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Wordfeud Update featuring German dictionary!

June 19, 2012

We’ve just released new Wordfeud updates for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. The biggest news in this update is that we’ve added a German dictionary.

We’ve also translated the user interface to both German and Norwegian. If your phone’s language is set to one of these languages, then you’ll automatically get the translated user interface.


German Wordfeud game

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  1. Greta permalink

    Finally, thanks!

  2. Jonni permalink

    Thanks for this!

  3. After the update I’m now seeing a “Beta feedback” button. Release glitch or did I get recruited for the beta..,

    • @Thomas that was a release glitch! We almost immediately released v1.3.1 which got rid of the button.

      • Der er den borte ja! 🙂 Takker og bukker.

        Release note versjonene stemmer ikke med hva det står ellers – der sto det 1.2.xx …

  4. Gnarfoz permalink

    Yes, finally! 😀

    Thank you~~ 🙂

  5. jozef permalink


  6. Hans Blafoo permalink

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this update for a while now.

  7. Mia permalink


    I just updated the game (I have Samsung glaxy S2) and since then I have experienced a problem (a bug?) when I start a new game. I press once to start a game with a random person and suddenly I see that it starts up 3 new games with the same person (One with my turn, 2 with theirs). This has happened every time I try to start a new game now.. Hope you fix this as fast as possible, love the game:)

  8. Martin weterings permalink

    Version 2.04 crashes on my new ipad running iOS 6 beta 1 when it logs in, but only in portret mode, it does log in and keeps running in landscape mode.

  9. Julie permalink

    When I start a new game it starts up 3 games at the same time with the same person, please fix!!

  10. Robert Capa permalink

    I belive there is a bunch of us who really would like a logout-button. When will this come?

  11. Karin Mogard permalink

    Your German list with letters can unpossibly be completed? There are practically no C’s.. And that by a language where it so often appears in normal words. Please look through it once more

  12. Karull permalink

    There has to be more C’ s in the German dictionary?

  13. What is the letter distribution in German?

  14. I can’t see that the Windows Phone 7 is released?

  15. mette permalink

    can I continue my current games if I make the update with the german dictionary?

  16. Alex korby permalink

    When is the update coming that will keep a record of wins and losses?… Would really be nice…

  17. henriette hagemann permalink

    please please please, MOVE the Resign button….

  18. Sorta permalink

    I’d be handy to be able to see word definitions upon some action.

  19. henriette hagemann permalink

    Pleaae, please, please move the Resign button to an unnoticed corner.

  20. Ben permalink

    Are you all (Windows Phone users) using the free version or the pay version? I only have English.

    Also, is there Swedish?

  21. Linda dumessie permalink

    Whay is the word sex not allowed and genitals do? Strange.
    I also think you Will have To update the Dutch version. À lot of general words are rejected!

  22. What kind of dictionary this game is using? The words pry, pray, bay, bunk, pay among other words are not accepted as words. It ‘s just frustrating!

  23. Axel Roest permalink

    what I would really, really like, is a loosening of the three days no move: you are Resigned feature. Come on, in a world with time zones and long weekends it has happened to me often that I would have no convenient internet connection, and I was resigned, much to the chagrin of me and my fellow player.

    Please lengthen it to a week!!! It can’t be that much harder on your servers.

  24. syllablesultan permalink

    What dictionary is the german version using ?

  25. Mike permalink

    Logout function??? When?

  26. Jeff permalink

    Next update: please apply a different background to the ‘tray’ that contains the letters a player has, so the area below the board doesn’t blend into it so much.

    Great job, by the way.

  27. Shelly permalink

    Please allow either player to resign. I have games where my opponent has not made a move for weeks, and I can’t resign because it is their turn. Thank you!

  28. Tea-Keo permalink

    With regard to the update for German, what’s still missing is a table of the number of tiles for each letter and their respective values in the information-section. I was curious to see the dufferencescwirh the other languages in WF, but couldn’t find it…

  29. Henk Karreman permalink

    I play the dutch version of Wordfeud. It disturbs me that there are à lot. of normal words are refused and on the other hand a llot of words that does not appear in our dictionary are allowed. This is not good for the game you offer.

  30. leo permalink

    Thanks for the game, please also update the windows phone version.

    thank you

  31. My ‘highest scoring word’ in the stats is never updated, although i did several higher scoring words since!
    Also i’d like to see the algorithm used to update one’s skill rating. It looks like it’s a simple one.

    • Please add ARE YOU SURE popups for the play, pass and resign options!

      • The total number of tiles in a game is too low. And so, the last part of the game is never any fun:
        you know which tiles your opponent has, you can’t make proper words anymore with just a few tiles left, you can’t swap your tiles anymore and it is frustrating that you have to stop while there is still room for many other words!
        It would be nice to go on until you both have to pass because the board is FULL, so please add the option to use a double set of tiles!
        By the way, this will also help a lot against the annoying fact that you can always work out which tiles are still in the ‘bag’

  32. Bukje permalink

    Without any reason I got the German version. How can I get the Dutch version back?

  33. Rene van Prooijen permalink


  34. A.Nijhuis permalink

    Waarom krijg ik bij swappen dezelfde letters terug?

  35. Björn Boberg permalink

    Try to get a real dictionary.. This is the worst Swedish I have ever seen. Erasing wordfeud from my pads and telephones.!!!!!

  36. Elisabeth Recht permalink

    Von wo haben Sie das Wörterbuch? Sicher nicht aus Deutschland. Solche Wörter existieren nicht in der deutschen Sprache. Dafür kennt er normale deutsche Wörter nicht.

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