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Wordfeud statistics

April 10, 2013

We’ve just released Wordfeud updates for iOS and Android featuring statistics! You’ll now be able to see how many times you’ve won or lost, what your best word is, and how you’re doing against your friends.

We had originally planned to include every Wordfeud game ever played in the statistics. Unfortunately we discovered that the logs for all games played between mid-February 2012 and February 16 of this year had become corrupted. We therefore decided to give everyone a fresh start, and start calculating statistics for games played on or after February 16, 2013.

Note that statistics will only be available to users who’ve upgraded to the premium/full version of Wordfeud.

Wordfeud statistics

Wordfeud statistics

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  1. AndyD permalink

    The stats featured is flawed. When playing a opponent randomly selected by the game, how can the ranking decrease in spite of regular wins? The algorithm needs to be checked. If the ranking is lowering in spite of continued wins, due to the fact that the randomly-chosen opponents have lower rankings, winning player should not be penalized. If this is by design, the game needs to select higher-ranked random opponents.

    • Henk permalink

      I agree!

    • zanalejo permalink

      I agree too! I won the last 5 games and my rating jeeps going down…

    • smit permalink

      despite a long range of wins my ranking decreased 25%
      looks like a penalty for playing

    • wizlon67 permalink

      So I can see skill rating graphs for opponents, how do I see mine?

  2. Saskia permalink

    Hi. seems like stats are not updating things like highest scoring word. Score is simply stuck and even though I have gotten better scores since, it does not show. Same with longest word.
    Please fix that. thanks!

  3. Heddab permalink

    I dont underestand why my scoring rank is decreasing after several wins in a row – not very satisfying!

  4. Tijssens permalink

    Is it correct that I can not see my skill rating on my Android Samsung Galaxy S4?

  5. Sacha permalink

    I don’t understand the scoring on the new update. Apparently my stats were in the high 1000’s and I was deducted 20 points for beating an advanced player by 200 points. I thought the whole idea was to win by a large margin? This is not the first time this has happened. Kind of disappointed.

    • Garry Bignell permalink

      How can you see another player’s points ranking?

  6. akpedersen permalink

    Why can’t you delete word feud friends when they resign games? Or when they decline your invitations?

  7. Martin permalink

    wheres the leaderboard?

  8. Thomas B permalink

    You should really change how the stats is working. Winning a game by a fraction over a good player through cunning and guile, only to see your rating drop is so unsatisfactory.

    It also demotivates me from taking chances.

    But if you insist on this unorthodox scoring, please make a visual guideline that shows by how much we are supposed to beat a competitor with (and the persons rating)

    Probably something like this: Your rating is 2600, and your opponents is 2500. To gain rating, you must win by a factor 1.04 (do you see how cumbersome that is? I have to have a calculator by my side, to see by how large a score I’m expected to win by, and if it’s okay to take a chance at this point in the game, or if it’s better to play it safe)

    Instead of just saying: If you win you gain rating, and the rating gain depends on you and your opponents individual rating.

    I only started to play the game again, because you introduced the rating system. It would be a shame if the rating system is the reason why I stop (but then again what would you care… I allready paid for the game)

  9. Corey permalink

    I won by 60 points and lost 12 rating points. How is that ok? And when will we be able to see our opponents ratings?

  10. Robmac permalink

    I and my wordfeud friends are adding our voices to those unhappy with losing points despite winning several in a row.
    A response from developers would help keep people from baling on a great game. If the scoring decrease is by design please explain so we can at least strategise!
    I have a hunch it’s a glitch and if so then tell us so we can at least know you are aware of it.

  11. Lucifer permalink

    Why should not statistic be flawed, where the game (random letters) is rigged and your opponents are cheaters ? One has to understand, addiction leads to sorrow. The Norwegian maker who raped the original Scrabble understood this and now he’s a millionaire and you’re not.

  12. Saskia permalink

    Again, why are the stats not updated? i see no changes though a few games have passed and scores should read different… is it me or is it a glitch? Anybody else see this issue?

  13. Saskia permalink

    Also, where is the skill rating? I do not see it at all….

  14. Morten permalink

    Even if I win, my rating is decreasing!

  15. Mo Ron permalink

    The developers are not allowed to respond in their own developers forum.
    Features like the crappy Statistics are simply needed to sell more pro-versions.

  16. Gameking permalink

    If you want to boost your rating, don’t play for it. You will only get more frustrated. Instead open many random games at night, when there are many morons / robots online who resign after they accept. That should gain rating ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Henrik permalink

    I want ร  ranking list Witherspoon all my friends. At least i want too see my opponents skillrating.

  18. Andy permalink

    You’re like a load of old women you lot!

  19. Derrek permalink

    My opponent resigned on me, and I payed for it in rating points. Why ?

  20. Connemarie permalink

    in NL van Dale woordenboek staat het woord JAVA waarom accepteert wordfeud het niet??????

  21. Joergen Mr permalink

    This seems pretty much as a “smash and grab version”: Release a new vital function (the statistics) in the game to get more paying (premium) users. Then run and hide.

    We users like the statistics function. We did report bugs. We did suggest many improvements of the game. But we didn’t get any response at all. Very sad to see how the dev team and the user “hakonber” aren’t active here in the commentary fields anymore.

    Please be honest – read our comments here. Be open. Listen. Reply. Continue to develop the game to a even better one, Accomplish what you did start,

    Thank you.

  22. Can we see other people’s stats? Also a percentage of wins as well. For you and your opponent.

  23. Thomas permalink

    When will you update the Windows versions (phone 7 & 8 and Windows 8) to this patch level?

  24. Vee permalink

    Dear developers,
    In your next update, please give us the option to resign when it’s not our turn. It’s very frustrating/annoying when someone accepts your invitation to play a game but does nothing and lets the 72 hours expire. We should be able to nip this in the bud.

    Thank you!

    • Not that annoying, really .

      • Vee permalink

        Speak for yourself! It’s pretty damn annoying to me. If they don’t want to play a game, they shouldn’t accept the invitation. There are others who do want to play a brisk game of WF.

  25. Shibaun permalink

    When will the Windows 8 version of WordFeud have all the new features such as stating which word or words didn’t match when playing multiples or showing the points as you build a word? Also why isn’t there a WordFeud Free app for Windows? Only had option of trial and paid versions. Have been playing on android for a while and now on Windows phone.

  26. I have seen in the WLoH community that users that are far better than me in the tournament have a lower official Wordfeud ranking. I have played against a couple of 1st division users and there is little doubt that they have higher skills.

    This indicates that the official skill rating algorithm has some discrepancies compared to actual skills. I donโ€™t know the details of the algorithm, but here are some suggestions of factors that might help to improve it:

    * Average move score
    -Player with average 40 is far better than player with average 30

    * Average total score
    -Player with average 500 is far better than player with average 400

    * Average number of bingos
    -Great players play frequent bingos
    -Also related to average move score / total score

    * Survival against very good players
    – Close match against a much better player should be rewarded
    – Close match + loss against a great player is a greater achievement than close match + win against a mediocre / bad player

    If these factors are already included in the algorithm, it might be useful to tweak the weight of each factor for more realistic results. For instance, use WLoH ranking in as comparison and select some players in different divisions as test subjects.

    And btw, thanks for creating the best game ever, and kudos for the invisible things such as scalability / speed / simplicity.

  27. ESM permalink

    Wordfeud NL : walmenden is not in your dictionary, but it is a normal dutch word.

  28. A. Turing permalink

    I won a game 524 to 257, but Wordfeud needed to rank my statistics down.
    Please delete statistics.

  29. Per Thomsen permalink

    I look forward to your update on tha windows platform as well, I am the ovner of a Nokia Lumia 820, and most of my opponents are telling me of these good features – so please update

  30. Denice permalink

    Wonder if an invitation last forever or is it a time limit for let’s say 72 hours?

  31. Poul-Erik Schultz-Nielsen permalink

    I really would like a serious update for the windows mobile version, we can’t se statistics, we can’t see how many points a word will add, we can’t change the notification sounds, and there’s still some lagging when you draw a letter into place. Please do something about it. It seems to me and other win mobile users, that you’re prefering ios and android.

  32. Mark permalink

    The rating system is better than nothing, but why try to reinvent the wheel?

    In chess, they have the ELO rating. It is a perectly adequate rating system. It doesn’t care if Magnus Carlsen wins in 10 moves or in 85 moves, or if he does so by slowly converting a single pawn advantage or by a crushing attack.

    your rating can never go down if you win.

    I regularly play games with friends and familiy and, when I feel I am enough point up, I try to relax a bit. With the current rating system, you must really try to improve the gap even when it is already 200 points or so. This is not normal. A win is a win.

    (Dutch user)

  33. I play WF on iPhone and iPad–why do you want me to pay twice to see my statistics?

  34. Garry Bignell permalink

    How do you delete a friend now?

  35. +1 for the statistics update for Windows Phone 7/8 and Windows 8!

  36. Johan permalink

    When will the version for Windows Phone be updated? I have bought WF for Android and WP. Love WP an WF but hate WF for WP….


  37. Pol111 permalink

    Dear inventors of wordfeud and of the wordfeud statistics, please be transparant about how the statistics score is calculated. Please communicate to all the wordfeud players the exact score logarithm. Most of us want to know and it is frustrating That for instance we do not understand that if we win a game it is still possible that the score goes down. Please add the way the score is calculated to a back ground information ‘page’ inside the statistics page. Thanks in advance, Paul Smits, the Netherlands

  38. You can still delete friends from the list. Just swipe over the name and a red delete button will appear. At least this works in iPod/pad.

  39. Noesjka permalink

    Since this afternoon I have to create a facebook account to be able to play wordfeud. Why??????
    I don’t want to use any kind of social media to play a game. Can’t you fix this please?!

  40. NewPlayer permalink

    Skill rating is not about winning. It is about how best you can use your tiles to get maximal scores. It really does not mean you are skilled if you win games, winning is dependent of opponent. I like this feature, it really tells me how well I use the tiles.

    • How better can you use your tiles than by winning? One should never go down in the scorelist after a win, The minimum can only be an equal score.

  41. Doris Ross permalink

    Whatever upgrade you did is horrible. I’m switching to word with friends

  42. adri permalink

    May we expect statistics in W8 too in due time?

  43. Sylvia permalink

    Why can’t I see my ratings? Where do you guys look up for it? Or aren’t there any ratings for Swedish players? I have pay for not to see any ads but there’s nothing that tells me if I have premium …

  44. Pat permalink

    Its not updating highest scoring word. And the line graph seems a little random.

  45. slimmepimme48 permalink

    Why is my skillrating going down when I win a game?

    • Skill ratings will increase if you beat a higher ranked oponent, and stay similar if they are ranked below. The skill rating also takes in to account the length of the word you’re playing. So, in essence, rewarding good play. (Not just words like “QI” and “ZA”.

      • notpsyched4this permalink

        How the fuck do you know that it takes in consideration the quality of play based on word length?

      • Efbee55 permalink

        Please stop sending emails

        Op 27 jun. 2013 om 03:50 heeft Wordfeud Dev Blog het volgende geschreven:

        > >

      • Insider knowledge ;-). So bite me

  46. notpsyched4this permalink


  47. Nicolette permalink

    Could you please change the way of acceptation for a new game so that you can postpone/delay? Now I am obliged to immediate acceptation (or reject) or elsewhere I can’t play my other games. Like MindFeud. Thanking you in advance,
    With kind regards, Nicolette

  48. Lucie permalink

    Hi, I love the full version of the game especially for statistics however I can only see 2 of my opponents. Why can’t I see all of them? Thanks

  49. Robert Eriksson permalink

    Is it correct that I can not see my skill rating on my Android Samsung Galaxy S2 despite having the paid version?

  50. birgit andersen permalink

    Looking forward to an update for Windows platform!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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