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Wordfeud server maintenance

September 28, 2015

The Wordfeud servers are currently down for maintenance. We expect the servers to be up again around 09:30 CET.

Update 22:30 CET: Maintenance took longer than expected, but partial service was restored by 14:00 CET, and full service by 20:00 CET. Unfortunately, tonights Facebook outage is also having a negative effect on Wordfeud. We’re working on mitigating this issue so that users who aren’t logging into Wordfeud using their Facebook account can still play.

Update 23:00 CET: Facebook has restored service, and Wordfeud is 100% up and running again! We’re very sorry for all the downtime today.

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  1. Wilma permalink

    I don’t know when it’s my turn. WF doesn’t give a notification!

    • Jeanie almskou permalink

      Vant to Wright BOTOX It must be an ordinary woord

    • John v d velden permalink

      You can turn it on in the settings
      Greets John

  2. john Wolfs permalink

    When is there a decent update for WF expected for Microsoft windows 10 phone and tablet users?

    I think we are all waiting for it….

  3. J Gr permalink

    Is there a option to resset THE statistics ?

  4. Karen Bjerregaard permalink

    Fru is A Danish word Why cant we use it ?

  5. Paul O'Brien permalink

    I’m puzzled from time to time I will make a play and there is on letter for example this recent game there was an letter I left and I was in the lead. Then the person that I was playing played an letter c and won the game. My question is where did the letter c come from?

  6. Carl J. Bergström permalink

    I have paid the money for not seeing commercials and getting stats. Now less than a year later this funcionality is gone…? Is the fee for a limited time? Is there a support email address available?

  7. Lars permalink

    Update Windows Phone virsion PLEASE.
    Barely playable.

  8. There is no date on this information. Is there server maintenance happening now?

  9. Dick Groenendijk permalink

    On WF 2.12.6 using IOS9.2.1 the letters are going to places I did not expect. Its hard to play so.

  10. Jan van Bree permalink

    It would be a nice option to be able to repeat a play automaticly when it is finished.

  11. Almie permalink

    My wordfeud dosen’t work! Try to play early in morning. ..I have update the program but its still dead!

  12. lars permalink

    Windows Phone version stinks. Almost not playable.

  13. Almie permalink

    My wordfeud works again. ..I clear my histori on wordfeud

  14. Wendy Korteweg permalink

    The word : gewelven – is a good Dutch word. Please add this to your dictionary. Tx in advance.

  15. M. A. Quidwai permalink

    Add the word “Knive” in your Enlish dictionary. Thanks.
    Game does not well shuffle letters & often multiple consonants or vowels are sent back.

  16. Van you get better functions on windows phone for getting back to player list.

  17. Hejsan jag heter Alexandra och är snart 18 år

  18. Teuswortel permalink

    Never tot sick of ads so used WF for free and enjoyed it. Now I do get sick of ads that keeps the app black or white or with an awfull game-ad for twelve hours! If that is the wat to make me pay I will resign forever!

  19. I have a problem with the new update of wordfeud.i cant return to a other game because the backarrow simply isnt there.sometimes i have to swipe the screen so the arrow appears…any others users with the same problem?

  20. Mon pseudo homere75 permalink

    Hello… can put to zero the counter of all my parts, and stars, because I always fall on the same players?
    Thanks you

  21. Emmie49 permalink

    We would like a couple of letters vanish, such as : q, c, v… And add more t, s and eeeee ! And more space to make longer words !

  22. Rataplan permalink

    Not much changed since wp7, really disapointed, hardly playable and very expensive for what I get on wp10.

    • Greg Harris " the nob " permalink

      Stop complaining you dickhead ! Ring someone who gives a fuck

  23. Peter hofmann permalink

    Why does my non Facebook orientated account lock out. That is, I can continue to play as normal but my ability to request randoms is stopped for varying lengths of time like a punishment for dealing harshly with the perverts, woman abusers and time wasters who are largely ignored !! This could all be stopped if you simply gave players the obvious right to resign easily from any game (with, if need be a loss of points) from any game instead of allowing people’s game boards to be blocked by indecent photos, time wasting idiots etc . Why is this repeatedly asked for by paying customers and ignored.

    • Greg Harris " the nob " permalink

      Whinge whinge whinge ! Give it a rest Hoff yes they should remove idiots like you who complain constantly over trivial matters , grow up

  24. Kieran Whiteside permalink

    Can you please have an option for faster games? There’s only one setting which is 72 hours per move. People stretching games out for a month is not fun!

  25. Jytte permalink

    I bourght Wordfeud om my IPhone – but I still get adds on my IPad – What did I do wrong

  26. Shinka permalink

    I can’t send out search for random player as it tells me I have too many outstanding random searches. It got this message on my first try of the day 11/7/16 about 6;30 am eastern time.i can invite a player directly if I know their screen name but I can’t get random player . I have cleared the cache, uninstalled & reinstalled and rebooted my phone, all with no results.

  27. Leif Hjaerne permalink

    Suddenly all my letters disappeared during a game. This was not the first time — last time your server was also down for maintenance. Is this a bug or is it your server?

  28. Bianca permalink

    “Pasen” is a very normal Dutch word, juat as “kerst”

    Why isnt it in your dictionary?

  29. Greg Harris " the nob " permalink

    Well don’t give us you are sorry for the downtime this is completely unacceptable word feud ! You bunch of morons

  30. J49thst permalink

    No notification

  31. Malvault Anne-Marie permalink

    Le jeu Wordfeud ne fonctionne plus que se passe-t-il ? pouvez-vous me répondre en français s’il vous plaît mon anglais est très pauvre… j’ai l’impression que j’ai perdu tous mes amis de jeux faites quelque chose je vous en prie.
    merci beaucoup

  32. Olivia permalink

    If the system down its not working today

  33. Why’s my profile pic not uploading ?I have been trying since 7 days ?
    Which type of game is it where you can’t keep up your picture?
    Please fix it asap
    Or I’ll delete this game


  34. Aihela permalink

    Ik kan nog steeds niet spelen en vind dat erg vervelend

  35. Dick Wynants permalink

    Grumpydick and grumpydick1 are the same . thanks! 😁

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