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Wordfeud statistics

April 10, 2013

We’ve just released Wordfeud updates for iOS and Android featuring statistics! You’ll now be able to see how many times you’ve won or lost, what your best word is, and how you’re doing against your friends.

We had originally planned to include every Wordfeud game ever played in the statistics. Unfortunately we discovered that the logs for all games played between mid-February 2012 and February 16 of this year had become corrupted. We therefore decided to give everyone a fresh start, and start calculating statistics for games played on or after February 16, 2013.

Note that statistics will only be available to users who’ve upgraded to the premium/full version of Wordfeud.

Wordfeud statistics

Wordfeud statistics

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  1. Fokke permalink

    I love the statistics! Great move. I bought the app right away. I also like the rating rules although i think one may never loose points wen won. The opposite i do like; gain points when lost with a small margin from a higher rated oppoment .

    I would also like a notification after a game ends how much points are gained or lost.

  2. Henk permalink

    I don’t see stat graphics on IPad?

  3. Maybe this is just me, but is anyone else experiencing problems with the “New Game against a Random Opponent” feature? Ever since the upgrade it seems to be taking an age to find a random opponent; if I ask for more than one new game against a random opponent at a time, I always seem to get given two or three games against the same opponents; and all the opponents I’m given seem to be very good players (almost as if the programme is trying to fit me up against players with a similar Skill Rating — at the moment mine is 3780). I’d far rather get games straightaway against opponents of all calibres! Can I reinstall the old version of Wordfeud…?

    • waqf permalink

      Agreed! I’m glad it’s not just me that’s noticed this. Random board request currently waiting for 10 minutes 😦 I don’t mind being matched with players of similar skill but we need an option to pick a truly random opponent so that we can actually play a game!

  4. Paul permalink

    I don’t get it how my skill rating goes down when I win a game!!! Maybe I’m missing something.

    • John permalink

      Same here. Beet opponent with 100+ point but still go down in ranking ?

      • flobits permalink

        that’s my experience as well. I find it strange, to say the least 🙂

    • John Clees permalink

      My experience too. My skill rating goes down when winning. Even when I beat players with higher skill rating (I checked on their iPhone myself). I assume the rating system doesn’t work as it should. This is ridiculous.

  5. Ryan Golonka permalink

    I’ve been waiting for 3 years for this to become a feature. So pumped!! Only complaint is that there is no way to tell what your opponent’s rating is. Should be added to the profile page right next to the players picture. But THANK YOU for adding this feature and making Wordfeud THE BEST scrabble game out there. See ya later Words with Friends.

  6. Great with stats. But what about stats of each finished games? Eg. how many vowels and how many consonants each player got. How many rounds played without vowles available. Number of swaps. Most valuable word. Average word score etc.

  7. Another idea is configurable games. Eg. letting the player decide how long each player have on their move (quick-mode = one minute per move). And expert mode; you cannot try words. If an incorrect word is put, you loose your turn 🙂 These two improvement would make the game even better and more fun to play.

  8. LoKo permalink

    My stats aint uppgrading. In the last two weeks i proly won 5 more games did a bingo and so on… nothing happens on my stats stuck on the same as b4 :((

  9. A de Boer permalink

    Great stats, only the skill rating is annoying. Winning on average 2 out of 3 against skilled players and still my rating is going downhill.

    Average score would be a welcome extra stat

  10. Mike R. permalink

    You actually can loose points even when winning a game with a pretty big margin! One should never be able to loose points when winning a game… It’s not just the score margin that determines how good one is. There are also tactics involved… Please change this… I just lost over 60 points even though I won a game with a margin of 77 points against a fairly good player. Should not be possible. Makes you not want to play certain opponents etc.

    • Paul permalink

      I agree completely. How can it be possible to lose points whether I win or lose. In last 8 games I’ve won 6 lost 2 and my rating has only gone down. By about 120. I agree that I shouldn’t get as many against a low skill player and win margin also should be taken into account but put simply you should not lose skill rating when you win.

  11. Paul permalink

    I agree completely. How can it be possible to lose points whether I win or lose. In last 8 games I’ve won 6 lost 2 and my rating has only gone down. By about 120. I agree that I shouldn’t get as many against a low skill player and win margin also should be taken into account but put simply you should not lose skill rating when you win.

  12. sebastian permalink

    I think all of the additions are great, but I’m sad that the windowsphone is overlooked.

  13. I can not send invite to my friends ?

  14. Galactico076 permalink

    Hello. I’m also experiencing a decreasing ranking after wins! That can’t be how it was meant to be.

  15. Josecir permalink

    Not updating highest scoring word

  16. Aap permalink

    Too bad it doesn’t use my complete history, but still a very nice move guise !

    Now please fix the app getting terribly slow (sometimes even crashing) as a chat-window grows, and, add a logout function for iOS.. and this will remain my favorite app !

  17. Aap permalink

    Could still make sense when you win from low skilled players with ditto low (personal) score ..?

    What I do (actually before the statistics update) is add better players to my friendlist. With them I play a lot, because this is more fun & challenge to me, in my skill-set. When I beat them it can boost my skills. Losing from them should not harm it too much. Playing low-level players and then get and letters and no luck may harm your skills if you loose. Winning from them isn’t really paying off in skill-score.

    What I’m saying is, that people of different skill-sets should ‘find’ each other (through statistics). Makes it all the more fun :o) Therefor it might also be a good idea to add Wordfeud to iOS GameCenter..

    • Galactico076 permalink

      @Aap Of course I follow your reasoning. The most fun games are against people of similar skills. However, I also have friends I play against for fun, their skill being irrelevant. If I win them they shouldn’t cause my skill to decrease. That doesn’t make sense. No or small increase, ok, but decrease… no.

  18. mat moxey permalink

    l like the new stats addition but some parts don’t seem to refresh themselves.

  19. sid permalink

    I can’t see how to access the skill ratings on my android. I get the other stats OK.

    • MarySaintMary permalink

      I have the same problem. Please fix this soon! (Samsung Galaxy s3 mini, if it matters.)

  20. Micropartner permalink

    There is something wrong with the stats site. Mine have been deleted for at least the last three days. Fix bug please

  21. Ekblad permalink

    Im a big fan of the Player Statistic feature however I totally agree with prior comments a win should always be adding extra Skill ratings points. More points the greater opponent, but always adding points not deducting as today. I would also like to have the choice of picking players with similar skills as myself.

  22. Ekblad permalink

    Also if the opponent resigns while you are leading, the game should be counted as your win both in Games won, Skill Rating as well as scores, bingos etc

  23. Peter permalink

    Its sad that neither updates or any information regarding Windows Phone is found. Have paid for the app in hope of increasing the odds for this to happen.
    But no info is coming from the developer. This is bad service.

  24. Its no possible to send invites to my friends…i d’t know whats the problem

    • Peter permalink

      And Windows Phone? When is an update to be expected?

  25. Franky permalink

    Well, be sure to never resign! That costed me 65 rating points, if I recall correctly :-/

    Also, I assume the ratings are just as buggy as the random-letter-picking. I can understand it for the latter one, from a commercial point of view. Because Wordfeud is about making money. But since the skillrating is Wordfeud-Pro only, I don’t understand things. I dropp in rating when I beat an opponent. I won a game with 100 points difference and still loose about 25 rating points. I think that sux fully and completely. At least have me at the same rating when I win and the opponent is much weaker than me. Why? Because, a lower opponent can get lucky, mainly thanks to the buggy random letter picking, where I can be unlucky at the same time. So when I manage to win that game, I still get punished. Why? This app is still full of bugs?

    So, we have the not-so-random letter-picking, the failing ratings, the false wordlists, and the app goes very slow when you chat a lot, until it crashes. Please stop leasing programmers from Microsoft and fix these things 😉

    • Vee permalink

      I can identify with the not-so-random letter picking and the 20th (19th?) Century word lists. So very annoying!

  26. Update 2.5.2 no longer workng on iPad1! Please, can you fix this?

  27. Torbjörn Jonsson permalink

    Poängräkningsreglerna vid spel mot randommotståndare är inte rättvisande.
    Man skall naturligtvis inte förlora rankingpoäng vid vinst. Minst 0 poäng vid vinst!

  28. Torbjörn Jonsson permalink

    Excuse me, wrong language.
    The rules for the skill count maybe changed so that if you win a game against a random opponent you should at least have a score of 0 points.

  29. Marco permalink

    Update no longer works on Ipad1 ! Pls fix this

  30. Rorschach permalink

    Cant start the game since the last update on ipad2

  31. Marike permalink

    Did another update today (30 April 2013), already had the stats version, but it doesn’t work anymore on iPad1.

  32. Paul permalink

    Can’t open wf on iPhone after latest update. 30 April. Can still get invites and notifications that other players have made a move so it’s not completely gone.
    Fix it pleeze!!!!!

  33. Josecir Caballero permalink

    WF doesn’t open on iphone 4s after last update!!!

  34. Dik de Boer permalink

    So sad, my 5 bingo game is not in the stats…

  35. Paul permalink

    Hi all.

    I went into my app store and installed the update available there and wf opened as normal then.

  36. Thanks permalink

    Thanks for the hints here. I will not update to 2.5.3 for my iPad1 o_O

  37. Hans permalink

    I ran into a bug with the statistics options.
    Yesterday on iPhone I changed statistics settings from showing only standard boards to overall statistics. That worked fine, but you loose the site of point rating off course since it’s a mixed statistic that you get.
    However there doesnt seem to be a way back to show statistics for only standard boards again. The button to make that happen doesnt work right and does not provide the option to change to the statistics I want to see. It just keeps everything on ‘overall statistics’.
    Annoying. Could you fix this.

    • Fokke permalink

      The statistics are very slow now and the landscape mode for the graph takes also a very long time to react; approx 30seconds.
      Iphone 4s.

  38. WfS permalink

    Stop taking points of my rating after winning a game! Who created this system? Some old communist? 😠

    • More Updates More Bugs permalink

      Even more sad, when you win you can loose rating while the loser gains rating. This is not communism but more like ex-microsoft junks who will code for 1 dollar an hour. That’s life.

  39. mnsnwta9 permalink

    What is the highest skill rating possible? Or is it endless?

  40. Endre Lidal permalink

    When will there be an update for Windows Phone? Really needed!

  41. Andy permalink

    I’d love an average score stat if you can do that. Many thanks.

  42. Luchi permalink

    When will WP be prioritized? It is sickening to sit beside friends who get all these fantastic features while we (the WP users) get nothing.

    Please, update WP more frequently! 🙂

  43. Joergen Mr permalink

    Several good suggestions in here. And questions. But no response/replies from the developers?

  44. J.S. Bach permalink

    Sometimes you have marvelous gameplay and after blood, sweat and tears you manage to win. Awesome moments with this game. Still, statistics may rank you down. Seen it happen.

    On a next game you start of with some small word. Your opponent does nothing and resigns after 10 minutes, without playing nor chatting an excuse. This time statistics can rank you up dozens of points. Seen it happen.

    Therefor this theory : keep inviting folks and keep swearing and bugging them until they resign in agony. This should give you much ranking score? When rankings are ever to be published in future updates, you could turn out to be a king? How nice is that..

    Conclusion. Try not to get frustrated with this $2 statistics code (?)

  45. Henk permalink

    I love the statistics. Now what i would like very much is to see the rating of the opponent. So i know who i am dealing with….💀

    • notpsyched4this permalink

      Haha exactly– you need to know what you’re walking into before a match.

  46. Philip gates permalink

    What about the statistics feature for Windows. I just upgraded expecting to find this feature, but its not, 😞

  47. john permalink

    word with highest score is not updated

    • HansK permalink

      Same here, I had a number of bingo’s scoring higher than the one stated in the stats

  48. Gerard permalink

    First of all: thanks for adding the statistics.

    In my case the graph for standard boards only shows two labels on the y-axis: 1500 and 2000. It would look better if there were a few more. Also: could you either add some subtle horizontal gridlines or allow for a way to show the values for a data point (e.g. by tapping the graph).

  49. Patty permalink

    Thanks for installing the statistics. I like to see how I’m doing.
    However, since this last update something changed with the screen, because I can’t see how many tiles are left in the game. first I thought it was because of the letter type I use, but I’ve tried differend types and it made no difference.
    Could you fix that, please?

    Good luck with the game!

  50. Obama permalink

    Anyone doubt the random function? More than once I had 5 E’s to play with. After that I draw another 2 E’s. That’s 7 E’s in a row, still at the beginning of the game (so most letters are still there). The mathematical odds are zero. I hear this from other players as well. It seems to me it’s very very unlikely those odds exists. I would say it’s just another bug?

    • arma brouwer permalink

      Since April we noticed that according to us (group of about 7 players whom also play with groups of about 6/7 people) the random function is not functioning as it did before.
      I am making an Excell with the last rounds and here in you can clearly see Wordfeud, there is something wrong.

      • arma brouwer permalink

        Please let me know if there are more comments on this item. I recieved an email in which there was the opportunity to make choices whether you want to stop or continue to receive them when the cat came strolling along………..
        Sorry on behalve of Chips (her name).

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