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Danish word list update (2017)

November 29, 2017

We’ve just updated the Danish word list used in Wordfeud. It now includes changes from the 2017 update of Retskrivningsordbogen (digital edition). For more information about this update, see

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  1. Isabelle permalink

    I dont understand : all the Times i lost i lost 20 points and when i win i win maxi 10 points
    Can you explain me that ???

  2. Can you make the game as such that being from India I am matched with players from my timezone please

  3. Jonna Christensen permalink

    This word: KLOGERE eksist in Danish 😄

  4. Helle permalink

    This word; SENERE is a commom Danish word 🙂

    • Hvasajeg permalink

      Det er masser af danske ord og navne der mangler. Øv!

  5. Arnt Yngve Arntsen permalink

    How can i suggest New Word inn Norwegian?

  6. Thule permalink

    Why not (bazar) ? In Danish

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