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  1. Barbro Wangsten permalink

    How come Friday is not an excepted word???

    • groot permalink

      Error. In WF dictionaire. Should be put intl their file. As well as the word IRAN, qwhich is an excisting country

  2. Eric Wangsten permalink

    The very common word Friday, is not accepted in the American English game! Why?

  3. Pam Walker permalink

    I really hate the forced resignation of a game when one does not play for a couple of days. Sometimes we are out of service range and it can not be helped. Could you please extend the deadline times?

  4. Pauline permalink

    Not happy with the new format adverts where I am forced to change from landscape orientation to portrait orientation to be able to close the advert. A bother when you play a lot. I hope something can be done about this.

  5. Terje Mikalsen permalink

    How are you calculating the score points?
    Looks like many resigns to avoid losing and the winner is not getting much credit??
    Does an opponent have to be signed up as a “friend” to counted in the stats?

  6. Jonnie permalink

    Het is vreemd dat je nog een woord kunt leggen en wordfreud stopt er gewoon mee. Je hebt nog genoeg letters en toch kun je geen letter meer leggen. Waardeloos omdat het niet klopt. Dit moet en kan anders. Zo word je wel benadeeld

  7. rob permalink

    When I add a👍🏼 in the chat than the reveiver not only sees the 👍🏼, but also an 💀 in a black square. That happens only in Wordfeud. This should be corrected.

  8. rob permalink

    In the comment above you can also see an appearing box after the thumbs up I did not put it there. In the game chats a skull appears in the box withoutbputting it there.

  9. Wendy permalink

    The dutch dictionairy is not adequate, I just wantend to play the word Koerd, a persoon from Kurdistan and it was rejected. The same happend with the word zeeuw, a persoon from zeeland, a dutch province.

    • Cor permalink

      Beste Wendy, dat zijn allebei zgn. eigennamen. Ze horen met een hoofdletter geschreven te worden, en zulke woorden mogen nu eenmaal niet, ook niet in de Nederlandse versie van scrabble.

  10. Joost permalink

    On SonyXperia ARC overgebleven tiles getal niet zichtbaar, verder vaak problemen met openen wordfeud via wifi, via mobiele data gaat dan wel.

  11. Jannie permalink

    Ik wil het woorde: heinde, spelen. Is een goed Nederlands woord, maar WF kent het niet??

    • beste jannie ditkom ik ook regelmatig tege maar dan ook de andere kant op woorden die niet besbtaan worden welgoed gekeurd wat is bijvoorbeel bov ik ken welmde bof maar…niet so ms doe ik gewooon maaewat nog een mooi voorbeel mijn tegenstander speel de gebhumde? voo200punten en dan is het niet echt leuk meer

    • Cor permalink

      Beste Jannie, dat komt omdat ‘heinde’ niet op zichzelf voorkomt, maar alleen als onderdeel
      van een uitdrukking, nl. ‘van heinde en verre’. Op de site kun je WF-regels vinden, maar je kunt er ook nagaan of een bepaald woord toegestaan is of niet,
      en, last but not least: je kunt er suggesties indienen om woorden op te nemen of te schrappen.

  12. Sinds de laatste update kan Wordfeud spelen alleen nog maar horizontaal,op het scherm van mijn Asus tablet. Horizontaal kan wel, maar dan zijn de letters te klein.
    Kan dit weer teruggedraaid worden?

  13. Janine permalink

    I hate the automatic resignation! Please stop! I don’t have time to play everyday..if my opponents don’t mind waiting, why do you? I love the game , but hate this issue!

  14. Ron owen permalink

    My wife has just upgraded to get rid of the adverts, and now the app has locked her out. Trying to get a response from support, but am getting tired of waiting.

  15. permalink

    Dat na de laatste upedate mijn moeder van 100 jaar het spel niet meer kan spelen is erg jammer.
    voorheen kon dat en speelde ze de hele dag tegen 20 personen, nu ze het niet meer kan zien, zijn er al vele afgehaakt, helaas.

  16. Theodoraanne permalink

    Shorty the tiger ..Hi…. Shortythetiger lets play again.

  17. Mieke Dutoit permalink

    Hundreds of words in the dutch game are not accepted though they are standard dutch and you can find them in the official scrabble List based on van Dale.

  18. themadmurph permalink

    I only recently discovered Word Feud. I play a couple of friends. One had an iPhone the other an Android. I have a windows phone. I bought the full version but I have less features than them, even though they play on the free version. Is the windows version being dropped?

  19. wim permalink

    waarom verandert de taak van de applicatie niet mee als je van ios taal switcht ?

  20. ik merk dat de laatste paar dagen de scores niet goed zichtbaar zijn meestal zie je alleen de totaalscore va de persoon die het laatste een zet gedaan heeft en is de andere onzichtbaar

  21. Rene permalink

    I win always

  22. Rosemarie Thompson permalink

    Why will it not let me get my grids up it’s doing every thing else but play ?

  23. peter Grindemann permalink

    I can’t play wordfeud on my iPhone (4) at least since 14 hours. I upgraded the app and then the desaster have begun.
    I hope you find a solution for that problem. Thank you.

  24. Bo Falk permalink

    I have paid for not getting adds. When I downloaded W-feud to my I-Pad I got a lot of problems with Wf on my Iphone. I deloaded Wf on my phone and downloaded the app again. After that i get adds on my phone. How do I solve this problem?//Bo Falk

  25. Why am I not receiving profile pics, of new wf friends, ,,just blank…

  26. I would like to request that next time Wordfeud is updated please could it be made possible to differentiate between league games and friendly games. Could they be a different colour or have a symbol. This would be very helpful when many games are being played simultaneously. Many thanks

  27. Soo, are you ever going to update Wordfeud for Windows devices, including Windows 10?
    I would not mind at all to buy Wordfeud again(I have the android version), for an updated version, but as it is, it’s just annoying to play with no point calculation and a bad interface in general.

    • And with the new tools for converting Android or iOS apps to Windows apps, you don’t even have to change much, if anything, when publishing to the Windows Store.

  28. Barbara permalink

    Restore previous purchase button does not seem to work, what should i do? Do not feel like paying twice. Thanks for your help!

  29. Someone is using my pic as there own …who dat. Is using my pic as there own I want to report them as fraudulant!!!

  30. Avelyne Grancourt permalink

    Why i can’t change my profile picture……

  31. Henny-maria permalink

    Neither can I change my profile picture. I’m also having troubles sending chats. I constantly have to tap on the little red chatnumber twice to send it.

  32. How can I get to report words in Dutch of which I know they are correct words??

  33. Mamieke1 permalink

    Is it possible that the chat-function is expanded with the possibility zending pictures?

  34. Cisca pouw permalink

    Hoe kan het dat je twee achereen volgende keren wint en je statistiek een lijn naar beneden aangeeft?

  35. Scott permalink

    Hello, I paid to use the WordFeud app. I sent a comment to your support email address. Yesterday, an error meessage stated that “internet” was not in the dictionary used. Today, it says “Ebola” and “Jew” is not in the dictionary. Would you update the dictionary please or explain what dictionary you’re using?

  36. Cannot connect to the wordfeud server or website it knocks all my passwords out does not accept any of them can you help. Resetting password never works what is the answer to the problem.

  37. Norman Dinsdale permalink

    Why can’t I get the total running scores as I play? Is it because I am on Windows 10?

  38. Charles permalink

    Hello, in Dutch the word HU means nothing. Is there a channel where i can inform or help you for Dutch dictionary.

    • Cor permalink

      Beste Charles, dat kan op
      Maar ‘hu’ betekent o.a. ‘ho’, ‘stop’ tegen een paard.
      Tik ‘hu’ maar eens in op

  39. Karin Balakirsky permalink

    The dutch word ‘pletten’ is no accepted. This should be added to the dictionary

    • Cor permalink

      Beste Karin, tegenwoordig is ‘pletten’ wel toegestaan.
      Tik dat woord maar eens in op
      Op die site kun je suggesties indienen voor de Nederlandse Wordfeud-woorden-database.

  40. Trine Viken permalink

    Lærsofa er et norsk ord! The Norwegian word “lærsofa” is not accepted, it should be added to the dictionary.

  41. Hey, I love word feud and it has been one of the apps that I have been playing to pass time since I got my first smart phone. I have a idea for an app and it is fairly similar to word feud in the programming architecture but much simpler in design and function but I have neither the funding nor expertise to design and build this app please contact

  42. it is allways strange to fin english word being whrigt weras some dutreal(good) dutch words are not tobe counted for although they considered good in de dikke van dale thedictionarie of the dutch lang.
    hoe can th list be corrected

  43. lyn brittain permalink

    The ads r blocking the words on the game board please remove

  44. Sussi bach permalink

    Connection error. Again and again.😈

  45. georgia35 permalink

    Can’t connect. Says my WiFi not working but it is for FB and AOL. 1:15 PM est

  46. Bobby permalink

    Server must be down. My Wifi working fine, but getting “network connection” issues. Help screen will not load. Looks like its on WF’s side . 1125am mdt 2/08/16

  47. Dag permalink

    Why is there no confirmation message sent when an invitation is rejected?

  48. Linda Graham permalink

    How can I add a photo to free version after I have been using the game for a while?

  49. Michou van den Bossche permalink

    Dutch wordfeud : ‘ ieder’ is a perfectly accepted , very common word …
    How come wf does not accept it ?

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