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Wordfeud server maintenance

September 28, 2015

The Wordfeud servers are currently down for maintenance. We expect the servers to be up again around 09:30 CET.

Update 22:30 CET: Maintenance took longer than expected, but partial service was restored by 14:00 CET, and full service by 20:00 CET. Unfortunately, tonights Facebook outage is also having a negative effect on Wordfeud. We’re working on mitigating this issue so that users who aren’t logging into Wordfeud using their Facebook account can still play.

Update 23:00 CET: Facebook has restored service, and Wordfeud is 100% up and running again! We’re very sorry for all the downtime today.

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  1. LaSophie permalink

    Is this a joke or what??
    What’the b***** issue?? And why can’ t an Admin-or-who-ever, update all us,devoted WF-players???

    • Mariann monica Jensen permalink

      And what on earth happened to my statistics? Approx 1400 ?? On my mobile the real score is 1842.
      Reply please!

  2. Sue G permalink

    Some communication would be nice …. wouldn’t it make sense for the organiser to post updates on what the situation is and how long Wordfeud will be unavailable. The system’s gone down, come back and gone down again.

  3. Was 09.30 misschien 19.30?? 😕 Ik geloof dat het opgelost is.Ik kan weer inloggen en spelen. Hoera.

  4. Rudi22 permalink

    This is getting ridiculous, allready all day nothing but problems with WF and no info from them or excuse

  5. RAW permalink

    After struggling with logging in for a large part of the day (timed out), it became better at the start of the evening, but I now get an error message: “Expected status code in (200-299), got 503.”

  6. Sussi bach permalink

    Not again. Here in Denmark it was OK for 4 hours but now it’s off again. Are you sleeping or what the f… is going on.

  7. Michelle permalink

    Oh the server was down just so your pic shows when u message the person you’re playing with!

  8. Rudi22 permalink

    What à bunch of f***** amateurs with WF

  9. Aleen munoz permalink

    This is completely rediculous and that’s being nice.. all night the server was down for maintenance and now down again wtf…

  10. Monique Kohnen permalink

    Down again.

  11. What is the problem? Appalling lack of availability for a game today

  12. Mimi4 77 permalink

    cannot log in – again… pls help!

  13. Still no progress !! Think mr Berteussen should use som of his millions to fix this..

  14. Sue G permalink

    This is his email address … send your comments direct!

  15. Whats going on? Cant get on wordfeud again..last nite an here we go again. Why doesnt someone have the decency to explain whats going on?

  16. Anita permalink

    9pm in the UK. No wordfeud, no communication……👎

  17. This is out of a comic book…no one from WF replies on the comments….

  18. snietje68 permalink

    I have problems to log in , what’s going on ?

  19. Thomas Henden permalink

    How about the 72 hour limit when there are outages like this?

    Will our ongoing games be ruined, or what?

    How about removing that limit, or at least let people choose to play without it, so there are no
    hurry during vacations with less internet connectivity etc.?

  20. Elin Katrine permalink

    Expected status code in (200-299), got 503. Jeg får ikke spilt dessverre

  21. Fran permalink

    Just played one word with UK player from UK but can not play at all with Spanish Wordfeuders.Now can’t play anyone getting error code.I give up.😭😭😭😭

  22. Jam permalink

    Why the ads!!!? I have the paid version which undertakes to remove ads, and since the maintenance I’ve been served two intrusive ads!!! Are you trying to wean me off wordfeud forever?

  23. Donna stachowski permalink

    Connection errors here…..wordfeud has not worked since 10 pm EST, and it will be 24 hours in 1 1/2 hours. Come on already …..get the game fixed!!! I need this game……WTH???

  24. 1) You should have a goal to be as professional as FB / Twitter. A whole day of downtime is not accepted by your audience
    2) Let us “replay” / review games, on a web link. How cool is that?

  25. Wally permalink

    Still having many server connection error messages…..comes and goes….on all devices…Android, Apple, Windows. Clearly things are still not 100%

  26. Jørn Erstad permalink

    Just to inform you. A lot of players, not using fb account, were unable to play during times of trouble.

  27. Afra195 permalink

    I lost my upgrade

  28. Damen permalink

    Wordfeud us not working good, THE chat is not working corectly, it is very slow, and sometimes THE chat let nit see what we type, than we have to restart again. Pleas fix this.

  29. Patty permalink

    I haven’t had too many problems here in Cincy. But the messages are not going through very well

  30. Sandra permalink

    I can’t get my games to open

  31. Ann permalink

    It”s not working!!

  32. Frank Bakker permalink

    After the problems of the Wordfeud servers of the 28th of September, i again have problems opening my game. Pressing my game takes me to the front app page of my iphone. Explanations or solutions anyone?

    • Kurre permalink

      Have you got any answer on your question, I have the same problem?

  33. Laura kadel permalink

    I still cant play!!! Tried deleting abd reloading and installed update no luck

  34. Can’t lock in on a play

  35. neniatamiil permalink

    Can’t load any game now after the update. Just sit and watch it resigning 😦
    Please fix it 🙂

    • Jess permalink

      Same problem ad many others users. The game is there but can’t open it. Very frustrating 👎😩

  36. RoanneSikking permalink

    My wordfued on i-phone not working. Opens. Tap to play. Reverts to app icon. Please advise.

  37. Gerrit Bokdam permalink

    Down again

  38. Gerrit Bokdam permalink

    The same problem as Frank Bakker

  39. Sept 30 – update WF causes major error – it starts and when selecting a game WF thinks a while and closes spontaniously.
    Ergo: you can nog play anymore.

    Please correct this bug asap


  40. Lollo loggert permalink

    My wordfeud doesnt work. Cant open game with my friends. Shut down.

  41. Maja permalink

    My WF doesn’t allow me to play, it throughs me out?!

  42. Kristine permalink

    My father is desperate! He play on iphone4, and after the update its imposible to play. Please fix this! He realy need the game!

  43. willems1711 permalink

    Ik wil kunnen wordfeuten. Als ik op een speler druk dan kom ik terug bij het beginscherm

  44. Blairwitch permalink

    Impossible d ouvrir mes parties en cours !! Wtf???

  45. I cannot open the games?? Please help what is happening?

  46. Jacqueline permalink

    My word feud app does not work anymore. No display of the games. Instead the system takes me back to telephone startup display. My game time is running out. Such a pity. Please restore!

  47. Lisa permalink

    This is redicules… Mine just won’t load… No communication… Unless you search for it

  48. Still not working!!!! How about a reply ???

  49. Kiki Birgit jørnow permalink

    Wordfeud have not been working teaterstykke evening and is still not working

  50. Trudy60 permalink

    I cannot open my games they are blocked somehow. I don’t know. Can you help me?

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