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Danish word list update (2017)

November 29, 2017

We’ve just updated the Danish word list used in Wordfeud. It now includes changes from the 2017 update of Retskrivningsordbogen (digital edition). For more information about this update, see

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  1. Isabelle permalink

    I dont understand : all the Times i lost i lost 20 points and when i win i win maxi 10 points
    Can you explain me that ???

    • Frank permalink

      When you play with a person having fewer points that you, you will become less points winning than loosing.

  2. Can you make the game as such that being from India I am matched with players from my timezone please

  3. Jonna Christensen permalink

    This word: KLOGERE eksist in Danish 😄

  4. Helle permalink

    This word; SENERE is a commom Danish word 🙂

    • Hvasajeg permalink

      Det er masser af danske ord og navne der mangler. Øv!

  5. Arnt Yngve Arntsen permalink

    How can i suggest New Word inn Norwegian?

  6. Thule permalink

    Why not (bazar) ? In Danish

  7. Maxime GOSSO permalink

    When will we get the ITALIAN dictionary?

  8. Morten Hald Andersen permalink

    Der er alt for mange danske ord, som det ikke er muligt at bruge…..! Derfor mister man lysten til at spille Wordfeud.

    • Søren lungholt permalink

      Enig, og taber nu et spil fordi der ikke kan skrives fru, mens alt mulig nonsens går, opleves gang på gang at gængse danske ikke dur

  9. Birgitte Juul permalink

    Vuf, senere, længere samt mange andre dansk ord bør kunne anvendes 😊

  10. Birthe Bundgaard permalink

    The game does NOT have enough Danish Woods and also a lot of Danish abbreviations are missing – if you could ADD somre more Woods the game would be far more attractive.

  11. Kirsten permalink

    This word TOMHED eksist in Danish

  12. Karsten Munk Lauritsen permalink

    I Can NOT Get my foto on. .??? Vhy is that ?

  13. Karsten Munk Lauritsen permalink

    Jeg kan ikke få et billede på ??

  14. Kent Fabrin permalink

    It is reproachable that you use the Danish word “bingoer” in the player statistics overview, yet don’t allow it in the game.

  15. Ulla Theilade permalink

    Why not BOTOX in Danish ?

  16. Elisabeth permalink

    Undrer mig også over at tesi ikke godkendes

    Og navneform af verber så som en gaben

  17. Jonas permalink

    Error/Bugg: The Word AUTO is in the swedish dictionary but i can’t idé it in the the game, please fix this

  18. Brian Noe kristensen permalink

    Hvorfor kan man ikke skrive “senere”

    • Birgitte Dyrehauge permalink

      Man kan ikke skrive gradbøjede tillægsord. Det er ret irriterende!

  19. Rikke Niebuhr permalink

    Karak is a a missing word in the Danish version

  20. Anne E. Skousen permalink

    Dear wordfeud, the words SEV (pastense for SIVE) and SLUF (a roommate in college) are weirdly enough rejected. KOL (a lung disease) and OCD have no other other names in normal danish language and should also be permissable, in my opinion. Love the game otherwise

  21. Could u please add top (100) rating list for each dictionary for standard board? It would be so fun to see whos on top and perhaps challenge them.

  22. Rikke Riis permalink

    How come my word: Senest, is not accepted?
    It’s a common word…of the word :sen

  23. Ruff permalink


  24. Jeppe Holm permalink

    Dear WF team
    You should hire some danish staff to propperly handel danish syntax. Allow me to speak freely:

    Danish SyntaxHandling in WF is very poor
    …tending to be ridicoulos

  25. Alice Jones permalink

    I purchased the game years ago and have been playing it daily, now I am getting a Error message “user hasn’t engaged in 90 days” What’s going on?

  26. Han permalink

    Bello can not open wordfeud anymore.
    Says thee is an exception found and rust I havent logged in for 90 days. Wich I sure have. Mostely Daisy.
    Please help.
    W K R

  27. Mia permalink

    Waarom loopt de app vast met de melding dat ik 90 dagen niet gespeeld heb en daarom geen toegang meer heb?

  28. Helén permalink

    Appen funkar inte på svenska versionen.

  29. Birgitte Dyrehauge permalink

    ISBRÆ er et gyldigt, dansk ord, som den ikke vil acceptere😟

  30. Anne Lucas permalink

    Piv er et almindelig dansk ord og det kan man ikke bruge

  31. Birgitte Dyrehauge permalink

    ZAMBO accepterer den ikke, skønt ordet optræder i ordbogen med flg. forklaring:

    ZAMBO er en person hvis ene forælder er indianer, og hvis anden forælder er mulat eller sort

  32. Marsha Diggs permalink

    Where is this Danish at I never even looked for that on Wordfeud?

  33. Gitte Berg permalink

    The word NYERE is a danish word

  34. Benedicte Stamer permalink

    It would be nice if i shouldn’t answer every night that I have understand that I won’t get any notifikation when I choose not to get any. Some pop-ups have a possibility saing: don’t show this message again. Couldn’t you set it up here? I don’t want to get disturbed at night.

  35. Erik permalink

    Not quite correct.
    Your program will not (in danish) accept
    LIGVOGN which IS in the danish language as well as in the danish dictionary.
    Regards from Erik Grønvald, Helsingør

  36. Carsten Bo Laursen permalink

    XL is A normal zice for cloth.
    But XL Isnt exist why NOT ??

  37. WHO not “sete” or “iskiosk” in Danish ?

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