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Wordfeud update » iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 11, 2012 12.32.57

December 11, 2012

  1. Fabioalessandra

  2. roz neville permalink

    Winning game 325 to 256 i lose??????? never resigned i have waited days 4 replys makes no sence

  3. BEA SOUER permalink

    Ik ben benieuwd hoe dit gaat.
    Gr bea.

  4. starr permalink

    Nice game, love the dark background it is much easier on the eyes.

  5. Rob van buuren permalink

    Ik heb een betaalde versie van woesters maar krijg toch reclame

  6. Robin Zuege permalink

    why are saxon and zen not in your dictionary???

  7. I love playing

  8. Cl Pt permalink

    It would be a nice feature if it was possible to see how many points a word will give before you play the word. It could be done with a button called ‘CHECK WORD’.

  9. Marianne wiehe kaa permalink

    Hvad er det for en ordbog i bruger, det er ikke den danske, da der er så mange af vores ord og forkortelser der ikke kan bruges

    • grebsnot permalink

      Giver MarianneWiehe ret. Og hvorfor kan stednavne ikke bruges (byer mv)

  10. paulus permalink

    Why isn’t FAQ and IQ not valid

  11. Renée A. Middleton permalink

    ee is a word!!!! FIX it!!!

  12. angelique phyl permalink


  13. Ton Schipper permalink

    wat voor vreemd Nederlands woordenboek wordt er gebruikt. Vaak worden ‘ normale’ Nederlandse woorden afgewezen die toch in de Dikke Van Dale staan.

    • Verhaest permalink

      Idd. Het word geep bestaat, geepje ook, maar geepjes, hetgeen een simpel meervoud is niet!!

  14. Wordfeud is een vet leuk en verslavend spel!!!!!! I love it!!!😍

  15. Fiina permalink

    In last few days the screen has mysteriously reduced so you can’t click on the top game to play! Very annoying.

  16. After my opponent played, the words have all disappeared from the board – is there any way of retrieving them?

  17. Connie Mooney permalink

    The game is not letting me take my turn. Only option is to pass or resign

  18. Adrie van de Kamp permalink

    Waarom staan de woorden: teek keep meet mede niet in uw dictionaire ?

  19. sharpebux permalink

    Great site you will enjoy

  20. Anthony permalink

    Sure good game to scratch your head .

  21. Marion permalink

    Ik vind het de upgrade versie van vandaag (25-01-13) geen bal aan met de puntentelling in het bord. Alle spanning hebben ze er mee weggehaald. Geen bal meer aan zo

  22. Ms.mamabella permalink

    I wish I had never updated. The adding up as you go along is most annoying and interfering with your trying to make up a word. Also more fun doing the adding up yourself, and helpful for the brain not to have everything done for you. Also the new colours are not pleaing to the eye, which makes the board confusing to look at. – It WAS my favourite game. Damn!!!!!

  23. Janet permalink

    After my friend and I installed the new version (janetwf – Johanna.13) we have two games that she can not play. So I am waiting for her and she does not know that I have played already.

    Update from 25 january

    Hartelijke groet Janet

  24. jet lunenberg permalink

    Waar kan ik vinden de update van 25 1 2013?

  25. Technomum permalink

    Frequent problems in accessing uppermost game (your turn) . It’s as if the panel slips upwards and ot of reach. Please fix this bug, otherwise WF is a really fun game!

  26. Celine permalink

    Surprise surprise!

  27. Waar Staan de blanco blokjes voor. Zijn dat jokers of zo iets ? Dan heb je halverwege het spel b.v. 5 letters en 2blanco blokjes. Watdoe je daar dan mee ?

  28. shawgirl32 permalink

    Hey u all. Love to hear from someone bout sometin interesting r even gor a chat.

  29. Kitty permalink

    Accessing top game impossible. (My turn to play).
    Please fix this.

  30. Winsome permalink

    I notice that some words are accepted when other people spell the same word it is invalid.

  31. Peter permalink

    Ik vind het een leuk spel en je kan het over de hele wereld spelen

  32. henk bos permalink


  33. kathryn permalink


  34. Mette Sørensen permalink

    Why can’t I resign a player, When it’s his turn?

  35. My two games have disappeared from the board and it looks as if the game is frozen, can’t get my games back and cannot start new ones

  36. Najee permalink

    The best game ever

  37. Alice Steenhuis permalink

    Er zit een fout in het spel: bij gebruik van de blanco blokjes kan ik geen letter selecteren, ze blijven blanco

  38. Stephanie DeJardo permalink

    How do I report an abuse of chat? Some random player sent very graphic chats.

  39. Accidently I touched my I-pad and now I have a frozen screen, and no icons from games from players on upper left side of the screen, nor the icons from names etc. on the right side. What can I do?

  40. Love this game, great for the brain matter.

  41. Jeannette permalink

    I don’t like al the dirty pictures of cocks. Can you do something about that.
    And there are many not excisting words in Dutch, why aro they permitted?

  42. I don’t like The Dutch dictionairy used for Wordfeut

  43. juanita permalink

    Wie doet er mee

  44. Voeg mij toe ps. Super spel

  45. Voeg me toe

  46. Voeg me toe ik heet daan2002

  47. Incorrect adding up.Very annoying.

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