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Race Day: upcoming game from Team Wordfeud (beta testers needed!)

April 2, 2014

We’re working on a new iOS and Android game to be launched in 2014. Race Day is a real-time multiplayer racing game where up to four players compete for the top spot.

Although a practice mode is available, it’s the multiplayer experience we’re really focusing on. We’ve made it super easy and fast to join a game, and usually you can go from app launch to multiplayer race in less than 10 seconds. Races are short and intense (usually 60-90 seconds) so that you can play a game whenever you have a short break.

We’re looking for dedicated beta testers to help us out. If you’re interested, sign up at

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  1. Orandoir permalink

    Can you update so people can playing on elf language and ork language in next update.

  2. frans permalink

    do you have a update for a tablet running windows 8 ?? i would like to have it ! the new version is much better than mine. ik have Acer Iconia…

  3. Ebbe permalink

    Please do windows phone 8.1 version too.

  4. david permalink

    Please fix the Windows wordfeud app before making new apps.

  5. Vicky permalink

    Wordfeud keeps sending me to the App Store to download other games (the games from the ads, as if I clicked in them but I did not!) this happens when I want to make a move (not even doing anything just checking out the board). Can this be fixed??!! I don’t know why or how I got this error because I am playing this all the time and now all of A sudden this comes up.

  6. Katarina Rivera permalink

    There should be a way to know if the other player block you.

  7. I have an idea… Instead of looking for Beta Testers, update Wordfeud for Windows phones for fuck sake! We are constantly stuck with a shitty back-watered basic version on Wordfeud. We’ve been asking and asking for an update. On this blog site and on Facebook, but all we get in reply is the sound of silence! Help us out and tell us what the hell is going on!

  8. Tried signing up, but the website is really badly formatted?

  9. Øivind permalink

    Doesn’t work on Windows phone 8.1
    App starts and them aborts.
    To have paid for this seems more and more like robbery, no support whatsoever…

    • LilleN permalink

      Have you reported them to Microsoft? If we all did.. 😉

  10. Hey Gath you name keep
    i phone!

  11. disappointed, STILL permalink

    Please please please please please update the windows app – its hasnt been done in THREE YEARS. SERIOUSLY. Its absolutely RUBBISH. I know many users who have moved to windows phone and dumped this game as its so outdated. Competing on the windows platform is like racing in a grand prix with a capri. Lazy developers, please show some pride in your work as well as professional competency by putting a few minutes aside for your windows customers. With all due respect to the Finns! Jebus wept. By the way, u know this professionally negligent behaviour from u and other like minded developers is ultimately killing this platform..well done

  12. HOW do i get in contact with wordfeud?! i have to report a person its important!! i have tried so many diffrent emails but all emails is sending my email back to me

  13. Christian permalink

    Thats great and all but will it even be playable..? Wordfeud on Windows Phone still isn’t in the slightest, it chashes all the time, every time.

  14. Timewasted permalink

    Hey Christian FYI this blog is entirely one way, the developers are only interested in using it to further their own agenda. You wont be getting a response on anything to do with your own issues, so dont waste your time fella. The hundreds of thousands of Windows users are lepers to these guys, hopefully we’ll all just die some day and go away and then they can with clear conscience forget the platform ever existed.

  15. I fully agree with Timewasted. We have a better chance of designing a new WordFeud for the Windows phone platform than getting any reply from the DEV team.

  16. Neda permalink

    I just you to add a section to find people who want to play. You use to by Facebook but not anymore. Random doesn’t way give you people who want to play. We need a better way to pick who we want to play or who really wanta to play the game.

  17. Wilma permalink

    When will there be an update for Windows phone for the game Wordfeud? It does not work very well, you cannot see the value of the words you put on the playing board and the game does not always start in the right way.

  18. Wilma permalink

    Please update Wordfeud for the window’s phone!

  19. Mike permalink

    How about updating your Wordfeud for windows phone instead of putting time into this crap? Thousands of paying customers are waiting for score preview and bug fixes! We made you guys millionaires and you can’t even bring us updates?

  20. LilleN permalink

    Isn’t it terribly embarrasing to be responsible for most expensive rubbish Windows-app? The ONLY reason you regret having bought a Windows 8.1 Phone..?

  21. ari permalink

    You really have to update the WP 8.1 version now. We are many byers and users, and we want the same as Android and IOS-users. Please

  22. Why is Hindu not in the English dictionary

  23. How about wordfued for Facebook?

  24. Lonely punket permalink

    Have you faggots forgot about the Windows Phone version? It really need an update.

  25. Lonely punker permalink

    Since those massive faggots never listen, this is now a Mara Green thread. How big are your folders?

  26. paul permalink

    Thevdutch dictionary is very terribel. Lost of words are wrong singed and quiet good Dutch words. Others are just coming out of space. Lots of frieflnds gaveb becouca of this. It is not a fair programs even with wordfraud
    Soon I am gonna stop just as lots of mij friends.

    Good luck

    • Lonely punker permalink

      Just stop now. The developers give a shit about us all.

    • Jack permalink

      Your English is also very terrible 😂

    • Devina permalink

      They dont play fair
      They accept wrong words but many right words arent accepted

  27. ilse permalink

    Is het mogelijk om wordfeud beschikbaar te maken voor een Windows telefoon? Het werkt wel maar ik kan bijvoorbeeld niet zien hoeveel punten een woord is. Of welk woord niet goed is. Werkt niet optimaal

    Is it possible to make wordfeud compatible with Windows Phone? I can’t see hoe many points a word is worth.


    When are you useless fucking dipshits going to update the windows version, or are you just going to leave your name attached to this embarressing piece of shitwad til the end of time? Are you guys serious about your work at all or are you just some spotty geek in an attic somewhere? Jokeshop operation.

  29. robin permalink

    Why is botox not a name in swedish wordfued?

  30. Inger. lise permalink

    I love to go tru your norwegian dictionary It is hopless and absolutly not right spelling It is bad bad bad

  31. seija Fallemark permalink

    Hi, I’ve got a new phone in Christmas Gift, a Nokia Lumia 930. Nice and functional exept the playing of wf.
    Before I had an Iphone 4 and played wordfeud a lot. Why can’t this app in this phone be as Iphone.

  32. Jenny permalink

    Guys you gonna need to set a warning for parents that allow children under 18 that ppl do write unproper comments and talk about their genitals and ask if one want to fuck. They dont give a damn about age. Been harassed by nasty perverted men. Odd place to seek sex i say but rather say it to you so you have the chance to protect the younger users before it is to late.

  33. In regards to Wordfeud. I dont mind the ads but at least ensure they can be closed once watched! I just had an ad for the movie Project Almanac and it could not be closed. I had to delete the app from my iPad and then reinstall to make ad go away so i could access my games. I wont be doing that too many times.

  34. yash permalink

    Just updated the Windows Phone version to 1.35.00. I was excited to see the bugs fixed.
    However, that update added ads back into the app! Really, already paid for it. Please undo this last update!!

  35. Isabelle jaulin permalink

    Il me paraît indispensable que vous adoptiez en français le dictionnaire Larousse applicable au Scrabble. Merci

  36. thomas permalink

    Please update WF for Windows Phone…

  37. Ik snap er niks van

  38. Several big-box shops sell these items in large levels sporadically at a level bigger

  39. Hanne permalink

    I get invitations every time I make a move from one player, without she invites me. Even I accept or reject, it says invalid id????!!

  40. Verwoerd permalink

    Une version ou les joueurs décident si un mot est valable ou non

  41. MC Burty permalink

    Dans quel dictionnaire français avez vous trouvé FAQ et WU ? J’ai un dictionnaire en 6volumes et ces mots n’y figurent pas.Or vous les avez accordés à un de mes adversaires.

    • Jarry Scott permalink

      Why can I play with other people only just my friends and I got no friend’s playing this game

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