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Wordfeud v1.0.7

September 11, 2010

Oops, v1.0.6 introduced a bug causing FC issues on devices running Android 1.5. Wordfeud v1.0.7 fixes this, and has just been published to the market.

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  1. Not sure if this is the correct place. Do you have any kind of forum ?

    Long time player with two comments

    1) I am not a fan of the new coloring of recent plays and transparency. Could this be made an option

    2) I think you need to fix your unlimited attempts approach. So many complex words are being made by people just trying any combination of letters until it works. A limited number of tries would seem more balanced.

    THanks for a great game.

  2. Mark Allen permalink


    Thanks for producing a great version of this game.

    If I could put forward a few suggestions please.

    * ability to remove a game at any point

    * games won/lost/quit scoring system

    * option to mark players as favourites

    Thanks for listening.

    PS if these were features of a paid version that would be acceptable to many I believe.

  3. Mustachio permalink

    Are the rules to the game listed anywhere? I’d like to see a breakdown of the scoring system. For instance, if I make a word using a bonus tile, do I get the bonus if I later make another word using the letter on top of the bonus tile? Is there a point bonus for making a word with all available letters? Is there a point bonus for being able to make a word with your final letter, at the end of the game?

    I’d like to see a FAQ with that kind of depth.

  4. Khoi permalink

    I must disagree with Tony above with the notion of limited tries. Part of the game is sometimes the discovery of new words, and helps build better diction.

    Speaking of diction, an option to define any word connected to a played tile on the board would make this the best scrabble app on the mobile platform. Not even Words With Friends on the iPhone has a built in dictionary.

  5. david permalink

    To make the ideal scrabble game, you would just have to copy the.following features from isc program (international scrabble club).
    -ranking system and customizable matching (state you will play something between one rank and another)
    -i have not confirmed this yet, but I hope the tournament edition of the dictionary is.being used. The official scrabble dictionary is missing words like jew, fuck, and lez because they.are considered offensive.
    -you should be able to set a game as challenge or auto
    dictionary confirm

    I think these are the basic necessaries. Anything else is appreciated, but these three points should take priority.

  6. citrussister permalink

    still uncertain as to why bonuses are given at the end of the game to the person who uses the last of the tiles. the scoring teams inconsistent. the other day I just finished a game with 1 letter the p with no triple or double spaces and got 19 points. how come?

  7. Michelle9692 permalink

    Drop the chat. It is not for dating or foreplay comments. Piss me off when my 5th grader and I play the Wordfued. Final straw this morning, this morning I selected a random oppnent and some man took a pictue off his stiff penis! Really, people need to be aware and changes need to been made. Don’t let your minors play!

    • DivaStarrDari permalink

      @ Michelle, I think I may have gotten that same opponent the other day… Was his username “giveit2uhard?” He wanted me to sex chat with him, then resigned the game because I wouldn’t satisfy his request. I think there should be an option to turn off chat or refuse chat messages, especially when you’re playing with a random opponent. You should also be able to block certain users or report obscenities. That was quite disturbing.

  8. I agree that scoring seems inconsistent. Can we get some clarification here please.

  9. Hector Medina permalink

    It seems like it would be easy to have a player lose their turn if they enter a word not in the dictionary or at least offer it as a game option. T

  10. I’d like to have a preview of the nr of point you get for a turn, before you submit it. Wordfeud calculation is still a mistery for me.

    What I would also like is to force a word that is not in the dictionary for approvel to you opponent. Al lost of perfect words are not in the dictionary.

  11. Wilma permalink

    Love this game. Wondering why when I play one opponent in English and they are able to play the word “zo”, but when I try to use that word in another English game against a different opponent, that word is not allowed?? Confused!

    • •WORDZ• permalink

      There is a difference of the words accepted on the two different English boards hence international and US board I prefer to use international as it accepts a little variation of foreign words and slang words zo for example as you mentioned take notice to the seperate board types

  12. Jan permalink

    Why does my ranking score go down even if I win a game??? That make no sense!?

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