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  1. Cor permalink

    Beste Michou, ‘ieder’ is idd een van de vele (?) onterecht niet opgenomen woorden.
    Tik ‘ieder’ maar eens in op
    Dan zie je de reden, en die reden slaat dus werkelijk nergens op.
    Op die site kun je suggesties doen om woorden op te nemen,
    maar ook om woorden die niet deugen te schrappen.

  2. Jeanne Augustus permalink

    STIPA, welk woord niet wordt goedgekeurd, is een grassoort.

  3. Cor permalink

    Beste Jeanne,

    Op kun je suggesties doen om woorden op te nemen,
    maar ook om woorden die niet deugen te schrappen.

  4. Nick..Name permalink

    Waarom komen steeds dezelfde personen in een cyclus bij het zoeken naar nieuwe spelers

  5. clairelane yoshioka permalink

    I’m having trouble with my Wordfeud app I cannot navigate easily from screen to screen. Everyone I am done with a play, the screen simms Ahmed I cannot go on top the next game without exiting out and then logging in again.

  6. Ahazet permalink

    I would like to be able to play more games at once than the current limit of 23

  7. Binky Melnik permalink

    Hi, cool WordFeud peeps:

    I dug through the release notes but can’t find the answer to my question, so I thought I’d try asking here. What’s the reason for switching from SOWPODS to the Scrabble dictionary (with far, far fewer words)? Is there a license to use SOWPODS and it was too expensive? Some kinda licensing problem? I ask because if we knew what the reason is, perhaps we can suggest ways to work around the problems so we can have the SOWPDS dictionary and be able to play words like GI and BLING.

    Thanks very much for enhancing my life win a cool game,

    iPad Air user

  8. Corrie Jongepier permalink

    Ik heb vaaKgoed Ned. Woorden zoals vandaag VENDERS dat iseen stootkussen tussen boten en boten of de kade
    Thatis,nt in our dict.
    Zeer ergerlijk ,wie zit er achter dat is vast geen Nederlander Zoals ik ook de potsierlijkste woorden tegenkom in,t Ned. Maar dat is dan totaal geen Ned. Woord

  9. Cor permalink

    @ Corrie Jongepier

    Dit zijn de jongens en meisjes die bezig zijn de woordenschat van Wordfeud te verbeteren:

  10. dbs2 permalink

    Is there going to be any updates for Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps, having paid for Ad free and now been a couple of years without improvements (Word scores or Stats) ?? I will be looking at alternatives to invite friends to play on

  11. Der er ingen resultater med “Bramrå” i Den Danske Ordbog
    Men min modspiller har lige scoret høje point for ordet!

  12. Lex Albers permalink

    I hope that the builders of WordFeud can add the possibility of giving your opponent bonuspoints when you are very satisfied with the word that he or she put down.

  13. William Helland-Hansen permalink

    Hei, tjenesten med tilfeldig motspiller er nede, har prøvd tre ganger uten suksess. Antar at det er en feil ettersom dette ikke har skjedd før. Hilsen William Helland-Hansen (willysuperboy)

  14. Lisbeth Wiggers-Ursin permalink

    Why is SFINX not included in the Danish version og Wordfeud?
    It just cost me 85 points!

  15. Erwin permalink

    Why are native words words not accepted and foreign words accepted in the game?

    Dutch game
    Frans is not accepted (French translated)
    Queen which is an English word is accepted

  16. permalink

    Kan iemand mij vertellen hoe het rating systeem exact werkt, en is hier iets in aangepast?

    Veertien punten gekregen bij een overwinning op iemand die 2056 als rating heeft

  17. jens jørn nielsen permalink

    Tilføj ord. Kås som er et gammelt dansk udtryk for havn. 😊

  18. armiouw permalink

    November 2016 (!) I wonder if there is any control or if somebody at all is reading the comments.
    Doubles in letters like oouuhhn very often appear of even worst like ddddfxs for example. Or 5 E or more.
    More comments I have steen on this but nothing happens. Why?
    arma brouwer Netherlands

  19. I still can’t understand why we shouldn’t forfeit a turn when we get a wrong word, just like real scrabble.
    Also it would be nice to have a button to press when we have to leave the game for a while (to go the work etc) it could be labelled ” Back later” then the opponent is not waiting around for you to put something down

  20. Camilla Rosén permalink

    I am wondering why not all the words in the Swedish dictionary SAOL are not accepted in the Swedish game. One example is “deo”.
    Best regards Camilla

  21. Stusrt parker permalink

    It’s a great game but as a suggestion maybe players should only be given limited attempts, such as 3.

  22. Ninnan permalink

    Why isn’t the swedish version updated with the latest version of Svenska Akademins Ordlista ?

  23. Befo44 Bente Gisvold Fornes permalink

    Trenger hjelp – får ikke lagt til nye spillere eller venner på min wordfued. Har oppgradert for å spille uten reklame og etter det får jeg ikke lagt til nye venner.

  24. tjeerd permalink

    I hoped that the wf blog get more people and comes in more languages to make it attractive for more people and get more information about the game and different statics groups but no it’s very boring and not attractive for people to watch there is nothing going on on this website. …and for a game that’s so good and played by so many people in so many countries in Europe and America… why is there not so much to read and why is there not a really good platform for this I think there is more to get out of this platform and game. ..i’m sorry when my English is not so good I hope you can read it. .

  25. Ad B permalink

    It would be nice if you can trade the joker if you have the letter in your possesion which corresponds with the joker. Love to hear your feedback. Kind regards, Ad Bruinier, The Netherlands

  26. Ik wil met Robin de vrieze spelen maar dat kan niet

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