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Danish word list update (2017)

November 29, 2017

We’ve just updated the Danish word list used in Wordfeud. It now includes changes from the 2017 update of Retskrivningsordbogen (digital edition). For more information about this update, see

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  1. Susanne Vikberg permalink

    När jag skriver in ord som jag vet finns ochdet får inte få igenom och ok. Jag undrar från vilka lexicon ni hämtar ord? Mvh S

  2. Anders Andersson permalink

    Because I am a Swede. living in Sweden I Would like you to concentrate on the Swedish version because i really sucks. I have the whole of my life been working with several languages so I think I know what I am talking about here.
    Otherwise I really enjoy WF and have many matches going on with my friends every day (and nig).
    Best regards, Anders Andersson, Stockholm

  3. Paul-Erik Styrk permalink

    Knot er dansk ord og betyder knude. Mærkeligt det ikke er med i jeres ordbog og som nu betyder jeg taber.
    Paul-Erik Styrk

  4. Lobber permalink

    I have through my time playing wf crossed roads with a lot of words that are in the Danish wordbooks, last One today was a simple word as NYERE – it means newer ( as in “min er NYERE end din “ Or in English “mine is newer than yours” .. and wf Will not allow it… maybe there shoul be a possibility to click directly to admin wf and report the words, and Then admin Can look the word up in its natural form, and its adjectives etc.
    Thank you kindliy 😃

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