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Finnish dictionary and new ratings

July 8, 2013

We’ve just published a new version of Wordfeud for both iOS and Android. This update features a Finnish dictionary.

We’ve also changed the way ratings are calculated. Previously it was possible to lose rating even when winning a game. The way the rating algorithm worked, a higher rated player had to beat a lower rated player by a certain margin in order to gain rating points. Otherwise he or she would actually lose points, while the lower rated player that lost the game would gain points.In retrospect we’ve found this to be a bad idea for several reasons. For one thing it feels unfair to lose rating points when you win a game. Another problem with the old algorithm was that it was too sensitive. A single loss could mean losing hundreds of rating points. With the new rating algorithm (based on the ELO rating system) you’ll never lose rating points if you win. We’ve also made it less sensitive so that a single win or loss doesn’t result in a huge change in your rating.

We’ve recalculated everybody’s rating history using the new algorithm, so you’ll likely find that your rating has changed quite a bit. But so has everybody else’s rating, so it should be completely fair.

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  1. Lillan permalink

    Sedan den 12/11 har det hänt nåt konstigt! När jag tar remove finished games, är dom tillbaka varenda gång jag går in på WF. Även chatten är annorlunda, iställer för att det som innan stod en 1 när någon chattat står där nu antal sammanlagda chattinlägg. Vad är vitsen med det?

    • Lillan permalink

      Äntligen är det fixat!!!! Ni som har problem, uppdatera!!!!!

  2. Ola permalink

    jeg lurer på når Windows Phone appen skal bli like god som iPhone versjonen? Savner poeng telleren, og beskjed om hvilke ord som ikke passer. Klarer heller ikke å se statistikken til meg selv eller motspillere.

    • Henning permalink

      Samme her! Kjøpte appen på nytt når jeg gikk over til Windows Phone. Appen har ikke vært oppdatert etter det, og det er over ett år siden.
      På tide å gi noe til de som har betalt for appen på WP også.

  3. Olli permalink

    Fixa chatten nu! Fruktansvärt irriterande!!! Ordna även att borttagna spel inte visas igen så fort man går in på WF! Har man raderat vill man inte ha tillbaka dom! Spelar på iPad. Så här har det varit sen i tisdags 12/11. Snälla fixa detta snarast!!!!! Nånting har gått fel!!!!!

  4. Kenneth permalink

    Game Crashes after a game is ended in ios7

  5. kato permalink

    The reported game crash on ipad after finishing a game is something that has happened for a while for me as well and others.

    The new issue for me is, after the game crash and you restore WF any chats you have had reappear even if you have trashed these games as they also reappear into the completed games list.

  6. Olli permalink

    What to do?

  7. Kenneth permalink

    It is correct that the crash-bug i recently reported only happens on ipad, not my iphone. The chat-bug is annoying as well. Now i will see if there is any difference between having the ipad “standing” instead of “tilted” while finishing a game. I guess it will work fine but i will be back.

  8. Annemarie permalink

    Game crashes after the ens of the game and I can not remove the finishing games

  9. Ingunn permalink

    Hei, samme skjer hos meg, som hos Lillian. Pluss at hver gang et spill er ferdig, så såleis WF av og må lastes opp på nytt…skulle ønske det ble gjort noe med. Hos meg har det vart et par uker.

  10. Arianne Smit permalink

    Hi developers,

    Since 2 days Wordfeut has some strange things.
    I have a iPhone 4S, updated till Ios 7.3, and till last week I had no problems at all.
    Now every time my chat messager is telling me I have A new chat, wich is not true, I have A look. The nummers of chats dissapear, but next round, it is there again and no one has send me A new chat. But the Total number of chat is there again.

    Also I try to delete an finished game. I delete it, but When somebody had enter A new word to one of the boards, the deleted game is Back.

    I did try to turn of my phone completely and after turning it on again, nothing had changed.

    Could you help me?

    With kind regards,

    • Liesbeth permalink

      I have the same problem with my Ipad.Cannot delete the messages!

    • Geert permalink

      I have the same problemen since 2 weeks on IOS7.

  11. bri permalink

    Hi, i see all about android and ios, is there any chance you Will be updating the Windows version?

  12. Fokke van Saane permalink

    Since ios7, i think, when i switch network; like going out and thus switch from my home network to the mobile 3G network, suddenly all my chats are marked as unread. When i open all these chat’s they go back to zero, but when i change network again, they all change their state to unread again. Please solve this. It’s annoying.

    • Geert permalink

      I have the same problem since 2 weeks on IOS7.

  13. Aisha permalink

    Please fix the chat! There is constantly a reminder that someone is chatting and that’s not so, all history chats

  14. Mark permalink

    Ever since the last update…when a game is finished (in iOS 7) and a player hits “rematch”, the game crashes and closes.
    Very frustrating to have to open the app again.
    Another issue that keeps appearing is that once a game is finished, even though you remove the game, it will reappear… as well as any comments that were on the game. When you try again to remove the game, it just keeps reappearing along with all the comments.

  15. Fokke van Saane permalink

    When a game is finished sometimes it shows the new rating and how much is gained or lost. But most of the time it just doesn’t.
    Iphone IOS7.

  16. Ryan permalink

    Please update this app for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. I purchased both, but you haven’t released updates for them for some time now.

    • bri permalink

      I too think its time you spend some time on the Windows version, its way behind I had an Android phone before and purchased the app, but the Windows version is not worth buying

    • WVza permalink

      They must have fired their windows phone developer for making this awesome game and now they don’t know how to update the Windows Phone version.

      We as Windows Phone users are getting the bare bone from when Wordfeud started. We paid money for a product that we thought would be on par with Android and iOS, but it appears that Android and iOS has easier coding language than Windows Phone and therefore the DEV teams are not mentioning anything and isn’t even letting us know why there are so many delays.

      *** Is Microsoft perhaps demanding revenue on each DEV update being done? ***
      *** Are the Microsoft Phone users so few and far between that the Dev team couldn’t care less? ***
      *** Is there a compatibility issue with the software / coding? ***

      Questions like these make me regret for buying this game. They really have to fix this and give us a game that is in line and on par with the other platforms.

  17. Mark permalink

    Ever since the last update…when a game is finished (in iOS 7) and a player hits “rematch”, the game crashes and closes.
    Very frustrating to have to open the app again.
    Another issue that keeps appearing is that once a game is finished, even though you remove the game, it will reappear… as well as any comments/chats that were on the game. When you try again to remove the game, it just keeps reappearing along with all the comments.

  18. Marie permalink

    I am truly upset because i just won 7 games and the last time I looked at my skill rating, it was 2740 I believe, or more. I knew that I would have a skill rating of at least 3000 or more and due to serious connection errors, I turned off my phone and now my skill rating is lower than I started with. How can this error be corrected? Thank you so much for your help and your immediate attention to this matter.

  19. Carla permalink

    Please can you fix the bug in Wordfeud on a IPhone? Everytime I open the WF app, all the old chatmessages are showen as it are new messages. Its very irratating.

  20. Christine sly permalink

    Yes this is happening to me too, all the old messages are showing as new messages every time you play… Very annoying.. Please fis this.

  21. Christine sly permalink

    All above comments are happening to me, game goes off at the end of a game, got to reload…

  22. Morten permalink

    Nov. 2013| System crashes after ended games, old chats reappears, removed games reappers when starting game. Several users have the problems. Please fix these things.

  23. Patricia permalink

    Please fix the chatbug, it is very annoying!

  24. Mark Morgan permalink

    Since the update when you delete a game it comes back?

  25. Kenneth permalink

    Thank you for the new update. Great work.

  26. Barrila-eter permalink

    In a new update, it would be nice to have “eco” in the Dutch dictionary

  27. Fokke van Saane permalink

    Thank you for the update! Most welcome!
    What is not solved is that most of the times the point lost or won are not displayed.

    • Aksel permalink

      Jeg har plutselig fått en helt ny rating. Den har bare 1 spill. Hvor er min egentlige statistikk?

  28. kim permalink

    Where’s the updat for windows phone??!

  29. Ani permalink

    I have two problems which should be further updated:
    1. Chat history should be deletable
    2. Whenever I send invite to a random person same names keep cropping up again and again – only one invite should go to a random opponent

  30. Herfst permalink

    Regarding the bug so your chat history matches can’t be deleted and the reason why you can see names and surnames is obvious.
    The NSA was frustrated that people deleted games with chats before they could have a closer look and the problem people did not use their real names has been solved also.

    So no bug but standard procedure.

  31. Gunilla Berg permalink

    Jag har plötsligt ingen rating överhuvudtaget. Varför?

  32. Gunilla Berg permalink

    Var har min rating skill tagit vägen?
    Haft i nåt år kanske, betald så klart!!!
    Vem vet varför den försvunnit?

    • xvm permalink

      Skill rating is presented when you specify a board type in the overview drop down list…

  33. Love the new free boards you released over christmas!!!

  34. lasse permalink

    Why are you forget to update windows phone? Not cool…

  35. Willie Venter permalink

    Why is it that IOS and Android is developed and updated more than the Windows platform. Why is it that the other platforms can enjoy stats en rankings, while I have to be happy with the bare bones. I paid for the game expecting that stats and rankings would be available. Is the coding really THAT difficult?

    Please make Wordfeud better for ALL platforms and not only Android or Apple.

  36. Bettina Bruun kaldam permalink

    Why can’t I see my ratings using the free edition? Some of my WF friends can.

  37. Anders permalink


    Har kört betald WP8-app i ett år utan en enda uppdatering. Skulle uppskatta om lite möda lades på det operativet också så att man kan se poäng och statistik i likhet med IOS och Android.

  38. Bendik Skilbrei permalink

    Today Wordfeud is promoted in the Windows Phone Store. Don’t you think it’s time we get an updated version of the app?

  39. Christolhe permalink

    Would it be possible to have games with the same letters for the two contenders? The best word would be placed on the board, and each time, you would really know who is the best whatsoever the letters are. It would remove the “random” effect of the different letters

  40. Marko Tanninen permalink

    Hey, how about after a word is played, have the ability to long tap it or something and link to the definition? Would be nice to know the meaning of some of these guesses 😊

  41. John permalink

    Wordfeud, why don’t you reply to peoples questions?

    • WVza permalink

      You ask them John… Ask them the hard questions that they can’t answer…

  42. arma brouwer permalink

    John is right….. why don’t you reply? A few months ago when I placed a comment I received an answer. What is the matter?

  43. taeke63 permalink

    The program doesn’t work anymore on my iPad 3, after updatingto iOS7. Rebooting, power off/on, doesn’t help.

  44. Christian permalink

    I actually find it a joke that you as a developer do not take pride in your work. I have contributed to your salary by buying your app to the Windows Phone, IOS, and Android where the two latest are updated regularly but you fail big time in my opinion when you are so disrespectful to your customers and not bring the same updates for the Windows Phone platform. I am actually as many other Windows Phone user a very unhappy customer!

  45. Frank Wirtanen permalink

    Thank you for the very entertaining game! I would, however, like to see updates on the Windows Phone version, as it still lacks Finnish.

  46. Hanne Vejvad permalink

    You still lose points when you loose A game!!!

  47. Tijssen permalink

    How about an update for Windows Phone 8. The 7 version is wat outdated, and crashing a LOT!

    • Bskill permalink

      I totally agree! The app is in desperate need of an upgrade!

    • Don’t hold your breath. The thousands upon thousands of update requests, there was no reply and I don’t think that there will be one any time soon.

  48. Karsten Rasmussen permalink

    any news on the Windows mobile upgrade when do we get the same great stuf as IOS and Android

  49. taeke63 permalink

    Since a few days, the iPad version is impossible to play, because an advertisement pops up every few seconds, taking you straight away to the webstore. Ilast update of the game was 2 months ago. Very strange…

  50. Per Saukko permalink

    I’m sure none of you read these comments anymore but here goes… I wish you would update the Finnish dictionary as it is a real pain to play right now. It doesn’t allow plural forms, seemingly even for words which are normally used in the plural instead of singular. Trying to actually play the game wisely becomes very hard when you can’t add anything to the words already on the board.

    It also doesn’t allow some words which definitely are correct and very well established in the Finnish language, yet it just allowed an opponent to play “tag” which certainly is not Finnish. The Finnish form would be “tagi” or “tägi” depending on the meaning. I’ve searched the web all over and the only times “tag” is used on Finnish sites is when it is a part of an internet address or command etc, where all of the terms are in English anyway. If it is used on a site to list all the tags used it is most commonly “tagit” or “avainsanat”. The only sites where I can find someone claiming it to be Finnish are a couple of dodgy online dictionaries which can be edited by users and have some questionable content and several errors. The only other instances where I can find “tag” being used in Finnish texts online is as a part of an English term, never on its own. Therefore, if “tag” is allowed, it seems to me that going by the same logic, also other English social media and established internet commands should be allowed in the Finnish dictionary of Wordfeud, but I can’t test them with the letters I have in my ongoing games at the moment. But I will be very bitter if words like “like”, “feed”, “archive”, “grid”, “list”, “blog”, “pin”, “tweet” etc do not work when I get the chance to try them. They all have Finnish equivalents, but since “tag” also has a Finnish equivalent but is still acceptable (and I don’t know if the actual Finnish equivalent “tagi” is accepted), so should those other words be accepted as well. I’m sure I can go and add them to some online dictionaries claiming them to be Finnish, you know, as loan words, why not. I’m sure that’s why “tag” is in some of them. If many actual Finnish words and plurals aren’t accepted I’m just going to have to try non Finnish words from now on since some of them seem to work.

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