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Wordfeud server maintenance

September 28, 2015

The Wordfeud servers are currently down for maintenance. We expect the servers to be up again around 09:30 CET.

Update 22:30 CET: Maintenance took longer than expected, but partial service was restored by 14:00 CET, and full service by 20:00 CET. Unfortunately, tonights Facebook outage is also having a negative effect on Wordfeud. We’re working on mitigating this issue so that users who aren’t logging into Wordfeud using their Facebook account can still play.

Update 23:00 CET: Facebook has restored service, and Wordfeud is 100% up and running again! We’re very sorry for all the downtime today.

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  1. How come that wf works in my wifes Iphone4 but not mine almost identical Ip4?

    • Olle Wicander permalink

      I can’t come in to my ongoing game since monday. I have uninstalled and installed again.

    • Daniel G permalink

      Since the last update / service of WordFeud Servers there are a lot of performance issues and time outs. It is very sloooow. No matter what kind of network is used.
      Things that worked fine before….

      Looks like the priority on WF is lowered to the bottom and other games are set on top instead, sorry to say.

  2. Therapist permalink

    I can’t see the tiles in my ongoing games, even thou I can see them in my old finished games?! WTF ??!! The deadline limit in the tournament games will be owerruled?!

  3. K Herenius permalink

    Wordfeud is not working

    • PascalPatron permalink

      It dosent work for me ;(

    • You can repair WF in the AppStore

      • Gerrit Bokdam permalink

        WF works again. Gerrit Bokdam

        > Op 1 okt. 2015 om 22:43 heeft Wordfeud Dev Blog het volgende geschreven: > > >

  4. MIne is not working, since yesterday!.:(

  5. Inmaculada19 permalink

    Why is wordfeud not working? Since 2 days can’t open it!

  6. Linda permalink

    My WF is still not working, since yesterday, september 30.

  7. Piet permalink

    Like other comments above till now 1/10/15 10.00am no access to WFgames, since last tuesday! What to do?

  8. Bart permalink

    My Wordfeud is also not working since yesterday morning.😡

  9. Is this going to be fixed or what??????
    Going into day # 2 for me…

  10. KR Ouwens permalink

    I Cannon play with iphone4, version iOS 7.1.2

  11. Kiki Birgit jørnow permalink

    Wordfeud is still not working

  12. Joost The permalink

    After the problem is fixed, I can start the app WF.
    If II wants to play the app, he going down.
    How can I fix this problem?

  13. I have been playing with the same person for 2 years and I have no way to get a message to her that I can’t get in to the game! We only chat thru WF… I am SO FREAKIN ANNOYED!!!!!

  14. Tony permalink

    I can’t open any games without the app crashing. I deleted the app and redownloaded it in hopes that this would fix it but this was to no avail. Now, I can’t open any games and I now have pop up ads!!! Please fix this asap.

  15. Per Otto Klepp permalink

    My WF is not working since 28th of Sept …. :-((

  16. Robroro permalink

    Again no wordfeud 1/10

  17. Anzel permalink

    Wordfeud werkt alweer niet, dat is er aan de hand!!!?

  18. Lorna permalink

    I’m still having problems connecting with any games. I was ok on 28 September the problems started on 30 September. Help please!

  19. Hi, I would like an update to Premium on my Smartphone. Is that possible and how? Pls email reply!
    Rgds Turid

  20. Stig Pettersen permalink

    A lot of players cannot play with iphone4, version iOS 7.1.2 and you give them no answers. Will you fix this?

  21. Why can’t I play Wordfeud?

  22. Mieschtel••••Pech permalink

    After i had updated Worfeud i can see everything ( statistics, finished games,etc…) , except my current parties? Why i can’t play and see the board of a game which is on?thanks

  23. Rene1961 permalink

    Can you give us an update about when WF will be up and running again?

  24. Since Wednesday morning 7am CET, there is a bug affecting Wordfeud v2.12.2 for iOS (paid version).

    I can start the app and display the list of matches.
    But when i try to open a match, the app shuts down.

    Like many users reported, this affects iPhone 4 and older devices that can’t be upgraded to iOS9.
    Users running Android or iOS9 devices seem to be fine.

    Can you let me know if/when this will be fixed?

  25. Ellen permalink

    Haven’t been able to play since sept 28. Uninstalled several times with no luck

  26. Merete Romøren permalink

    I have i-phone 4s and my Wordfeud is not working 😦 What is wrong and how can i fix it?

  27. Jos permalink

    Dear Wordfeud, please comment on this issue. There was something really wrong with update v2.12.2 in combination with an iPhone 4. Tell your clients the truth!

  28. Marja de vries permalink

    Ik kan al 20 uur geen spellen meer afmaken, balen! Wat is er aan de hand? Kan niets openen van wirdfeud. Help

  29. Aleid permalink

    Still not able to open WF! What is happening?!

  30. Can’t lock om ny iPhone 4

  31. Frank Bakker permalink

    Downloading iOS9 is the solution for iphone users.

  32. Inmaculada19 permalink

    It’s working!!!!😄

  33. Inmaculada19 permalink

    There is an update in the appstore!

  34. K Herenius permalink

    You can repair WF in the AppStore

  35. Thank you Thank you thank you !!!!

  36. Jorun Pauline Bakkmyr permalink

    I can’ open the game again! Why?

  37. peter Grindemann permalink

    I want to play, but it is not possible,
    because i don’t get any data from my combattonts.

  38. Joyce permalink

    Please fix the bug WF can’t open on my iPhone 4 grrrrrrrr😡

  39. Henriette Kuit permalink

    IT is not possible to play Wordfeud on my iPhone4 since a few days. I can open iT, but when I want to play iT shuts down to beginscreen with Apps . Please advise

  40. NoOneElse permalink

    Hi. I have tried to play the Word “yrdes” in Swedish On an Android device but was denied with error message “the word is not in our Dictionary”. Strange thing is, its in the SAOL Dictionary and My opponent later in the game got Points for that exact word, he played On an iPad. Can you explain this?

    Med Vänliga Hälsningar Johannes Hacker

  41. Elizabeth Cooper permalink

    Wordfeud is not up & running on my phone despite the update. It opens but when I click on a game it shuts down. Now I am getting push notifications that I’m going to lose my turn. I’m using iPhone 4.

  42. AnnaKarin Kallin permalink

    I have problems to connect
    to the Wordfeud server with
    my Galaxy s2 since the 3 oct.
    It shows Connection error
    all the time. I have uninstalled
    the app several times but that have not
    fixed the problem. What to do?

  43. Mimidb1960 permalink

    I love the game Wordfeud and i am looking for opponente.❤️❤️❤️

  44. christy permalink

    I am unable to change my profile picture for two days now. Please help!!

  45. Kenneth permalink

    In next update i would like to see the total score between me and my opponent. I mean where it shows previous games, you won – you lost – draws – total score X vs X.

  46. Terry Boseley permalink

    Why has worfeud stopped today

  47. arma brouwer permalink

    27-11-15 Again something is very wrong with the letters we receive. Only consonants, sometimes four of the same or only vowels plus the same problem.
    There are already games we cannot finish.
    Please can this be fixed?

  48. mark permalink

    Soft key support for Microsoft lumia 950 please

  49. Hanne Kristin Nordbø permalink

    So one

  50. sharon Kossman permalink

    I paid for no ads, but when I got a new phone, I am getting the ads again I will not pay two times, please take the ads off.

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