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  1. Val permalink

    Why is cajun not accepted?

    • Fred permalink

      It’s a name

    • Elin Christiansen permalink

      Hvorfor godkendes forkortelse for Danmark ikke(DK)
      Også DR, der er jo mange andre mærkelige forkortelser der godkendes.

  2. Kjell Moltu-Jacobsen permalink

    I have the following comments:
    1: The dictionary Norwegian Bokmål that you use is not correct. There are many Norwegian words in the language that are not accepted. That is very irritating. And you could also accept Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian nynorsk in the same game.
    2: You could also allow the words to be written backwords. That makes it much more funny to play.
    I see forward to your comments on these subjects,

  3. Does anyone know how long a game invite stays active? Does it expire in 73 hours, like unplayed games do? Is it maybe 24 hours? I’ve invited a friend, and he has either declined or has ignored the request. Is there a way I can know which has happened? I want to send another invite, but wouldn’t if I knew my first invite was still there on his page.

    • Helene permalink

      How long does a game stay active before being removed

  4. aba 73 permalink

    Why can’t I use the word mi in swedish while other player can

  5. Keith Mann permalink

    Why is my picture not displayed on Word feud?

  6. Yvonne permalink

    Hello i had buy this game but i get every time advertisement. Can you help me with this problem

    • George Cassidy permalink

      Why is barcode not accepted? It is clearly a legitimate word.

  7. Niels Jørgen Jørgensen permalink

    Hvorfor kan man ikke skrive ‘seneste’ på dansk?

  8. Drachten permalink

    When send a invite to a friend player its niet received at my friend so lost all contact.. any sulutions?

  9. hakima permalink

    Please if someone is taking longer than 15mnt to come up with a word, let the game automatically skip his turn, please…im here with a dude that takes like 30 min…im still waiting

    • Erling permalink

      I am working, driving all day – I play when I come home. So often several hours goes by. Please have patient.

    • Binky Melnik permalink

      Let me make sure I understand what you’re requesting: while you’re sleeping, you want to miss your turn every fifteen minutes. Is that it?

      You seem to mistakenly believe that the game is played in real-time. It is not. People take their turns when and as they’re able. If they’re at work, in class, having a medical procedure, buying groceries, on the toilet, changing diapers, etc, they’ll be unable to take their turns immediately.

      People have 72 hours to take their turns, and forfeit if they don’t make a move within that time. If you want to play in real-time, you’ll need to do it offline, with a board, tiles, a timer, and friends and family.

    • Myra Feit permalink

      Maybe send him a little reminder

  10. Jef permalink

    Mayby it would-be be beter to use proper dictionary Words in Dutchbat and english. Now its possible to use english Words in a dutch game nut also non existing Words. Check the vandale edition

  11. Hubert Iser permalink

    The Dutch dictionary is not correct. English words are accepted and perfectly dutch words as “poeder,pooier and te” are rejected!

  12. Lenah Jellby Bössfall permalink

    Varför skall jag betala för reklam igen för att jag har bytt telefon? Har samma inställningar som tidigare. Jag vill ha tillbaks min statistik på mina vänner och mig.
    Har spelat flera gånger dagligen i över 8 år.
    Hoppas på ett snabbt svar
    Hälsar Lenah

  13. Chany Damodice-Zenari permalink

    The French dictionary is not correct …. for exemple “quilt” is not a valid word… and it happens often !!!

  14. Wokama permalink

    Is it possible to make suggestions for a dictionary? And if where? It often happens that common German words are rejected and surprisingly strange ones are accepted.

  15. Birgit Scholz permalink

    How can I find a wordfeud player, recently lost, with whom I played for more than 2 year, untill year end. Unfortunately I did never add him as friend, we only just played over and over again. He changed hus name several times. He has a picture of the godfather. Thought his name was Marcel.

  16. Heiko permalink

    How can I change my profile picture, since some weeks it’s not possible suddenly, and also how can I switch to unsymmetrical play field ?

    • George Cassidy permalink

      Why is “barcode” not an accepted word? I see it used many times including in Wikapedia. Perhaps your dictionary should be updated.

  17. Maja Eriksen permalink


  18. Highway 48 permalink

    Er zijn ongelooflijk veel woorden die niet geaccepteerd worden en veel woorden waar ik een groot ? Bij heb wat het betekent in het Nederlands.

  19. Highway 48 permalink

    Waarom staat de competitie alleen in het Engels. En niet ook in het Nederlands ? Hou de eigen taal per land in ere aub.

  20. In dutch is ‘afvoederen’ a normal word. Search in a dictionaryand you will find it

  21. Sari van Leeuwen permalink

    Wordfeud would be even more interesting if the value of a word only was shown when the word is accepted. Like in WordCrex

  22. Wilson permalink

    Why is “afro” not accepted?

  23. Jools permalink

    Hi, my games are stuck on pas, huddle or menu. I can not play…. Is there a bug….called Corona…?
    What can I do?
    Looking forward to your reply.

  24. I bought a Wordfeud app so I wouldn’t get any ads and get informed about my rating. After a couple of days I can’t see my rating and I Can’t figure out why. Does this sound familiar to someone?

  25. shujit permalink

    Hi there I just played the word Catagens and it comes up as an unrecognised word. Please correct ASAP
    It means a period of hair growth.

  26. Susanne permalink

    Hur avslutar jag när en idiot skickar obscena förslag. Innan spelet har börjat. Hittar ingen avslutsknapp el liknande. Hittar inte heller i menyn.

    • Erling Moeller permalink

      Pä tandhjulet i överste meny kan du blokere en modspiller. sä vil jeg tro at spillet bliver afbrot.
      Har ikke selv prövet det. Hilsen fra Danmark

      • Erling Moeller permalink

        Du kan også bare “Give op” i menyen og derefter blokere modstander

  27. M. Vonk permalink

    Waarom wordt visagist niet geaccepteerd?

  28. Syb permalink

    In Dutch, the word “uwe” was always allowed but as of today not anymore. Could you put it back?

  29. nel de graaf permalink

    Wordfeut net ge update kan nu alleen.passen husselen spelen niet wat nu ?

  30. algreja permalink

    Waar zijn de nl blogs voor woorden en updates

  31. Randi Botn permalink

    Hva er galt med spilleroboten Nikkabot? Den svarer ikke på spill?

  32. Eijssen Fons permalink

    Een heel leuk verslavend spel

  33. I’d like to see the word “FOD” added to the English dictionary. While it’s origin is an acronym for “Foriegn Object Damage”, it has become a functional word in it’s own right, describing debris .

  34. Rosa Ragnarsdotter permalink

    Många ord som inte godkänns i Wordfeud kan ni inte uppdatera??? Jävligt irriterande@!

  35. sofloc permalink

    Could you explain what is behind the recent year’s explosion of bots: how it’s run and work, and what’s being done to counter it?

  36. Jon permalink

    Please please please please please get rid of the 72 hour limit on moves. I only play with one person and this artificial limit has ruined countless games.

  37. Lucien Monfils permalink

    The word ‘ede’ is not accepted in the Dutch WF, but it is a common word.
    Example sentence:
    Dat verklaar ik onder ede.
    Translation: I declare that under oath.

  38. Elsebeth permalink

    Enig i at der er for mange ord man ikke kan skrive. Opdater lidt oftere.
    Vh Elsebeth

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