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  1. Val permalink

    Why is cajun not accepted?

    • Fred permalink

      It’s a name

    • Elin Christiansen permalink

      Hvorfor godkendes forkortelse for Danmark ikke(DK)
      Også DR, der er jo mange andre mærkelige forkortelser der godkendes.

  2. Kjell Moltu-Jacobsen permalink

    I have the following comments:
    1: The dictionary Norwegian Bokmål that you use is not correct. There are many Norwegian words in the language that are not accepted. That is very irritating. And you could also accept Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian nynorsk in the same game.
    2: You could also allow the words to be written backwords. That makes it much more funny to play.
    I see forward to your comments on these subjects,

  3. Does anyone know how long a game invite stays active? Does it expire in 73 hours, like unplayed games do? Is it maybe 24 hours? I’ve invited a friend, and he has either declined or has ignored the request. Is there a way I can know which has happened? I want to send another invite, but wouldn’t if I knew my first invite was still there on his page.

  4. aba 73 permalink

    Why can’t I use the word mi in swedish while other player can

  5. Keith Mann permalink

    Why is my picture not displayed on Word feud?

  6. Yvonne permalink

    Hello i had buy this game but i get every time advertisement. Can you help me with this problem

  7. Niels Jørgen Jørgensen permalink

    Hvorfor kan man ikke skrive ‘seneste’ på dansk?

  8. Drachten permalink

    When send a invite to a friend player its niet received at my friend so lost all contact.. any sulutions?

  9. hakima permalink

    Please if someone is taking longer than 15mnt to come up with a word, let the game automatically skip his turn, please…im here with a dude that takes like 30 min…im still waiting

    • Erling permalink

      I am working, driving all day – I play when I come home. So often several hours goes by. Please have patient.

    • Binky Melnik permalink

      Let me make sure I understand what you’re requesting: while you’re sleeping, you want to miss your turn every fifteen minutes. Is that it?

      You seem to mistakenly believe that the game is played in real-time. It is not. People take their turns when and as they’re able. If they’re at work, in class, having a medical procedure, buying groceries, on the toilet, changing diapers, etc, they’ll be unable to take their turns immediately.

      People have 72 hours to take their turns, and forfeit if they don’t make a move within that time. If you want to play in real-time, you’ll need to do it offline, with a board, tiles, a timer, and friends and family.

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