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Finnish dictionary and new ratings

July 8, 2013

We’ve just published a new version of Wordfeud for both iOS and Android. This update features a Finnish dictionary.

We’ve also changed the way ratings are calculated. Previously it was possible to lose rating even when winning a game. The way the rating algorithm worked, a higher rated player had to beat a lower rated player by a certain margin in order to gain rating points. Otherwise he or she would actually lose points, while the lower rated player that lost the game would gain points.In retrospect we’ve found this to be a bad idea for several reasons. For one thing it feels unfair to lose rating points when you win a game. Another problem with the old algorithm was that it was too sensitive. A single loss could mean losing hundreds of rating points. With the new rating algorithm (based on the ELO rating system) you’ll never lose rating points if you win. We’ve also made it less sensitive so that a single win or loss doesn’t result in a huge change in your rating.

We’ve recalculated everybody’s rating history using the new algorithm, so you’ll likely find that your rating has changed quite a bit. But so has everybody else’s rating, so it should be completely fair.

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  1. Darren Clark permalink

    Everywhere I look tells me it’s possible to change my username but whenever I try and them hit save it reverts back to the original! Is this only available on the paid version or am I doing something wrong?

  2. Lise permalink

    I miss a link in WF where we can ask you to add more words in the diktionary Is that possible to fix?

  3. Jörgen Barkefors permalink

    Will you ever update wordfeud for Windows Phone 8, to the same features as the Android version?
    J. Barkefors

  4. Alexander Herlin permalink

    Egen are you updating the Windows Phone client? It crashes all the time and it’s slow… Or have you abandoned wp? (running 8.1)

  5. LilleN permalink

    Isn’t it terribly embarrasing to be responsible for most expensive rubbish Windows-app? The ONLY reason you regret having bought a Windows 8.1 Phone..?

  6. hanne hebnes permalink

    words as “sidt” and “fluns” is not danish words, way do you accept thise as valid.

  7. Lonely punket permalink

    Okay. Looks like you developer morons doesn’t care about this comment section nor unhappy WP-customers. I bet I can say things like the developers prefer to be fucked by niggers horsedicks than writing for Windows Phone, and no one of them is going to notice me.

  8. Nezzox permalink

    Come on! Update the Windows Phone version!!!

  9. mrzoolook permalink

    If I lose to a player 100 stat points above me, I lose stat points. If I beat a player 100 points below me, I gain zero points. Is this by design?

  10. MiepLuigjes permalink

    My statistics and rating and also the longest word etc. are no more on my Wortfeut. Can you fixed that?

    • vanhanekam permalink

      …het lijkt erop dat je niet meer goed ingelogd bent. Kijk even bij menu-settings, of daar het goede emailadres en wachtwoord staan (zoals je die hebt gebruikt bij aanschaf van de app)

  11. VParsig permalink

    After the new iOS update yesterday, you cannot swap all letters. The last one is not shown. The popup window is too small

    • Tim permalink

      Exactly the same problem.

      I have emailed WF but no response yet.

  12. yvje permalink

    Plz update WF for Windows!!

    • Willie Venter permalink

      Don’y hold your breath… Team Wordfeud has obviously disbanded.

      Everyone that has Wordfeud on the windows platform, have tried contacting them, trying to get answers and support for the pathetic excuse for a Windows platform, but not a single reply was received. This lets us assume that they were fired or have disbanded.

      We will never know what the true reason is, because the head developer for the Windows platform has taken the source code, account login details for the Windows Store and the boss’s favorite bonsai tree. (I assume)

      All we can do now is either continue playing this game, or play another Scrabble game (i.e. Spell It) for the Windows Platform.

  13. Peter Old permalink

    When will you give Windows phone users an update? The windows version is very poor compared to Android. There are a lot of us out there, and we have to pay for it. Please update us.

  14. Still version 1.34 for windows?? Incredibly annoying!

  15. Wow! Thank you! I permanently needed to write on my website something like that. Can I include a fragment of your post to my blog?

  16. Rita permalink

    My graph never shows up and I’ve won 2 more games than figure into my ratio of wins

  17. Gerda Pepping permalink

    Why is it that I can’t use ALL my letters before a game has been decided?…I lose that game before i have used up ALL my words?

  18. Richard Brekne permalink

    It is absurd that left over points should count double against a player if the oponnent plays out. Gives the person playing out an unjustified extra advantage.

  19. Richard Brekne permalink

    Besides… the game doesnt always do this. There is a bug in how WF figures the end points sum when one player plays out.

  20. Ron permalink

    When to expect a upgrade for Windows Phone? And one other thing i bought this app on Windows phone almost one year ago. And suddenly I get ads in my wordfeud? How to get rid of this?

    Regards Ron

    • taeke63 permalink

      They released an update for WP yesterday which fixed the crashing on start-up.

  21. andre permalink

    When when when we het The update for the win phone. I never buy this like it is now . Crashes . What a terrible game. Shame on you…………

    • taeke63 permalink

      They released an update for WP yesterday which fixed the crashing on start-up.

  22. Harald Kreidner permalink

    This game is really good. I play it on Windows Phone. What I’m really missing are the features which are available on Android, like statistics and that the points are shown if the word is placed on the board. Please add these features in the Win version.

  23. Carlos diaz permalink

    There’s got to be a way stop those cheaters the higher my ranking gets the more I run into them so I ask them to use the word they just Googled to unscramble for them or however they get this crazy word that my spell check won’t even let me text to use it in a sentence thats when the chat gets all hostile it would one if they would just own it but yea right

  24. A D permalink

    Your french dictionnary is incomplete. It doesn’t know the word “alevi” and the whole family of it… But this word exist. Alevis are part of Islam, and they’re killed as a minority. Thanks for adding it. You made me lost many points because of this lack 😦

  25. Please please please update the Windows Phone app????!

  26. Esa permalink

    Please update finnish dictionary, i am typing in a regular finnish word “luomu” but it is not accepted, but word “fan” was accepted and it is not a finnish word.

  27. Peter Old permalink

    What about Windows phone? We have to pay for the app and its nowhere near to the android version. So many bugs and crashes. Please give us an update.

  28. T Jonsson permalink

    I found a bug? When the game ends my points not laid out goes to the opponent and these points are also subtracted from my points. I.e. I have 13 points left, not placed out, when the opponent ends the game. If my lead was 30 points, I lose with one point if my opponent ends with a 5 point draw.

  29. I just got a random apponent that had a picture of his private part on it. Please stop him from playing…disgusting. His username was putsomestankonit

    • katotash permalink

      I requested a random game on the 1st December and my opponent called popper john has an erect penis as is profile picture.
      I sent him a message that the picture was indecent and had informed him i reported it to the moderators. His profile picture is still active today and this after I sent the WF people three emails regarding this that day.



  30. Helle permalink

    I miss a lot of words in the Danish dictionary. Many common words are not in the dictionary. An update is needed as soon as possible.

  31. Paul permalink

    It would be nice if you in the history part of the statistics also show the highest rating skill the player once had.

  32. Annemarie permalink

    Hoe kan in van de fininsch afkomen, Wij kunnen niet verder spelen. Is alleeen bij een persoon. Zet het telkens op Dutch maar pakt weer de Finnisch.

    • willemvanhanekam permalink

      Probeer dit. Zet die persoon in friends list. Ga daarna naar friends list en tik die persoon aan. Controleer dan of goede board en goede taal staan geselecteerd. Dan “invite”. Zou moeten werken.

  33. Sidney permalink

    i wanted to right a dutchword called “pindasmaak”, but wordfeud said it didn’t stand in your dictionary, but it’s a normal word. it means “peanut flavour”.
    so i quite the game bc that was de best word i had.

  34. Gina Giorgesi permalink

    When will you be adding a Italian dictionary??!!

  35. Riny permalink

    Please make update for Dutch language! Miss a lot of words!💐

  36. Hendrikjan Breimer permalink

    After playing with 29 people at the same time i cant play with more and it says i already play with so many people. Well its not enough for me ( mammie)

  37. Loraine Rosenquist permalink

    Ik kan geen profielfoto meer plaatsen op míjn betaalde versie van WF.
    Hoe kan dit?

  38. Liisa Hasunen permalink

    What dictionary do you use on the Finnish version? There are many non-known words that are accepted (tau, MI, sä.. ,) and as well not accepted (eko…)

  39. Wordfeud is leuk en roos hoefman is lief

  40. Id,like to buy your game , but i dont now how!
    Please tell me ,i play the game in androids
    Please give me the clue!

    With kind regards G de Blieck

  41. Precious mumy permalink

    I need friends to play with

  42. Marianne Mooijman permalink

    Why are normal words like “machte” denied?

  43. Dorte Andersen permalink

    Han kom i tide

    tide godkendes ikke, men er godkendt bøjningsform af tid

  44. Torbjorn Jonsson permalink

    are you using robots as opponents now?

    No waiting time for a new opponent
    STARTING date about 2 months
    Draw points medium about 30
    Very few losses
    Some stupid draws

  45. JaSmin Mone permalink

    Sign up to play whenever!

  46. Ron permalink

    Ik.kan geen tegenstanders meer uitnodigen, hoe komt dat en hoe los ik dat op?

  47. Klaas Heek permalink

    Is it posible to update a dictionary of the Netherlands?

  48. Gina Fernandes raves permalink

    Now to update the english one….

  49. Derek Conn permalink

    I lost a 8 letter word Romanian. How can we get new words added

  50. Dave Duinker permalink

    Wordfeud is a welcome alternative to the overly splashy Scrabble Go..however, the placement of premium tiles makes it too easy to play huge scores with little the tw and dw being 5 spaces apart in 8 locations..otherwise I like this game..will an update rectify this..D.

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