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Danish word list update

December 6, 2016

The Danish word list will be updated tonight to reflect the latest changes in Retskrivningsordbogen. Wordfeud now uses a word list based on Retskrivningsordbogen, 4th edition, 2012, including digital updates as of 5 December, 2016.

For more information about the update of Retskrivningsordbogen, please see Dansk Sprognævn’s website (Danish).

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  1. Update of Danish dictionary. Wonderful! We really appreciate that.

  2. Carsten henriksne permalink

    Update:-( how can you play “Danish” words like etb, fx, and many, many other words that makes absolutely no sense at all 😦

  3. The randomization af letters has gone all haywire after the update. Now we get multiple dubles and triple letters compared to before the update!

  4. Ditlevmine permalink

    Why Can’t I write “neme”? At neme (Danish) = to take. .???

  5. Elsebeth Hansen permalink

    KOL is a Danish word and should be in the dictionary

  6. Auboise permalink

    Hvorfor accepterer I ikke LIT som i Lit de Parade? Eller REX, når I nu har Regina?

  7. Jean McLennan permalink

    Nothing to do with the update, sorry, but can’t see how to contact. I’ve paid for no ads and have a new iPad now and wonder if I need to pay again?

    • Greg Harris " the nob " permalink

      Dickhead aren’t you gullible lol

    • Greg Harris " the nob " permalink

      Stop whining , tired of listening to whinging such as people like you

  8. Anneke Groot permalink

    I have normall words who can’t in the game

  9. Eva-May Ohlander permalink

    There is a newly updated Swedish word list – why isn’t that integrated into WF?

    • Greg Harris " the nob " permalink

      Who cares and who gives a rats ass ? Do you care Anna ? Obviously you do otherwise why comments

  10. Anna permalink

    Hey, I couldn’t put the word HIPSTER – even though it’s in SAOL (Swedish official dictionary). Time for an update?

  11. Abhishek Vihol permalink

    Will there be any update for windows mobile 10 ?

    • Greg Harris " the nob " permalink

      No their no updates for dickheads like you

  12. Tina permalink

    In Danish the word. ‘oms’ should be available!

  13. Many stanåndard words are missing like; fru and Venus!!!

  14. Greg Harris " the nob " permalink

    Who cares about poxy Danish word feud what bollocks…. dumb ass nob sweats

  15. Ellen permalink

    Hvorfor stopper I ikke sådan en idiot som Greg Harris “nob”

  16. Leed permalink

    The addition of English ptofamities is definitely NOT an improvement. Dansk Sprognævn may have added words such as “fu*k” as many Danes have picked it up from watching English language films and have adapted it to their daily vocabulary. But it is still not Danish and it is very offensive. I have resorted to blocking all wordfeuders who play the word but would prefer that it be removed from the Wordfeud dictionary
    Thank you

    • Leed permalink

      Sorry it’s supposed to read “profanities”
      (Fat fingers small phone🙂)

  17. Astrid permalink

    Why cant i write exil in danish

  18. Annemarie permalink

    Wordfeud stopt steeds kan niet meer inloggen ik heb ervoor betaald graag oplossen

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