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  1. Lisa permalink

    Hvorfor kan jeg pludselig ikke have profilbillede på min profil?

  2. Van den Bossche M permalink

    Hello , in Dutch..: ‘ Joeg ‘ should be accepted : is past Tense of ‘ jagen ‘ ….

    • Willemien permalink

      Wordfeud doesn’t work. Server says no connection.

  3. Annette Orloff permalink

    Hvorfor findes ordet “ ermol” ikke i spillet, når det findes i ordbog over det danske sprog?
    Annette Orloff

  4. Peter Witkam permalink

    wordfeud can not runs on landscape mode on my new Huawei mediapad M5 10.8, why can you make a update that wordfeud automatically turns in landscape or portrait mode when you turns your tablet.

  5. Gggg permalink

    Bad website

  6. Louise permalink

    Still do not understand why WF does not accept regular dutch words.

  7. Cor permalink

    @Van den Bossche en @Louise

    Hier moeten jullie zijn:

  8. Inge permalink

    Suggest “annulled” function for the “pass” button. It is too easy to activate by accident.

  9. Lyane Kelynack permalink

    I play Words with Friends and like it better because I can see whether a word is accepted before I press play . With Wordfeud there is no opportunity to reconsider.

  10. Nicole permalink

    The app says that’s I havent playing for 90 days OR longer, I can’t enter the game

  11. Pascal Van Moll permalink

    I got a weird nessage that I haven’t used the ap in 90 days eventhough I’m in the middle of a game. I removed the app and installed it again but got the same message. What is wrong???


  12. Inger Marit Sønsteng permalink

    Får beskjed om at Wordfeud ikke har vært oppdatert på 90 dg. Den fungerer ikke. Hva gjør jeg? Jeg spiller hver dag.

  13. Robin Brennan permalink

    Wordfeud is repeatedly crashing on my phone with an error message saying I’ve not used it for 90 days, though I’ve been using it daily. Is there a fix?

  14. Lupe Castillo permalink

    My games are no longer posting and I’ve had several that were current and in progress. Exception encountered notice keeps popping up saying we haven’t played in 90 days which is not true.

  15. Ole Kay Petersen permalink

    What happened to my account ?
    I’v been ising it daily for years.

  16. Liz permalink

    I got a weird nessage that I haven’t used the ap in 90 days eventhough I’m in the middle of a game. I removed the app and installed it again but got the same message. What is wrong???

    • Binky Melnik permalink

      If it’s not preventing you from playing, I wouldn’t worry about it.

      In all the years I’ve been using Word Feud, I’ve never seen the developers respond here. I don’t think they’re reading this blog. (If they were, they’d most likely actually *use* it, and change their only entry from “This is an example of a WorsPress page”).

      If you have a genuinely pressing problem, I’d try visiting their Facebook page, for which there’s a link in this page, though I’ve never tried it myself. For all I know, they ignore their Facebook page as well. 😕

      However, they keep the app running smoothly, so I’m okay that they’re ignoring their abandoned blog. All this is good for is community help,

  17. G.S. permalink

    There are quite a lot of misses in your swedish dictionary. Common words don’t work.
    Example “risige, risiges, risig” – lots of words really.

    Even in German

  18. Jakob permalink

    You should add a funktion so that one can check words while waiting tur.

  19. Anne Hoemakers permalink

    i just bought Wordfeud still have commercials. pls help.

  20. Andrew Scott permalink

    Common standard English words are not accepted by game. “Bling”is an example of such a word.

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