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Wordfeud update » iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 11, 2012 12.32.57

December 11, 2012

  1. Andy S. permalink

    I want to report a guy who is putting pictures of his penis… My daughter play wordfeud with my phone. Please help

    he is using Sub Zero* as nickname

  2. royce permalink

    How do i download this update?

  3. slim permalink

    Stop tripn bout the cock shots. It’s nt tht serious.

  4. rosa permalink

    Thee game disappears after 4 or 5 moves. I have to exit my smartphone and activate it again in order to Continue the game.
    Why is that?

  5. Dick zeeman permalink

    Aftoeren is a normal Dutch word, but is not accepted. Plse adjust your dictionaire.

  6. Karin snijers permalink

    I am playing with someone and she can change the letters when she wants to, why is that not possible for me?

    • Irenig. permalink

      When there juist a feb letters leeft, you can’t swapp. Try it when you juist startend a game.

  7. Good word game..lots of cheaters

  8. Dag lijs Hannah

  9. bente permalink

    I have now changed to windows phone from android. With this one it does not show how many points i will get if i try different combinations of tiles. Then its not fun at all when all i do is random. Is there something i have missed.or isn’t it possible?

    • Irenig. permalink

      I ‘ve got a Windows phone too, First a lumia 800 and now a lumia 930. You ‘re right. No points showed. First it din t show which word was wrong too ( lumia 800) This has been changed now on my new phone. There have never been updates. It was almost a reason for me not to buy again a windows phone since all my opponents got android or iOS. Now I prefer to play word feud on my iPad because with stupid thing one has really a disadvantage. I have send mail to bertheusen , the developer of word feud Answer was that it had no priority. So the only thing is : become somebody who is good in counting 😜

  10. Annemiek de GROOT permalink

    Please adjust “so” its like do, re, mi, fa, so la ti, do and should be accepted

  11. I can’t change from the german language to the Dutch language; what to do??
    Frans H.

    • Irenig. permalink

      When you start a new game with someone you must chose which dictionary you are going to use . The upper line in the invitation screen.

  12. Tineke1948 permalink

    Ik kan niet inloggen op wordfeud

  13. Storsmeden permalink

    The rematch button when your game is over dont work

  14. Joseph Hawkins permalink

    How can I download the updates

  15. Joseph Hawkins permalink

    Need information on how I can get updates

  16. Corry Bohncke Corry permalink

    Heel veel woorden worden zonder N geaccepteerd wat onjuist is en veel normale nederlandse woorden worden niet geaccepteerd.

  17. Giseglez permalink

    Sécate, (secate) imperativo del verbo secar no es acceptado, por favor incorporen a su vocabulario!!

  18. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand.

    It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the
    hang of it!

  19. Why can l not see prospective scores when trying out words. I had this with my android phone, why not with windows phone?

  20. Hjvl permalink

    The dutch dictionary you use is incorrect. To much mispelled words are accepted and the regular and common dutch words are not recognized. Especially words who should ends on a N are accepted without it.

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  22. Joke reuwer-verheij permalink

    Wanneer ik mijn letters wil terug geven kan ik dit maar met 6 letters

  23. Sandy permalink

    I can never see properly what the additional points are when you win or lose a game. Then what is the use of the points/statistics

  24. Jørn Kristian Mathisen permalink

    D gjør jubileum l

  25. Jørn Kristian Mathisen permalink

    H diskusjon

    • Jørn Kristian Mathisen permalink


  26. Irenig. permalink

    Why not all this for Windows phones!!
    All users are frustrated!!
    You answered there were not enough users. I had a paid version on my Nokia Lumia 800 but didn’t get what others got.
    Now I have a new windows phone Lumia 930 and have to pay again to get rid of adds but again don’t get the features other have.
    Try to do your best now windows 10 phones are coming!

  27. rvh permalink

    I had (and paid for) Wordfeud on Android and on IOS.
    Recently I bought an Windows phone and I thougt the paid game would be the same.

    But it’s not at all!! It does not give the score if you try a word

    I want my money back!!

    • Irenig. permalink

      I was wrong, I got my paid version bought on my lumia 800 on my new Windows phone lumia 930! First I couldn’t find it. And this time even with somthing extra! It tells which word is wrong. But stil not the points. On my laptop I have to pay again athough it is a windows computer and the same App Store. Also on my iPad I had to pay again, but happy with more features. Although these kind of things frustraties me a lot I have chosen again for a Windows phone and don’t regret it. Now waiting fot Bertheussen to repair these differences. They told me it had no priority!!

  28. JackLeibert permalink

    I haven’t been able to get on my game boards for days. I open up word feud and it tries to update and then it just shuts off. What on earth is going on?

  29. Tina permalink

    Every time I go to wordfeud to try to play it says “login failed try later”

  30. Bo Barfod. permalink

    Have you considered to write the name of the winner won instead of you lost to to looser….

  31. I really like Woodfield it’s a challenging game, need more player’s.:-) 🙂

  32. How do I delete friends from wordfeud? Please.

  33. My opponent just got 75 points for the word BOSTON. It leaves me with a bad feeling of unfair play. It is really annoying!
    Now, among other things Wordfeud does not accept any kind of names, so why Boston ?

  34. Thank you all

  35. Hans 07-04-19 permalink


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