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Wordfeud update

December 11, 2012

We’ve just released new updates for Android and iOS. We’ve fixed a few bugs, and added a couple of nice features. For instance, Wordfeud will now tell you which words were not accepted if you try to play one or more invalid words.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 11, 2012 12.32.57

Other changes in these updates are as follows:

Wordfeud for Android v2.1:

  • Can now use camera to set profile picture. Note that we had to add the “read external storage” permission for this feature.
  • Show warning if passing the round will cause game to end.
  • Bugfix: avoid showing multiple connection error dialogs on top of one another.

Wordfeud for iOS v2.3:

  • Show warning if passing the round will cause game to end.
  • Redesigned the “new game” flow to reduce clutter.
  • (iPad) Made the tile a bit larger when picked up and dragged around the screen.
  • (iPad) Made it a bit more difficult to accidentally resign the game.
  • Fixed a bug made it impossible to invite people from the contact list.
  • Fixed a launch timeout affecting some users.
  • Fixed a crash when navigating away from the “Invite Facebook Friend” screen.
  • Optimizations for smoother scrolling in the friend list.


  1. Frank permalink

    Any update on the Windows Phone version?

    • David permalink

      I also want to know this. The app must be several years old and does not work correctly for Windows phone 10, maybe not on Windows phone 8 either. There is bugs and missing features.

  2. Hello there, You’ve done an excellent job. I will certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends.

    I am confident they will be benefited from this site.

  3. Catherine Axtell permalink

    Since when is Friday not a word?

  4. Ellen permalink

    How can I add net wordt to the dictionary

  5. Philomena King permalink

    My WordFued can’t connect..I show connection error. I’m connected to wi-fi and 4g…What is the problem..?

  6. Kurre permalink

    I can’t connect to My games

  7. Joyce permalink

    After latest update not possible to start game! After clicking on “my turn ”
    iT disapears!!! This is on my iPhone 4.
    Please repair this of you can😟

  8. Judith permalink

    Sinds 30 september reageert WF niet. Het is niet mogelijk om WF on line te krijgen. Finished game kan wel worden geopend. Meerdere mensen hebben aangegeven ook dit probleem te hebben. Weet u wat de oorzaak is? Rn is het op te lossen?

    Bij voorbaat dank voor uw reactie

    • John v d velden permalink

      Eraf gooien en opnieuw installeren..t werkt gewoon hoor..groet john

  9. r66eemlie permalink

    The WF chat program is Nice but doesn’t work very Good…. De send button is not ok, often it is more like an erase button !!! The red Numbers of the chats stays In the list. You have to clic to remove them…very anoying….
    Please make it Good working ! Thanks.
    An up to,date dutch dictionnary would be top !

  10. Eu tenho lido aprender alguns bom coisas aqui. Definitivamente Preço bookmarking para revisitar.
    I surpresa como muito tentativa você coloca para criar este tipo de excelente informativa local.

    • eemlie permalink

      Het chatprogramma werkt niet naar behoren bij het beantwoorden van een andere chat. De tekst verschijnt niet onder de vraag en verdwijnt…. wanneer je hem een tweede keer typt, en enter : staat hij er twee keer in… redelijk stupid…
      Wordfeud Helper Nederlands : aanpassen aan het spel aub…. veel woorden worden niet aangenomen… zelfs nederlandse … daar waar ze dan wél engelstalige woorden toelaten, zoals gisteren headhunter…..???? in een nederlandse WF…??? ook redelijk stupid…..

      • John permalink

        Wat voor telefoon heb je ? Samsung doet t gewoon

      • r66eemlie permalink

        Ik gebruik de IPad !
        Het is.nog steeds niet opgelost en die Nederlandse woordenlijsten zijn abominabel…..

      • klaas permalink

        Headhunter staat in de Van Dale.
        Maar eens verder met je opmerking over gebrekkige woordenlijsten.
        Het is een gratis programma hè.

  11. Kees permalink

    Ais it an idea to make a version of wordfeud where you can make words realing from left to right and right to left. And also fron top to bottem but also from the bottem to the top?

  12. Where can I update words missing in the dictionary and should be allowed for sure?

  13. Dunc permalink

    Would love to see group game ability/facility… anything like this on the horizon?

  14. maria permalink

    Ik kan niet uitloggen en met een andere naam weer inloggen

  15. Pilotsep permalink

    Mijn hoogste woordwaarde wordt in de statistieken niet bijgewerkt.

  16. klaas permalink

    Inviting facebook friends from within wordfeud does not seem to function.

  17. Elisabed permalink

    Please …
    1) can you fix that the tiles on the planchet stay fixed ?! during logging out/in.
    and 2) while waiting my turn I place tiles / make words on the board while waiting… I like them to stay there if the places are not needed by opponent.
    E.g…. Like in the game Board Rush…

    Thank you for fixing…

  18. Ingeborg Støen permalink

    How about rework the norwegian dictionary? Why aint short-words updated? Like Nr. KR. dr (number, kroner, doctor) None of the norwegian common short-words are accepted. On the other hand, a LOT of non-existing words are aproved.

  19. I,wouldlike play the game

  20. I cant Chance ny user name

  21. Tone Grina permalink

    Hvordan kan jeg få orden på dette? det er en feil på serveren i wodfeud, den boxen kommer opp hver gang jeg blir invitert av andre til spill.

  22. James permalink

    My reply has nothing to do with this comment, however I cannot see any way of contacting word feud directly so have had to piggyback on this train of replies.


    I play “Words with Friends” and when you enter a word it puts a little symbol up notifying whether the word is valid or not. Can word feud do this? It will save trying to send word to find it rejected. Additionally it is good to “mess around” with letters to determining the best word to send. The set up of word feud does not allow this, while Words with Friends does. Please change way you do this. At this moment Words with Friends is a more enjoyable way to play.

    Yours hopefully

  23. Sue permalink

    My game is showing a caution error and I don’t know what that means. It says I haven’t used the application in 90 days. I play it a couple times a day. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall it, but to no avail…. Hello me

  24. Sylvia permalink

    Giving an error, people cant play !

  25. Why can’t you resign when its not your turn? Easy to add, please do so!

    • Janet Connor permalink

      You can resign when its not yr turn by clicking on the three dots at the top right hand corner of screen

  26. Janet Connor permalink

    Very disappointed at initials being accepted as whole concept of the game is there is a meaning to the word..No ability for words to extend your dictionary

  27. Bryant comball permalink

    I love to play with Word feud friends

  28. Caroline permalink

    I can’t get my profile pic to stay. I can upload it but it disappears

  29. Mark121968 permalink

    Profiel foto wordt niet gepubliceerd na upload. Ondanks herhaalde pogingen ( inclusief verwijderen en opnieuw geïnstalleerd)

  30. Beachluver permalink

    There is an alarm going off while using something on my phone. is it wordfeud?

  31. Lattia permalink

    Would like to find a player from my old list Do you have that available.

  32. Marie Clarke permalink

    Wish it forfeited wrong words like real scrabble.

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