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Wordfeud statistics

April 10, 2013

We’ve just released Wordfeud updates for iOS and Android featuring statistics! You’ll now be able to see how many times you’ve won or lost, what your best word is, and how you’re doing against your friends.

We had originally planned to include every Wordfeud game ever played in the statistics. Unfortunately we discovered that the logs for all games played between mid-February 2012 and February 16 of this year had become corrupted. We therefore decided to give everyone a fresh start, and start calculating statistics for games played on or after February 16, 2013.

Note that statistics will only be available to users who’ve upgraded to the premium/full version of Wordfeud.

Wordfeud statistics

Wordfeud statistics

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  1. Saartjie Baartman permalink

    Why cant i remove friends that turn out to be monsters?

    Why do I play once with someone, win and have a score of 41 to 45.and that 45 is not mine?

    And more importantly with over 10 million downloads, why am I always playing the same people. I would think each day presents new faces. Plus the last two days I cant get new games. Whats up with that?

  2. Paul permalink

    What is the highest possible skill rating? Is there a limit?

  3. Hi, I bought the version for Windows Phone and wanted to know when we will have the ratings and statistics for this platform? Thanks!

    • roelanddevil permalink

      Hello, I’m still waiting for the statistics on my Windows Phone ! Can we expect This in coming Times?

  4. Saartjiebaartman permalink

    Players pass a game so as not to increase their lost games score. Games I resign also increase my lost games score. Why are games that I resign not calculated as games resigned too? Where is the logic?

    • Torbjorn permalink

      A resigned game always counts as a lost game independent of who is playing.

  5. Mr NoName permalink

    I would like to se my average score in the statistics.

  6. KE Arnesen permalink

    I just won a game by 598 to 396 points. I won by 202 points! But My ating went down from 1876 to 1869 all the same, after the latest download that is allegedly constructed to avoid such things to happen. What is this?

    • OO Wiik permalink

      Why is my Rating different on Android than on my iPad? There is an difference by >400 ratingpoints

  7. KE Arnesen permalink

    And now again an other game I won with 666 against 444, but the score leaves me with the no points gained…. this cannot be right!!!

  8. KE Arnesen permalink

    Rating still goes down when I win a game, as it does when I loose!! I just won a game 514 to 335, and went down from 1839 to 1818!! What is this?

  9. Kalle permalink

    Just upgraded to full version but statistics don’t include “skill rating”???? Why is that? Money back

  10. I just scored an incredible word and a week later it isn’t showing credit for my new Highest Scoring Word. What’s up with that????

  11. wendy jensen permalink

    I would like to to play my phone computer. Waiting on other people is driving me crazy. Any chance on this happening in the near future?

  12. jason permalink

    What’s the highest possible skill rating? Also, can you combine the US English rating and international English rating instead of generating a separate rating for each set of games?

  13. Susan Smith permalink

    Statistics for longest word played, highest scoring word never change? Why is this?

  14. Martijn permalink

    Notifications in IOS7 don’t work!

  15. Maja K. Madsen permalink

    It doesnt work on my iPad 4 ????

  16. NoOneElse permalink

    When will you update the app for Windows phone 8?

  17. Frank permalink

    My stats are all wrong. I’ve won a ton more game then 26.
    And my ratings is more then 1220

  18. Horace davis permalink

    I’ve won 10 games in a row and my skill rating has not changed. Why is that?

    • Ricci Albenda permalink

      There is a skill rating for the standard board which shows up by default. If you are playing random or some other language you gave to go into the menus to see your random board skill level.

  19. Anna Barragan Dominguez permalink

    Anyone know why I can’t log in, it says Login Failed…please help :/

  20. Shanni permalink

    I’ve written to you for almost two years questioning why we can’t resign just because its not our turn. The answer is always “we’re working on it”. Ok……two years? I’m so tired of getting stuck with people that never play a single word!! And to make matters worse…… can’t even request new players because of the number of games limit. What’s up with that? Why do you care if we’re playing 3 games or 75 games simultaneously? At this given moment….I’ve got ELEVEN people that aren’t playing, just tying up my board…..PLEASE ALLOW US TO RESIGN WHENEVER WE FEEL LIKE IT!

  21. Kathy permalink

    I love wordfued and statistics but why doesn’t highest word score update. It is still stuck on first result?

  22. Stuart Anthony Hayes permalink

    I thought the timeout for non playing games is 72 hours (3 days), but I have a game still waiting for 5 days now.

  23. Carol permalink

    There are multiple games that are over 3 days without a response in my game feed and the games have still not ended???

  24. Andrew permalink

    I use the Android version (paid for) of wordfued. How do I get the graph up of my ranking/skill rating?

  25. J. Haanstra permalink

    What’s the point of these numbered statistics people, just play the game and enjoy the WORDS.

  26. jill permalink

    When ru going to do statistics and other features for windows phones??

  27. Sue marson permalink

    So sad to loose the graph and skill ranking, at my age I like to know I can stilll improve

  28. stephen permalink

    Why cant I see an old friends overall statistics?

  29. Kapstok13 permalink

    Statisticus is not working correctly, is that what i paid for?

  30. Sverre Rustad permalink

    Hva med å publisere en til enhver tid oppdatert ELO-rankingliste?

  31. Paul permalink

    Skill rating going down despite winning by huge margin. Wrong wrong wrong!!!
    I’m not ratings orientated but it’s still annoying.
    Highest word score etc stuck.
    Love the game otherwise.

  32. The last days when i finishend a game WF throwd me out of The game then i started again and All The talk that i had come again pfffff and must i removed that, even the games who were finished. Can you help me please?

  33. Faride Moshiri permalink

    Jag skulle gärna uppgradera min ert program så att jag kan se statistik, ni skrev om detta tidigare. Men jag har o te sett till någon uppgradering? Var kan jag hitta den? Har en IPad.

  34. Windows Phone update.. I paid the same price everyone else does, but I don’t get the same statistic feature.. ??? When can I get the update for the windows phone… C’mon.. Round it out..

  35. Brian permalink

    Please update these features to Windows Phone. People don’t just use android and iphone. I have to buy the game if I want to play it on a superior phone, which doesn’t bother me but I would like it to have at least the same characteristics as the free versions on the other platforms.

  36. Tracey Branham permalink

    For the past six weeks or so, my stats have not been working. I’m really disappointed. I’ve had several games with scores over 600 and they are not reflected correctly. I’ve tried to find a SUPPORT section to report this problem but have been unsuccessful. I hope this post will be seen by the appropriate people. Thank you!

  37. Gunilla Berg permalink

    I still miss my skill rating. Why?

  38. Robjansse permalink

    We play the dutch version and a normal word as – urinevlek- was not accepted, why????????

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    this information! Thanks!

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  41. joannasma permalink

    Just curious. How can my “average game score” be 224, according to the stats, when I have always scored (in the few I’ve played since the seats started) between 340 and 400?

    • joannasma permalink

      Ah, never mind. Just realized that when opponent resigns early, the final score is much lower.

      And I meant “stats,” of course, not “seats.”. Dumb old autocorrect.

  42. Per A permalink

    I have purchased the premium version of wordfeud on android yet I cannot view opponents’ or friends’ ratings either on my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone or on my Google Nexus pad. what’s going on?

    • Missouri Chick permalink

      You tap upper rt corner 2 times. Click on “overall statistics” then normal or random. They then pop up.

  43. There’s definately a lot to learn about this topic.
    I like all of the points you’ve made.

  44. I think the admin of this web site is really working
    hard for his web page, because here every material is quality based information.

  45. kingcoder permalink

    When will this feature be available for windows phone premium users?

  46. koen permalink

    When Will the Windows Phone version het sine Nice updates

  47. Geert W. permalink

    Blocking also does not work. I block player and still meet him in random play. I unblock and block him again and the game simply continues. WHY ?

  48. Statistics not showing up on pro version for my opponent ?? (iPhone) – goes back to screen before when I tap Standard Board – Danish – what can the problem be?

  49. DebbieT57 permalink

    I bought wordfeud last year and I was able to seek out 4 constant players, that are fun to chat with, we play 3-6 games everyday. Last week I broke my phone, finally rec’d my replacement yesterday. Now I am unable to connect with one of the players. I don’t have a Facebook account where she does, I put in her name but a different user name pops up. We have had this problem a couple times now. How can we connect without having this issue time after time.

  50. Peter Elderson permalink

    How can it be i have to win 3 out of four games on average against players of same strength, just to keep my score level? I have to win 4 out of every 5 to gain any points! if i lose, i lose 20 or more points, a win over an equal gives me only 6 or 7 points!

    It seems really unfair. I don’t understand the calculation at all.

    • Torbjorn permalink

      The better you are the harder it is to gain in ranking becsuse ranking increases in a logarithmic way.
      Start from low level with a new userid and you will get huge 20 or more when you beat high ranked players.

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