows Phone 8. Opplever at appen er noe ustabil. Crasher tilbake til startskjerm uten feilmelding. Når jeg skal plassere ut en bokstav henger den seg av og til på brettet( den faller altså ikke naturlig ned på det feltet jeg plasserer den). Håper det er en oppdatering på gang?

  21. Geert permalink

    Some plain Dutch words will be not accepted by Wordfeud,
    Some silly words will be accepted by surprise….

  22. Stephen permalink

    Since I updated I can’t find players and send games it just crashes.

  23. Add me sweetshy23

  24. The new animations are terribly disconcerting. Now every time I set a tile down I have to wait a good fraction of a second while it plays the slow animation. I am a heavy user of wordfeud and this just sucks. I had to uninstall from the market and copy an older version from my other phone that works smoothly in realtime. If you add such bloat to the UI you really should make it optional via a toggle in the settings.

  25. the update does allow to play with one person at the same time, why ?

  26. i like the new features that have recently been added but why cant i resign a game at anytime, im tired of getting pervs and wierd people who hold the game up on thier move and i have to wait 72hrs to get rid! why cant both players have the option to resign a game?

    • Ankhbeetle permalink

      Ditto to that comment. Dirty disgusting who think its a chat room. Let us choose to resign or at least report or block them. Foul behaviour on their part.

  27. P.C. Pols permalink

    Dear Madam, Sir,

    For a next update of Wordfeud we would like to make the following suggestions for some small adjustments:

    a) Position your letter(s) on the grid to form your word(s).
    Tap ‘Play’ and then you get to see the value of the word(s) and two buttons: ‘OK’ and ‘Not OK’.
    Now you can choose to try again (tap ‘Not OK), or make your word(s) definite (tap ‘OK’).

    b) The ‘Play’ button would be better placed somewhere else on the board, and maybe could get
    a different shape and colour (green?). This also goes for the ‘Resign’ button.
    The adjustment of these buttons should prevent random (and frustrating) mistakes and enhance the fun of the game.

    We – hopefully rightly – suppose these adjustments won’t pose a great technical problem.

    The changes in the latest update have already increased our pleasure in playing Wordfeud, especially
    the notification of incorrect words.

    Awaiting your reply in anticipation,
    Jan Elbers and Piet Pols

  28. kory Steele permalink

    Good app

  29. Hilda Fernhout permalink

    Since the last update yesterday the list of my friends crashes every time I click on one…they said it would fix that bug which I did not have but now I have it…

  30. Hilda Fernhout permalink

    I had a reaction from Wordfeud Support…

    They said I would have to upgrade my Ipad in my computer to fix this bug they claim to have fixed but I did not have that bug to begin with…

    To me that is unacceptable…

    First of all I don’t have a computer… I use a 3G model….for that self same reason…

    And they created this problem so I think they should fix it !
    For instance by enabling me to go back to the version I had before.
    I imagine that can not be too difficult and I told them so.

    I am wondering how many more people are having the same problem since the latest update?

  31. Nette permalink

    Any new up dates for nexuim 7 ipad

  32. When will we be able to block players?

  33. After installing the last update, problems with adding wordfeud friends. Please help.

  34. Re my post earlier, it relates for use on Ipad!

  35. mat moxey permalink

    hi great game i play the free version but have recently started getting some inappropiate adverts after each go my son is learning how to play he is only five but likes to try and work words out these adverts of female chat line callers are completely inappropiate please do not allow them many thanks

    • Marsha permalink

      It is now impossible to invite friends or get invited through IOS ( Ipad-Iphone-Ipad) :(. Please check and respond.
      Met vriendelijke groet/with kind regards, Marsha de Paauw-van der Linden van Sprankhuizen

  36. Renie permalink

    I have the same problem as crimson

  37. Feri permalink

    Sence the last uppdate, i’m not abale to add new player or use the randomise searching function. Please help me!

  38. Ed Rijnders permalink

    Something went wrong . Cannot invite an opponent … Neither automatically nor from my wordfeudfriends list. Can someone help to solve the problem ?

  39. Hilda Fernhout permalink

    Something horrible happened today…I updated on my android phone and though I read what the update was about ( some graphic changes ).

    I now have horrible colors and a contrast that is way too sharp!!!They could have been a little more explicit on this I think….

    I am not very happy about this…the nice turquoise and dark red have been replaced by a kind of purple and burgundy…they really hurt my eyes!!!

    Is there anybody who agrees with me on this?
    Maybe we can start a petition or something then…

  40. Marianne Radstaak permalink

    I’ve just updated, but the top of the list of players still disappears.
    Can you please fix that again?
    Thank you!

    • Jacqueline permalink

      Ik heb dit probleem ook op mijn ipad na de laatste update.Wat kan ik er aan doen

  41. Jannie permalink

    Having troutbeck seeing all games in the game list. The top one you carnot reach sometimes

  42. Metha Nyberg permalink

    A strange thing happened again yesterday. I sent a word to my husband but it never poped up on his screen (I-pad) and the game was blocked. When pressing the arrow in the top frame he got the suggestion to publish on Facebook that “HE just played “my word” with MY score”. End of game! Has this happened to anyone else? We also think that it is too easy to touch resign-button by misstake. It is too close to the last letter.

  43. Game will not let me take turn only gives me pass shuffle or swap

  44. Wim permalink

    Good day,

    Where or how can I make suggestions for words that are rejected but are valid Dutch words according to the Dutch dictionary.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards, Wim

  45. Katie Lake permalink

    This is a strange bug that only comes up against a particular player. My played word is not pushing to the other player. My screen shows ” You played (word) for 21 points” and yet thier screen shows that he is waiting for me to play. This is the second time now snd the only resolve is to wait 72 hours and resign. What would be causing this?

  46. AvdHF64 permalink

    Why doesn’t Wordfeud update it self?

  47. Hilda Fernhout permalink

    You have to activate that option in the app…I deactivated it so I can update when I can use wifi and do not use extra data …

  48. BrendaFaye permalink

    Resigning a player is not a good will policy. I am playing the free version and by no means would consider purchasing the product to get booted off so easily.

  49. Cant get back on wordfeud

  50. Jack permalink

    I Trudy to install Wordfeud dutch version.
    There is something to reset the Password nut I always get THE remark that THE Password is not correct. Please help.
    Thans à lot.

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