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Wordfeud server maintenance

September 28, 2015

The Wordfeud servers are currently down for maintenance. We expect the servers to be up again around 09:30 CET.

Update 22:30 CET: Maintenance took longer than expected, but partial service was restored by 14:00 CET, and full service by 20:00 CET. Unfortunately, tonights Facebook outage is also having a negative effect on Wordfeud. We’re working on mitigating this issue so that users who aren’t logging into Wordfeud using their Facebook account can still play.

Update 23:00 CET: Facebook has restored service, and Wordfeud is 100% up and running again! We’re very sorry for all the downtime today.

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  1. Scott allenson permalink

    My account is not loading it trespassing connection error. Have you been able to play for days now

  2. H. M. van het Hof permalink

    The dutch word “asomnie” is not accepted. Please correct this.

  3. Debbie wood permalink

    Squidgy is a word and it won’t accept it

  4. charly1976 permalink

    Me pueden decir cuál es mi password?

  5. Det är roligt att spela Wordfeud tycker jag mvh Erik Zetterström

  6. Aino Kaipainen permalink

    Miten saan vahingossa poistetun pelikaverin tkaisin? Hänen nimensä on Snneli

  7. Hannah permalink

    Det är dags att uppdatera svenska ord från ordlistor. Det är så tråkigt att befintliga ord/böjelser/förkortningar inte är uppdaterade. Svenska ord är inte heller uppdaterade.

    Hälsningar Hannah

  8. Danny permalink

    I can’t get the full version with no ads. Any idea why?

  9. Ramon permalink

    Can’t connect with fb, to play with friends

    • leny de bruin-arts permalink

      Ik kom regelmatig goed nederlandse worden tegen die niet worden geaccepteerd terwijl er wel niet goed nederlandse worden geaccepteerd. Vandaag bv ido. Ido is net als Esperanto een wereldtaal.

  10. Fran Lane permalink

    How can I eliminate all ads.

  11. hobert permalink


  12. Dominique ter Braak permalink

    I cannot use all the facilities in voice control anymore. When I want to swap tiles I can’t indicate which ones I want to change. No

  13. I posted a comment. Why doesn’t it show?


    THERE IS NO VETTING OF ADVERTISERS ON WORDFEUD GAME SITE. I ordered a piece of furniture 3 weeks ago from Persistuc. Funds were deducted SAME DAY. Received confirmation e mail. Received tracking number via e-mail. My order was on its way. Today I received a pair of very cheaply made gloves. The tracker says “complete, delivered”. IT HAS NOT. I WANT THE PIECE OF FURNITURE I ORDERED AND PAID FOR. PLEASE HELP.
    Please share my experience with Wordfeud users everywhere.

    Michelle. 905-449-0501 Canada9

    Get Outlook for Android

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