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Finnish dictionary and new ratings

July 8, 2013

We’ve just published a new version of Wordfeud for both iOS and Android. This update features a Finnish dictionary.

We’ve also changed the way ratings are calculated. Previously it was possible to lose rating even when winning a game. The way the rating algorithm worked, a higher rated player had to beat a lower rated player by a certain margin in order to gain rating points. Otherwise he or she would actually lose points, while the lower rated player that lost the game would gain points.In retrospect we’ve found this to be a bad idea for several reasons. For one thing it feels unfair to lose rating points when you win a game. Another problem with the old algorithm was that it was too sensitive. A single loss could mean losing hundreds of rating points. With the new rating algorithm (based on the ELO rating system) you’ll never lose rating points if you win. We’ve also made it less sensitive so that a single win or loss doesn’t result in a huge change in your rating.

We’ve recalculated everybody’s rating history using the new algorithm, so you’ll likely find that your rating has changed quite a bit. But so has everybody else’s rating, so it should be completely fair.

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  1. Litolin permalink

    I noticed that not only user name is shared to wordfeud friends. Also name and surnames. How is that possible? Is this a bugbfrom last update? Please review. That’s not very nice from privacy point of view. Any answer? Vicente.

    • vanhanekam permalink

      ….you made me very curious Vicente 🙂 but I just see a list with user names in my friends list. I have android, but my account is not connected to Facebook. What do I do wrong?

      • Litolin permalink

        I don’t know the reason, but after I updated to last version (2.5.0) yesterday 27th Aug, I noticed that some users shows user name, and also name and surnames, even if they do not connect with facebook. I think that if you have in the same devide Wordfeud and facebook the facebook data is used. With the last version this dosen`t happen. I asked some friends to check and with previous version they do not see any name and user name, but after updated……… names and surnames are there! Not very nice! Isn’t it?

      • vanhanekam permalink

        I see it now. I got the update this morning (28th August, Netherlands). Absolutely out of touch with good manners. Even if it is in the small letters of the contract that one has agreed with, it looks to me questionable. ‘Not very nice’ is an understatement for this. I agree completely with you.

      • Litolin permalink

        Well I hope they will solve this point. I said “is not very nice” just to be polite!

      • Litolin permalink

        Well I hope they will solve this point. I said “is not very nice” just to be polite!……

      • i havn’t a facebook account and see peoples names.

      • Litolin permalink

        You are able to see their complete names but they will not see yours! I think!

  2. gera permalink

    This version is still a big disaster when it comes to (Dutch) words that are common use here but not accepted by Wordfeud. Not to mention, all those common sense abbreviations that aren’t accepted yet!

    • vanhanekam permalink is the website responsible for the Dutch word list. If you don’t agree with approved words, or have suggestions for new words on the list,…you can make your complaints there. I wouldn’t call the list a disaster by the way, it gets better and better. Maybe you can help them 😉

  3. do you realize that your idenity will be shown when someone adds you as a friend, if this is linked to Facebook.

  4. Vee permalink

    You released an update for iOs on Monday of this week. Are you going to release one for Android as well?

  5. Bettina Andersen permalink

    Hi, I have just got a Nokia Lumia 920, but the version I can play on This mobile is old? Why?
    kind regards,

  6. Stefan Helmersson permalink

    I just won a game and still i lost rating. WTF!!!

  7. arma brouwer permalink

    Again a complaint that about a month ago double letters or more are provided again and again. Too much I mean, which is statistically not possible. Not only my letters, but also the other players mentioned this.
    Is it possible to improve this?

    • I fully agree with Arma Brouwer: getting 3 X the R when 3 new characters are needed is statistically (almost) IMPOSSIBLE

    • All against the same opponent:
      starting points: 1831
      Lost game (? – ? ), so points 1814 (-17)
      Won game (454 – 339 = 105) so points 1819 (+5)
      Won game (417 – 345 = 72) so points 1829 (+10)
      Won game (328 – 313 = 15) so points 1834 (+5)
      Won game (484 – 308 = 176) so points ?? score disappeared!!!
      Lost game (378 – 408 = -30) so points 1808 (-26)

      Anybody that is able to see some logic in this is invited te react !!

    • Floor permalink

      I totally agree. There is definitely something wrong with the random letter generator.

  8. Mariana permalink

    I don’t like the fact that people can see my whole name now with this last update and I’m not even synced to Facebook. Please fix that ASAP. I’m not starting new games until that is fixed as I don’t want random people knowing my name unless I want them to know it.

  9. John permalink

    Please add more words ….just found out that quo, quote, and queso aren’t recognized.

  10. Kato permalink

    Just recently my score is not increasing after beating several players.

    I have also requested random games and even after 72 hrs the other player doesn’t make a move and I gain a point.

    Can you please address this issue ASAP.

  11. why permalink

    How is it possible that people who are not playing stay for four days on your list instead 72 hours?

  12. sue permalink

    Why do I have games in my list now for 103 hours? Make them resign already!!!

  13. lia permalink

    Why don’t stop the game after 72 hours??
    He doesn’t play … it’s 5 days now.. i can’t resign.

  14. sue permalink

    I may not lose rating points when I win, but my points go up zero. Yet I lose a game, and I drop 30 – 40 points. Now games aren’t timing out after 72 hours, I play the max number of games and am at the mercy of these idiots who won’t finish their games.

  15. Martyna W. permalink

    Please i need some help. I am really tired of this man and his disgusting pictures. He is a perverted and a dirty talker also, please some help.
    The username is mistyc π (with that symbol aside).

    • gesbon permalink

      Hi martyna, you can block such players. While on wordfeud, press the menu bar on your phone then go to settings, then blocked users. While there, Hit the + button and enter their name. Presto!

  16. Martyna W. permalink

    Please help… I am trying to open new random games and just this disgusting man appears, i don’t even feel comfortable playing wordfeud with this person around 😦

  17. Shanni permalink

    It’s Sept 7th and I’m STILL waiting for a fix on the board. I now have 4 players who haven’t played in SIX days, but those games have still not “fallen off” or self-resigned. PLEASE FIX THIS

    • why permalink

      I’v got the same problem two players already six days

      • sue permalink

        Same issue, several games 5 & 6 days old already, 3 more creeping up the clock. Very irritated.

  18. Martyna W. permalink

    I won’t play wordfeud anymore until my problem get solved, please 😦

    The username of this disgusting person is mistyc π 

    • John permalink

      Block the player. U won’t see his picture or message. And he won’t be able to play new games with u. Hit the chat button. Then hit the symbol at the top right of screen, then block player

  19. And again points for game won not counted:
    All against the same opponent:
    starting points: 1831
    Lost game (? – ? ), so points 1814 (-17)
    Won game (454 – 339 = 105) so points 1819 (+5)
    Won game (417 – 345 = 72) so points 1829 (+10)
    Won game (328 – 313 = 15) so points 1834 (+5)
    Won game (484 – 308 = 176) so points ?? score disappeared!!!
    Lost game (378 – 408 = -30) so points 1808 (-26)
    Won game () so ponts 1813(+5)
    Lost game (337 – 403) so points 1788(-25)
    Won game (439 – 419) so points ?? score disappeared!!!
    Won game (504 – 317) so points 1800(+12)

    I won 7 games and lost 3 therefore punished with 31 points !!!???

    Anybody that is able to see some logic in this is invited te react !!

    Why not use a system in which, playing against a certain opponent, you gain or lose the same and the amount of points gained or lost depending on rating.

  20. why permalink

    I cannot invite some one with his players name, i get an error that says that wordfeud has stopped. How is that possible? Random is no problem.

  21. Megapluis permalink

    Make it possibel to resig users That stop playing afther one word so you dont have to wait for 3 Day to get rid of them

    • why permalink

      I agree and please tell me why i can’t invite by username

  22. Matthijs Dekker permalink

    Heb nu al vaak gehad als de tegenstander een woord legt dat hij meer punten krijgt dan dat het woord waard is.
    Verbeter dit aub.

  23. Weet je dat zeker Matthijs? Ik heb af en toe die indruk óók, maar na beter kijken blijkt er een letterwaarde onder te liggen waar ik overheen keek.

  24. casey permalink

    I think it would be better (fair play) to limit the tries to look up words that don’t exist. No you can try without any risc to loose you turn until you have found a word that you like. Maybe a new feature for settings?

  25. Koning Whilly permalink

    WF 2.7.1 aka another update that doesn’t work = I can see my friends statistics now, but she tells me she sees other data of herself than I see of her, and vice versa. Also the update crashed after few minutes. The devteam should have remained their jobs at microsoft 😉

  26. Kyle permalink

    Love the new stats, but wondering if the game summary screen (where it shows the stat change) can show when you make the final play. Currently in android you only see it in “recently finished games” when the other player makes the last move.
    Thank you for a great game!

  27. Ellen permalink

    Where has the nice graph gone? I seem to have lost it since upgrading to Ios7, or is it a bug in Wordfeud itself?

  28. wil permalink

    in ios 7 (ipad) the message popup hurts my eye! from a dark screen you have to focus on a small bright white area, upon an even darkened area. the old situation, with less difference in brightness, transparancy in the popup, maybe another animation, was no problem, but since ios 7 i have had to almost quit playing. i would very much appreciate it if the “eye-usability” of the popup would be improved. you get to see this popup a lot, trying out words..

  29. wellius permalink

    Heb betaalde versie op Windows telefoon. Nu wordt niet meer vermeld hoeveel een woord dat je wilt leggen aam punten zou opleveren. De gratis versie die ik op m’n vorige android telefoon had deed dat wel. Bovendien wordt niet vermeld well woord niet goed is als je letters hebt gelegd zodat je twee of meer woorden legt. Beide services mis ik zeer!

  30. Monique permalink

    When a game is over and i will invite for a new game, wordfeud closes the app!
    You can only invite from the startpage!

    • Wim Kleemans permalink

      Same problem here. I reinstalled the app but this does not fix the problem.

  31. Tyleet permalink

    I find the Dutch version annoying. It does not know a lot of Dutch words and accepts a lot of words that really are not Dutch. It is really irritating to have the possibity to put down a word as “venijn” and not being able to play it. Qat is not in the Dutch dictionary but does get accepted and there are a bunch of other wordes…

    • Tyleet, ‘qat’ is an official Dutch word, you can find it at

      Also, ‘venijn’ is accepted. You can check any word, sometimes even with an explanation, at
      If you think there are errors in the list, then you can contest or propose entries as well.

  32. mgroetan permalink

    Running latest version (2.7.1) and the game consistently crashes when invoking a rematch on the finished game screen. The invitation IS still sent, though.

    Also, the adjusted score doesn’t show when I am the one making the final move. Afterwards, if I click on the alert for newly finished games, I can see the adjusted score.

    • Does it make any sense to leave comments here?
      I do not think that the developers read this comments

  33. Vish permalink

    I have wordfeud downloaded on my phone as well as iPad. On the iPad the board doesn’t accept words like ja zo io po hoo etc whereas in the phone I’m able to play these. Moreover my opponents are able to play these but I’m not – which places me at a huge disadvantage. U need to solve this bug how some guys are able to play certain words while others can’t .

  34. Gary baker permalink

    Does the algorithm for the Skill Rating compensate for Regular vs Random boards? And the subsequent game/play scores that can result from each? I play only Standard and against some pretty good lifelong Scrabble players. Now over a 2-1 win-loss ratio. Yet I have to struggle to stay above 1400. When I read of Ratings of 1800 and encounter players with average game scores of 250 with higher rating than mine, I have to wonder (my avg game score in Engl = 373).

    • John permalink

      Standard and random boards have no connection when it comes to ur ratings. One doesn’t affect the other. As far as making ur skill rating higher, the only way is to not lose. U have to have a win percentage above 90%.My current rating is 2418.

      • Gary baker permalink

        So what you’re saying is that I should play lots of lower skilled players if I want to improve my Skill Rating? And that those of us who routinely play in a tight circle of good players can never expect to get very high? I guess I expected more of your algorithm ie. to take into account factors like average game score, average word count etc. So if you and I are equally skilled but you opt to play less skilled players (thereby giving you a significantly higher Skill Rating) and I lose to you, my Rating barely moves but yours takes a nosedive (towards reality I might add). Is this what you’re saying?

      • John permalink

        First off, u asked a question and I was trying to answer it. If u don’t like the answer, too effing bad. It’s not my system, I don’t think those people even pay attention to this blog. Is the system flawed yes, but that’s not my fault. Second, if u think I got to my rating by playing unskilled players, ur crazy. If i play people with a 1400 point rating i gain 0 points. I have to routinely beat 1800’s to gain any rating. So u have no idea what ur talking about. If your losing to many points when u lose ur playing the wrong players.

      • Gary baker permalink

        Sorry John, yes I thought you were representing WF. And was a little frustrated to read of such a simplistic “algorithm”. As you describe it, the calcs could be managed by a simple Excel file (and who knows?). But more to your explanation – if you routinely play people with ratings at, say, 2300-2400, doesn’t that suggest you won’t win 90% of the time? If your somewhat equal, no matter how brilliant all might be, don’t you all go down to a (considerably) lower rating?

  35. Bittan Lanninger permalink

    Skriver ordet BULAN och får inte godkänt…..! Ordet finns i SAOL!

  36. Bittan Lanninger permalink

    Bulan IS in our dictionary!!!!

  37. eideoyan permalink

    Are there any plans for a Windows Phone Update.?

  38. Kim Holst permalink

    Seems it crashes on iPads seconds after a game is finished.

    • Kim Holst permalink

      Sorry… Was probably the wrong place to post this.

  39. Daniel permalink

    I have too many game requests, but noone answers when i send invites so now i can’t play anymore! This is so frustrating! Can you “clear” this somehow? I don’t understand how this works?
    Why doesn’t it get better after 72 hours? Shouldn’t games dissapear then and make room for new games? Please help!

    And if anyone want to add me my name is *Leynadh* (with the small stars) i play english and swedish

  40. Tomas permalink

    When does the uppdate come to wp8?????
    I cant understand how you can take money for the bad app????

  41. Miss Cannobio permalink

    On iOs7.0.2 at the and of the game it crashes.
    I always used random boards, but now when I installed random board and I send an invite the game always is standard. I don’t like that! Please fix both problems

  42. Thanks for the Finnish version. I’m lookin forward to an updated Finnish dictionary that is not so ridiculously rigid as this one.

  43. Daniel Rawluk permalink

    I seem to have lost the section on Skill Rating! Was it lost after the most recent upgrade?

  44. jill permalink

    When do you think you will do statistics for Windows phones?

  45. kim permalink

    Could please also update Wordfeud for Windows Phone 8, since the last update was in March…….. Whenever I open the app it says that I have a very old version of Wordfeud and that I should download the newest version in the Marketplace. But in the Store for Windows Phone there has not been an update since March this year….

  46. mrhry permalink

    When are you going to update WF for Windows Phone?

  47. pieter permalink

    Would be nice wen wf for WP gets an update so we get the same functions as iPhone and android. I now it is hard to do show but we support you by buying the game. So wood be nice you spent also some time to make it better.

  48. John permalink

    For those of u who want to play in a wordfeud tournament or just wanna find some good players, I found a cool website that looks like it could use some more players. Search wordfeud tournament on google. I believe that’s also the name of the site. Really easy to sign up. U can join a tournament or create your own. It keeps track of ur record and has a leaderboard. Check it out

  49. adjective

  50. the Fritzzz permalink

    Update for Windows Phone…???????

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