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Danish word list update

December 6, 2016

The Danish word list will be updated tonight to reflect the latest changes in Retskrivningsordbogen. Wordfeud now uses a word list based on Retskrivningsordbogen, 4th edition, 2012, including digital updates as of 5 December, 2016.

For more information about the update of Retskrivningsordbogen, please see Dansk Sprognævn’s website (Danish).

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  1. Update of Danish dictionary. Wonderful! We really appreciate that.

  2. Carsten henriksne permalink

    Update:-( how can you play “Danish” words like etb, fx, and many, many other words that makes absolutely no sense at all 😦

    • kittecoco permalink

      etb står for elektronisk tekstbehandling, ligesom edb står for elektronisk databehandling!

  3. The randomization af letters has gone all haywire after the update. Now we get multiple dubles and triple letters compared to before the update!

  4. Ditlevmine permalink

    Why Can’t I write “neme”? At neme (Danish) = to take. .???

    • Birgitte Kudal Guldbæk permalink

      Måske fordi det er dialekt?

  5. Elsebeth Hansen permalink

    KOL is a Danish word and should be in the dictionary

  6. Auboise permalink

    Hvorfor accepterer I ikke LIT som i Lit de Parade? Eller REX, når I nu har Regina?

  7. Jean McLennan permalink

    Nothing to do with the update, sorry, but can’t see how to contact. I’ve paid for no ads and have a new iPad now and wonder if I need to pay again?

    • Greg Harris " the nob " permalink

      Dickhead aren’t you gullible lol

    • Greg Harris " the nob " permalink

      Stop whining , tired of listening to whinging such as people like you

  8. Anneke Groot permalink

    I have normall words who can’t in the game

  9. Eva-May Ohlander permalink

    There is a newly updated Swedish word list – why isn’t that integrated into WF?

    • Greg Harris " the nob " permalink

      Who cares and who gives a rats ass ? Do you care Anna ? Obviously you do otherwise why comments

    • Henk permalink

      Wat is nu weer aan de hand

  10. Anna permalink

    Hey, I couldn’t put the word HIPSTER – even though it’s in SAOL (Swedish official dictionary). Time for an update?

  11. Abhishek Vihol permalink

    Will there be any update for windows mobile 10 ?

  12. Tina permalink

    In Danish the word. ‘oms’ should be available!

  13. Many stanåndard words are missing like; fru and Venus!!!

  14. Greg Harris " the nob " permalink

    Who cares about poxy Danish word feud what bollocks…. dumb ass nob sweats

  15. Ellen permalink

    Hvorfor stopper I ikke sådan en idiot som Greg Harris “nob”

  16. Leed permalink

    The addition of English ptofamities is definitely NOT an improvement. Dansk Sprognævn may have added words such as “fu*k” as many Danes have picked it up from watching English language films and have adapted it to their daily vocabulary. But it is still not Danish and it is very offensive. I have resorted to blocking all wordfeuders who play the word but would prefer that it be removed from the Wordfeud dictionary
    Thank you

    • Leed permalink

      Sorry it’s supposed to read “profanities”
      (Fat fingers small phone🙂)

  17. Astrid permalink

    Why cant i write exil in danish

  18. Annemarie permalink

    Wordfeud stopt steeds kan niet meer inloggen ik heb ervoor betaald graag oplossen

  19. Kevin permalink

    So many words and tenses are wrong or missing. Playing every day and the list just keeps on growing. The implementation of the dictionary seems to be flawed.

  20. baryler permalink

    Please remove the word “huns” from the database. I literally just lost a game because someone were able to write that. And it’s not in retskrivningsordbogen:

  21. Tijm permalink

    Ik wil dat je kan zien dat iemand online is

  22. Hanne Inger Jensen permalink

    Telex is a part of ‘dansk retskrivningsordbog’ I get A failure for this😡

  23. Henning Riecke permalink

    Tried to write “åløb” to day, but was told ” not in the dictionary”. This word has been known my hole life and I’m 74 years old.

  24. Marianne Johannsen permalink

    At hyle, i formen sikke en “hylen”, burde kunne bruges?

  25. Charlie permalink


  26. Hanne Simonsen permalink

    Billed er et dansk ord Men blev nægtet

  27. Bo Stefan Nielsen permalink

    Please add the word ‘acne’ (synonymous in Danish: skæl (i hovedbunden)).
    Also: I used to be able to write ‘ecu’ (the precurser to €), why was that word removed from the dictionary?

  28. Naika permalink

    Interesting that WF vildeste a game when, in fact one could have played a word which would have orherwise win the game. Instead, I just lost the game.

  29. Kirsten permalink

    Jeg synes der er mange korrekte ord som ikke godkendes

  30. Klaus Krøyer permalink

    You can play the word ‘FIRM’ in the Danish WF. But that word does not exist in Danish dictionaries.

  31. Henk permalink

    Waar heen is de wrg

    • Leed permalink

      You might have chosen Danish by mistake instead of Dutch

  32. Ane Brendorp permalink

    Tomhed er ikke med ! En mega fejl !

  33. Frank andersen permalink

    There are many danish words i cant play… would be nice with a new update……..

  34. Bjørn spangbjerg permalink

    Mange almindelige ord godkendes ikke, men meget vrøvl som ikke står i retskrivningsordbogen godkendes

  35. Britta holmbo Nielsen permalink


    • tuinridder henk Walters permalink

      wat nu

      Op di 26 sep. 2017 om 13:50 schreef Wordfeud Dev Blog :

      > Britta holmbo Nielsen commented: “Stomi.” >

  36. Morgenglad permalink

    Stomi bør godkendes

  37. Lady gaga permalink

    Its wel cool because me iphone will crachet

  38. Margrethe permalink

    Manglende ord: avisbud, gaben, svung, sev, botox. 🙂

  39. Merethe permalink

    Problemet med at man udelukkende anvender Retskrivningsordbogen er, at ordbogen ikke indeholder alle valide ord. Jeg har talt med Dansk Sprognævn, og de siger, at almindelig kendte sammensatte ord ikke findes i ordbogen. F.eks. kan man i Wordfeud ikke skrive “ÆBLETRÆ”, men man kan godt skrive “PÆRETRÆ”.
    Jeg ville ønske, at Wordfeud ud over Retskrivningsordbogen, også havde en liste over almindelig kendte, sammensatte ord.

  40. Erik Esmarch. permalink

    Hvorfor kan Anti ikke bruges .
    Det er da et meget normalt ord.
    Eks. Anti parti .

  41. Kirsten permalink

    Hvorfor godkendes FRU og TELEX ikke

  42. Ditlevmine permalink

    Skovsti er et meget almindeligt dansk ord, hvorfor kan jeg ikke skrive det ?????

  43. Flemming Kildegaard permalink

    Ca = cirka
    But not in wordfeud

  44. perfritz permalink

    Hvorfor virker ordet senere ikke. Jeg kommer senere. I will come later.

  45. Søren Klok permalink

    NB ?

  46. Søren Klok permalink

    NB ?

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